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22 Nov 2014
Depor’s coach is satisfied as he will count with three attackers for the game, something that could move him to make changes. Moyes is happy after only one week in Spain and won’t make too many changes at the lineup.

 Real Sociedad have been on the spotlight within the last week after naming David William Moyes as their new head coach in an 18-month deal that could reach the €6 million. The Scottish trainer is just coming after a turbulent and short career as the head manager of Manchester United FC. The 51-year-old man never fitted into the shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson and was in charge of the Red Devils for only ten months after failing to put the team in European spots all season long, it was the third shortest managerial stint in United’s history.

The true is that Moyes was pretty successful before that stage. In only one year he took Preston North End F.C. from struggling to avoid relegation at Division Two to put the team at the playoffs in Division One. In 2002 he landed at Everton FC and stayed for eleven years, clinching important things like qualifying for the UEFA Cup and the Champions League. In 2012 he became the fourth manager, after Alex Ferguson, Arsène Wenger and Harry Redknapp, to record 150 wins in the Premier League.

This might be the debut of Moyes in la liga, but his large experience is well explained with his 803 games as a coach in England. As a way of comparison Depor’s Víctor Fernández, the most experienced active coach in Primera, has 660 games in all the competitions. Perhaps the difference is that the Zaragoza-born man won titles in his long career: UEFA Cup Winners Cup (1995), Portuguese Super Cup (2004) & the Intercontinental Cup (2004).

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked to reporters for twenty minutes. He begun explaining why he doesn’t want to give clues about the line-up, “I cannot reveal the plans because firstly I must asses everything, and the main reason is that I don’t know anything of Moyes and what he did on this week behind closed doors, and he knows everything about us as it has been published on the papers [He laughs], So I won’t give clues. The only thing I say is that we have trained different alternatives. We have many resources available.”

“Things have changed from Tuesday to today.  After Tuesday’s session, with only three sessions left, I didn’t have any specific attacker. None. Only the possibility to advance the position of Cuenca and after Tuesday’s training we have added three strikers to the team, something that changes the picture and that brings more alternatives with Toché, Hélder Postiga and Iván Cavaleiro on. “He added.

Still, the coach assured that there won’t be surprises with the draw, “What we will do won’t surprise anyone, because we trained it. For me it’s a principle: we don’t invent anything. We have tested the movements with the tactics taking into account the conditions and the disposition of the players. The players that I have now aren’t the same ones that I had on Tuesday. It’s a great success of our lawyer and a success of our doctors as they recovered Insua, Toché and Iván Cavaleiro. Salomão isn’t recovered. Lucas Pérez isn’t recovered. Fariña isn’t recovered, but now I have more depth on the bench and it isn’t a limit situation.  On the bench I have now players to hold on the game and will have players to change the pace of the meeting, so I’m content.”

He wasn’t surprised after the appeal committee lifted the second yellow card to Postiga, “No, because… when I was surprised was with the expulsion. I was surprised with the decision made by Mateu, who is always a referee that’s paying attention during the game but, as a human being, possibly he was too hurried making the decision, but the argumentation made by our lawyer give us the reason. “

“I would have loved to know it before, because I would have been able to make a more complete training yesterday, but well, he has trained with the national team and played for 55 minutes in a very demanding game. His presence is enriching the plans and brings more options. He’s a specialist inside the area. At the beginning of the week we didn’t have a specialist and now we have both specialist inside the area, Toché and Hélder, so it’s important, especially playing at home.” Víctor added.

Despite not wanting to reveal major hints about the line-up and the system for the game, the Zaragoza-born coach admitted that one of the two centre forwards are going to start in the meeting, “I believe that’s possible to have one of them at the starting team.”

About the situation at Real Sociedad, the Aragonian coach said that, “The true is that there has been a wall with the information, because we didn’t get any information of the trainings, only the comments of the players, which insisted in the subject of the intensity, aggressiveness and strength in their game. I don’t know what kind of Real we will meet; I just know their players and am aware they are pretty good. Over one year ago they were playing for the Champions at the Riazor and now are at the same part of the standings. We will see how they react with a new coach. It’s extraordinary the impact that his arrival has had, but I think that the coaches must be located behind the players. You can plan something according to the characteristics of the players, but in the end they are the ones developing the plan. I expect for an intense, motivated and aggressive Real. What prevails on here is their quality. I like this team.”

Asked about his own team, Víctor said to be happy with the attitude of the players, “I perceive a team that’s mentalized. They are receptive as we introduced a lot of new things. We had to adjust some things that weren’t prepared before. We have insisted in some tactical concepts and the team was highly concentrated. The team made very good trainings. Today’s training was very intense. It’s true we have to see it tomorrow, but it’s also true that we are well prepared.”

