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20 Nov 2014
Albert Lopo addressed the media on Wednesday. He commented the plans of Víctor Fernández about playing with three centre-backs and also that Deportivo want to improve the home record after only winning once at the Riazor.

Centre-back Albert Lopo talked to reporters on Wednesday. During the training session the coach tested a system with three centre-backs and the defender commented that, “It’s a system that has been tested. I don’t know if it will be the one used at the end. We just need to be prepared if he decides to use that system and nothing more. Let’s see how it works. It worked for us some years ago, though the players were others. If he decides to use the system then I believe we have enough prepared people to do it rightly. “

“The team feels save with it. It’s a little tricky, because despite been five defenders the full-backs are joining the attack and we end up with only three players at the back. It has good and bad things, just like all the systems. There are more options in the output of the ball and also at the moment of defending. The system has many variants. Anything that helps to improve things it will be welcomed.” He added.

The system with five defenders was used before during the stage with Lotina and Lopo was asked if he believes that the defenders can become into goal-scorers during the set-pieces like it happened before, “Let’s hope the defenders can help to open the scoresheet through set-pieces, just like it happened at the time. We hope it can be repeated.”

The Catalan defender couldn’t explain if this new system is a product of the casualties had at the team or a change in the coach’s plans, “It has to do a little with everything. It can be a variant to the other system or a cause of the casualties that we are having. Maybe we are talking and in the end we will end using the same system of the previous week.”

He believes that Depor cannot be focused on the debut of Moyes, but on their own problems, “We must look to ourselves, to our players and coaches. No matter they have a new coach, which will encourage them to play better as they want to win, we also want to win. They are a rival that’s down there with us. A victory will bring confidence and will mean to leave at the bottom a team with the important players that they have. To defeat Real Sociedad it means a plus in our confidence.”

Asked about Carlos Vela, he commented that, “He’s a great player that for unknown reasons hasn’t matched the expectations. They also have Xabi Prieto and Agirretxe. They have good players. The situation of Real is a little surprising, but football gives nothing for free, and if they are down there it is for their own merits.”

The centre-back said that he understands the reasons why he was dropped from the starting eleven in the past revolution of Víctor Fernández, “It’s normal. The coach is paid to make decisions and he thought it was the better thing. He decided that the best was to remove two or three players. This is football and he must decide the best for the team. You are screwed for not playing, but you must look for the good of the team. There were other partners that also wanted to play.”

About the current situation of Deportivo, currently at the edge of relegation, he said that, “Other four clubs are like us, so the idea is to win as soon as possible. It isn’t pleasant, but there’s time and we must starting winning on Saturday.”

Finally, Lopo said that Deportivo must regain the strength playing at the Riazor, “It wasn’t what we wanted at the beginning of the season, but the results were like this. We have to improve a lot and want to win a game like the day of Valencia. We want to see people going out happy from the stadium. Let’s hope that, on Saturday, everything will be favorable to us.”



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