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13 Nov 2014
Eight months later Diogo Salomão received the medical okay to play, but the winger isn’t hurried to debut on this season. Instead he wants to be cautious and talk with the coach first before making any decision.

March 02, 2014. Deportivo were hosting Hércules CF as part of matchday 28 at Liga Adelante 2013/14. The Galician outfit was battling to keep the top spot at the standings and arrived to the meeting after a couple of last-minute goals that allowed picking points facing Sporting Gijón and AD Alcorcón. Diogo Salomão was one of the winter signings and was turning to be the most important man in offense.

But he only lasted seven minutes on the pitch that day after suffering a new knee injury. At the beginning it didn’t seem serious as the player was able to stand up and, despite been stretched off, he left the stadium without needing crutches. However the scans confirmed that it was an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury (ACL).

Eight months later, and after passing through the rehabilitation process and signing a renewal of the loan, the winger has received the medical okay to play football. Since one month ago Salomão is training at the same pace than the rest of the team, however the player and the coaches aren’t hurried in allowing his appearance.

He addressed the media on Wednesday and said that needs to be patient, “I’m gaining shape and also mental strength. I don’t want to talk of deadlines. There are times when you feel some issues, so you end needing to adjust the deadlines. The true is that my feelings are good and are adapting, because it’s like having a new knee.”

“Little by little I’m adapting. I have been training for one and a half months and I’m gaining pace. The decision of returning will be made together with the coach, but there’s no hurry. I’m the first one impatient to play, but we cannot be in a hurry on these things, instead we must remain focused and understand that there will be the right moment to debut.” He added.

The player was remembering the bad moments lived within the last eight months, “There were complicate moments and at times it seemed that I was going backwards. But in the end you end moving forward. It was a weird play, because there was nothing to suffer the injury and the true is that I was unlucky. I hope to not have bad memories at the moment of reaching that goal on the field. I must try to forget that chapter as it already passed.”

Finally, Salomão is hoping to make an impact at the team, “I feel impotent for watching Depor from the sidelines. But we need to be united and focused, believing in our ideas and moving forward. My goal is to try to stay at the team and, especially, to shine at Primera División, which is something that brings hope to me. It would be great.”



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