He even confessed that the coaches have been watching old videos of Moyes’ teams in the attempt to discover how they prepare the set-pieces, “Yes, we have watched videos of previous teams of Moyes searching for how they plan the set-pieces. We have worked hard on this week in order to bring to our players the characteristics of the new coach and what can prevail on his books of tactics. I honestly believe that Real won’t change too much just for having a new coach. Real have very good players that were playing for the Champions recently. They were a sleeping giant that, apparently, is waking up. We are waiting for a complicate rival, but we’re prepared to win. No matter the draw to be used what we’ll need is to be well organized. We face the fourth or fifth team with the highest percentage of ball possession, so we will have an important wear during the game, so we need the capacity to regain the energy and get the ball.”

Deportivo’s trainer insisted that he was forced to make changes due to the casualties in attack, but that now the picture has changed, “When you make a draw you have an idea, but the draw changes as soon as the game begins. The important thing is the characteristic of the players that you choose and that they could have a natural location on the pitch. That’s the most important thing. “

“If you look at the standings you will see that we have only allowed two goals within the last four games, so the defense isn’t a problem for now. Our problem was to not have strikers, playmakers and wingers, so you have to locate the players in then positions that aren’t uncomfortable for them, and you also try to make changes when you see that things aren’t working. So the formula was absolutely linked with the physical problems of the attackers. On Tuesday I was terrified as I only had Cuenca available. That was the reality of Depor on Wednesday, but fortunately everybody worked and now the picture is different. I am not saying that we won’t use the system with five defenders, but that at times you are forced to try things as you are searching for radical changes or in other case forced by the conditions. One thing or the other can move you on; at times it can partially be caused by both reasons. Now I can choose, before I was forced to do it. Before I was forced to invent a striker or a winger. Now things are more balanced. “ He added.

He was affirming that, after the whistles suffered in the previous home game against Getafe CF, the team must lift the environment at the Riazor, “The team must always pull the environment at the stands. If we show passion then we will surely motivate the stand no matter the day. It is said that it will rain a lot, so we need to warm up the public.”

Then the coach explained the reason why Juan Carlos was picked, “Because I have many defensive players in the roster. We are playing at home and need different players to bring balances. We need players to hold on the game and also to change the pace. Juan Carlos has quality, creativity and the ability to make the last pass. If we need that then he will play, but if we need a defensive player to hold on the game then we will pull a defensive man. I needed to balance the roster.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández explained the situation with Diakité, who wasn’t picked for the game, “As long as he is on my team I can tell you that I count with all the players. This was just a tactical decision. The club hasn’t asked my opinion on any player for December 30. Nobody has told me anything about his possible exit.”

The new Real Sociedad’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s afternoon; he needed a translator and this was his first press conference previous to a league meeting. He started explaining his impressions after one week in the job, “It was an intense week, but I’m feeling happy. These days in Donostia have been good to know the city, the people that has been cheering me up and, the main thing, the players, who have trained at the top during the trainings.”

“I really enjoyed the trainings, the players were very open. I get the feeling that they are getting the information. I get the feeling that they are wanting the information. We have trained a lot on this week, probably not enough, but hopefully we will get a good result. We haven’t trained hard as we have a game, but with time I will increase the tempo and would love to see the ball moving more quickly on the field. But I need more time.” He added.

About his impression on the team, the Scottish man said that, “What I see is a team that performed really well against Atlético. The got a lot of confidence from that game, I can see that. I’m a little concern for not have won yet away from home. I believe we have to make changes.”

Moyes have been on the spotlight for his arrival to Spain, but he insisted that the important thing is the players, “Well, the important things is the players, not the coach. The players are the ones that perform, so we want to see this special touch, what they can do. And I think the players aren’t showing their full potential. I think there’s more to come. I hope I can help them to get better, but the players are the ones that must learn to stand up and do better than what they have done this season so far. Time will tell. I hope that they can get better.”

 About Deportivo, the ex-Manchester United coach said that, “I watched them on the videos. We have scouting reports… we can move through it and this week has been interesting, because I had to translate Spanish to English, all the reports. So I know a few things about them. I have watched them, not as much as the major part of the people, but I tried everything I can to gather information and be ready for the game.”

There was a lot of secrecy during the week about the possible lineup, but the coach give a hint of what he will do after accepting the base will be the squad that faced Atlético, “You know there can be too many changes, too quick. I also know we had a great result before Atlético Madrid, so we have to take from that game and we have to try to build on it. It’s my first time I see the team and must give the chance to those players to show me what they can do. I’m expecting a good performance and I think I’m putting enough pressure over the players to show me what they can do.”

Finally, Moyes explained why the coaches of the B squad will be on the bench with him, “This is because I need them to help me. They did a great job against Atlético Madrid. I need them to help me. I don’t know how longer they will be here. I don’t know it for now. They know more of the players that I know. They have been here all the time and know the club, so I need people around me to help me. Really things are smally different from the UK. We work together.”




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