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08 Nov 2014
Third clean sheet within the last four games; Depor was the best side in the first part, but it suffered a penalty and the doubtful expulsion of Postiga. In the second part the team spent the time defending the goalless draw.

Coach Víctor Fernández presented the expected 4-4-2 starting formation. Dani Iglesias earned a spot on the bench, so the player that was ruled out before the kick-off was right-back defender Manuel Pablo.

Fabricio was the starting keeper, Laure performed at the right side of the defense, Canella played on the left, Lopo and Sidnei were the central defenders, Wilk and Medunjanin performed at midfield, Juanfran attacked from the right wing, Luisinho did it from the left and Cavaleiro played behind Postiga in attack.

At Córdoba CF, coach Miroslav Djukić switched the draw into a 4-2-3-1 dropping Xisco from the starting formation. Other novelties were José María López Silva performing on the playmaking function, Fausto Rossi playing at midfield and Uruguayan Adrián Gunino playing at the right side of the defense. Fede Cartabria and Nabil Ghilas were the references in attack.

Deportivo didn’t suffer two much in the first part… until Mateu Lahoz complicated the things whistling a rigorous penalty and especially after sending off Postiga when only thirty minutes had been played. Still, the Galicians had the best chances and should have taken the lead.

The first opportunity in the game was for Deportivo; a long free-kick of Medunjanin was sent into the area, a defender tried to clear the ball, but instead assisted Cavaleiro, who headed the ball at the left side of the box, and his crossing attempt was cleared by local goalie Juan Carlos (3’). That action was a constant in the game, because the Andalusians had big problems defending the set-pieces.

The next opportunity also came in a set-piece. Medunjanin took a corner-kick from the left and Sidnei headed the ball on target, but Juan Carlos was well placed to stop the attempt (6’). Deportivo were looking as a serious team, focused in attack and with Sidnei Rechel commanding the defense. The Brazilian was the leader at the back and even starred a couple of chances up front.

Córdoba had their first attempt at minute 10; Cartabria picked the ball at the right side of the area, but his shot went wide. The locals had to make an early substitution as Crespo, the left-back that was returning from an injury, had to leave the pitch due to a muscle problem, he was replaced by Dani Pinillos

Curiously, Pinillos appeared just a couple of minutes later to provoke a penalty. He was trying to head a free-kick and was pulled by Postiga inside the area and referee Mateu Lahoz whistled the penalty. Truly there was contact, but the sanction was rigorous. Cartabria took the penalty and Fabricio made the save demonstration his great form.

The game was equal at this point, however Depor started to leave the impression of been the superior side on the pitch. Medunjanin enjoyed the next two opportunities. In the first he missed the target in a direct free-kick action (17’), three minutes later he missed the goal after been assisted by Cavaleiro.

At minute 23, Postiga collected the ball from the edge of the area and attempted to surprise Juan Carlos, but his shot went close to the near post. The Galicians were feeling pretty comfortable on the pitch, releasing dangerous counterattacks and never faced any pressure in the output of the ball.

However the game changed at minute 30 as Postiga was sent off in a really awful call by referee Mateu Lahoz. Defender Iñigo López fouled him from behind and the Portuguese attacker protested before him, the resolution was to book both players, and with Depor’s player already booked for provoking the penalty then Depor had to play with ten men during one hour.

The same referee demonstrated that it was a too rigorous call, because in the act he wrote there were no insults in the play.  Paradoxically Depor only committed five fouls in the whole match, and still suffered their first red card on the Primera campaign.

At minute 35, Sidnei headed again a free-kick of Medunjanin and again Juan Carlos made the save.  The Andalusians had the ball for the last ten minutes in the first part, but they never created any danger before Fabricio, actually the side that looked more dangerous was Deportivo through a couple of counterattacks led by Cavaleiro.

Córdoba improved in the final half, but not enough to break Depor’s defense. The Galicians were more passive in the second half and Fabricio only had to make a couple of saves. Víctor Fernández put three midfielders on the pitch, but his team missed a lot of passes.

The second part started in the same way than the first ended: Córdoba were pushing up front before a defensive line that was looking comfortable. However, that picture changed soon. At minute 50, López Silva scored after collecting a loose ball, but he was offside. In that play Fabricio made a big save before a drilling attempt of substitute Borja García, who entered the game at half-time.

Three minutes later, Borja García missed the target after attempting a curved shot from the left corner of the area. For the first time in the game Depor’s defense was looking surpassed by the rival, mainly as Borja brought a lot of problems to Juanfran and Laure. However that picture changed again as soon as Córdoba returned to be a clueless team facing a ten-man rival.

At minute 58, Juan Carlos couldn’t collect a cross coming from the right, but Medunjanin didn’t find the way to shot from inside the area when the goal was unguarded. Three minutes later Borja García missed the target from the box after collecting a cross coming from the right.

Víctor didn’t like what he saw as his team was losing the control, so he ordered the first substitution. José Rodríguez replaced Canella, with the move Luisinho delayed his position, Juanfran was switched to the left wing and Rodriguez covered the right side of the attack. These moves stopped the bleeding facing Borja García.

At minute 66, Abel Gómez got the ball at the edge of the area after a corner-kick, but his shot went directly into the hands of Fabricio. The second modification of Depor was the entry of Juan Dominguez for Medunjanin.

The final modification was the entry of Álex Bergantiños for Wilk, in this way all the changes made by the Aragonian coach were centre-midfielders, however Depor never changed the impression of been a team that didn’t know how to keep the possession, something demonstrated by the stat of the passing ratio: 59%. The worst percentage for the Galicians on this season.

Nothing special occurred within the final fifteen minutes; Xisco was in, but it never had a chance as the long throws of the locals were always inaccurate, meanwhile Cavaleiro was too alone to create something up front, though the Portuguese man tried to penetrate by both sides.

A crippled Córdoba were unable to harm a Depor that played with ten men for one hour; the Galicians had some good chances in the first part and later returned to be a passive side that was missing a lot of passes. Fabricio, Sidnei and Cavaleiro were the best players for the Galicians.

This is the fourth clean sheet on the season for Deportivo and the third within the last four matches. The Galicians could end the matchday in relegation in case that Granada CF, Elche CF, Levante UD and Real Sociedad are able to get a positive result during the weekend. There’s now a pause of one week due to the international action and the next game is precisely against Real Sociedad at the Riazor (November 22, 22h00 CET).

Córdoba:  (4-2-3-1) Juan Carlos – Gunino, Iñigo López, Pantić, Crespo (Pinillios 11’) – Luso (Borja García 46’), Abel Gómez – Cartabria, López Garai (Xisco 68’), Rossi – Ghilas.
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Fabricio – Laure, Sidnei, Lopo, Canella (José Rodríguez 64’) – Juanfran, Wilk (Álex Bergantiños 84’), Medunjanin (Juan Dominguez 74’), Luisinho - Cavaleiro, Postiga
Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz: He showed yellow card to Luso (17’), Iñigo López (28’), Pinillos (43’) and Pantić (58’). Postiga was sent off with two yellow cards (15’ & 28’)
Venue: El Nuevo Arcángel stadium (15,643)
Other statistics: Ball possession (68% - 32%); Attempts to score (7 – 5); Total shots (14 - 6); Shots on target (6 - 2); Saves by the keepers (2 - 6); Corner-kicks (3 - 2); Offsides (2 - 0); Fouls committed (10 - 5); Passing accuracy (84% - 58%)




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