21 Nov 2014
Isaac Cuenca conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia. The winger defended his style and at the same time accepted that he hasnít been fine within the last month in the league competition.

Q: You were a substitute against Cůrdoba, so for you the break meant three weeks without football. How did you take it? Was it hard being a backup at the Nuevo ArcŠngel?
A: I'm much better from the hamstring injury. Fully recovered and happy. Eager to play again. Hopeful. In Cůrdoba I didnít play, because I was dragging problems. It was hard, but knowing that I wasnít fine, you realize that it is logical.

Q: Donít you see it as a message from the coach?
A: Not at all. The day of the training match, I left the training pitch before the rest and didnít feel fine. I wasnít right and knew this could happen.

Q: Come on, in perfect physical and emotional conditions.
A: You always think it can be better, but I feel happy. Some weeks passed to think more coolly and in the end you have a different perspective than when you're in the middle of the competition. Let's see what happens this Saturday, if it brings more positivity or if invites us to reflect further.

Q: And what are the conclusions, both individually and collectively?
A: You already had the individual vision. I had a couple of bad games, but I neither was one hundred percent ready. I was playing infiltrated and, although I'm the first one demanding things from myself, it should be taken into account. Collectively, we must continue improving, together as a team, as a group, and also to move forward.

Q: The fans had a picture of Cuenca playing at Barca, something that hasnít been seen on here. Do you think it is for the two years of inactivity?
A: You cannot compare Barcelona with Depor, neither my previous football can be compared to the one of today, because itís totally different: the game, the players... Physically and psychologically Iím much better than when I was 19. But from playing at Barca to do it on here it means a huge change and itís normal that you cannot do the same. Any B team member of Real Madrid or Barca would have further problems. You wouldnít see the same plays.

Q: But you understand that it isnít what people expected.
A: I donít know what people expect from me. I try to be at my peak. I played injured for one month. I understand that you have in mind what has happened in the last month, but if you would have done this interview before, when shortly after playing I scored two goals, then the questions would have been different. You do it now, after a tough month and thatís why you only have the perspective of the last month. It's football.

Q: In football it is hard to remember beyond the last game.
A: True. That's football, obviously. If in the case of Zidane they remain with the header, to me it makes sense to stay with what I did in the last month. But I believe in vindicating what I did before.

Q: In the last game at the Riazor the fans were whistling against you.
A: Nobody likes it, but I didnít take it personally. I think anyone who would have been replaced at that time would have been whistled. And at the end there were also boos for the team. Still, I admit that I was terrible.

Q: What do you need to improve? Maybe too many dribbles?
A: I donít think so, the true thing is that I miss more dribbles. I need to be a daring player and make more dribbles. Itís my game. I need to exploit my virtues. If I make three dribbles then I can leave three defenders behind and isnít that better? What I miss is to get the ball more often in attack.

Q: More association?
A: No. We need more arrivals, to have a more offensive football. Before I was asking myself for the difference and the explanation is that, at Barca, I collected the ball three meters from the area, while on here, especially within the last games, I was getting the ball three meters from midfield. You donít need to be too wise to notice that it isnít the same.  Besides, I insist, over there were other players, among them a lad with four golden boots (He laughs)

Q: Do you prefer acting on the right or do you like more on the left?
A: Honestly, I donít care.

Q: And in the middle?
A: Well, I also feel very comfortable.

Q: Even without a reference upfront?
A: I guess we can do some damage. Creating scoring opportunities. If you get in the middle you can try to elude the rivals and shot, you have more vison to shot on target. With a dribble you can attempt to shot. Even collecting the ball upper on the field, which is good for a player like me.

Q: And in the middle?
A: The true is that I love it. Why not?

Q: How do you see the team? Although itís early, against Real, another final.
A: Yes, a lot is remaining, but at home there is much need to win everything, in any possible way. I see the team is fine. We are still growing. You see other teams and you realize that they have peaked. We havenít done it yet.



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