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01 Dec 2005
The case surrounding the departure of Roberto Acu?a has ended in the most bizarre way: Deportivo has fired him because the clubs officials believe that the Paraguayan is 'inept' to fulfil his contract. The lawyer of the player has announced that Acu?a will challenge his dismissal from the club accusing the club of improper dismissal.

Acu?a was discarded by coach Caparr??s during the pre-season, the Paraguayan midfielder negotiated his release from his contract with Lendoiro and they later reached an agreement, but there was a disagreement when Acu?a was ready to sign the cancellation of the contract, he was expecting to receive a cash payment of €2 million instead of the €1 million specified in the document, the club explained to him that the first amount didn't include the tax deductions. Depor was also going to divide the payments spanning the next three years.

The Paraguayan player denied to sign the contract and later he attended the Service of Mediation and Arbitration (SMAC), this is the process where he tried to reach a new agreement between both parties. The last meeting of the mediation process took place yesterday, and Acu?a's lawyer, Miguel Juane, received a big surprise and shocked by the following declarations: Deportivo was firing Acu?a.

The main reason that spear-headed the arguement against the midfielder was that he has lost the capacity to play professional football, it was a interesting declaration because Acu?a played the last World Cup with Paraguay a few months ago. Immediately, Juane announced that he will challenge Deportivo alleging improper dismissal. So, onwards from now the case will be handled by a civil court.

If Depor succeeds and probes that Acu?a is 'inept' to fulfil his job, it won't be necessary to make any payment to him for this seasons services. But if the club fails, Depor will probably have to pay the complete contract of the player, including the image rights, an amount that could reach the €2 million. It's the third open case in the hands of the club's lawyer, Germ??n Rodr?guez Conchado, is still trying to solve the case with Adri??n L??pez. and is also waiting to receive the demands from Espanyol for the signing of Albert Lopo.

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