19 Nov 2014
Cezary Wilk conceded an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeůn; the Polish midfielder is content with his current situation and also confirmed that there are no renewal talks with the club, at least for now.

Q: It was hard for you to earn a spot at the team, but gradually you are having more presence on the field.
A: Right. When you're not on the team you have to train hard every day and wait for your chance. And that's what I've done.

Q: Medunjanin said before that itís a pleasure playing alongside you, because you do the dirty work, and this allows him to feel more free and comfortable
A: Haris plays a lot with the ball, has great quality and plays fine while I play more off the ball. What I do is to run, because when you donít have quality then you have to run more to help the team. I think that, together, we played more or less fine.

Q: You compose a well-balanced couple.
A: Yes, but have only played four games and football is always changing, so we have to keep working hard in order to not see the couple breaking for future matches.

Q: During the summer there was much speculation about your departure. Did you ever see yourself outside Depor?
A: Never, because the coach never told me anything. I just trained and waited for the season to develop.

Q: You always start the season in the background, but ends up convincing the coach. What is your secret to get it?
A: I'm a positive person. When you donít play, nothing happens, you have to train and learn to wait for your chance. If you are a positive person everything ends up going well.

Q: But you donít only live of optimism. You are also a natural worker.
A: Itís that, when you donít have a lot of quality, you have to work harder than other players.

Q: You always admit your lack of talent.
A: Itís evident, but the lack of quality can be replaced with heart, energy, fight and sacrifice running more than the rest. The best example of this type of game would be Gennaro Gattuso.

Q: Is your reference?
A: Yes, a little mirror that I look, a player that I like a lot and that, without having quality, got to be important in big clubs and the Italian national team.

Q: For your boyish appearance, no one would think that you could be a real 'pit-bull' on the pitch.
A: Yes, I know that Iím cheating [he laughs]. In Poland they have always told me that I have two faces in my life, because Iím a very formal guy and on the field I become someone else.

Q: Do you like A CoruŮa?
A: It's a little small, because in Poland I live in a big city, but I like it. Itís a very quiet city and that allows me to be at home with my family. You could live here for many years.

Q: Good to know, because your contract ends in June.
A: Yes.

Q: Did you have conversations with the club about this matter?
A: Not now, we're waiting.

Q: For your words it seems you would like to remain connected to Deportivo.
A: Yeah, but we'll see what happens, because football takes many turns, but I'm very happy on here.




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