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24 Nov 2014
Mixed feelings after a new goalless game. Some players were content as the important thing is to add, others aren’t happy with the offensive performance of the team. Víctor Fernandez was satisfied with the result and expects to recover some men.

Coach Víctor Fernández was accepting the result and praised the performance of the team during the second half, “The point must be assessed as something good, when you cannot win then the draw is good. We wanted to win and tried until the last moment. I tell you that the team played much better after the break, we played strongly, with more decision and intention before the goal. With this scheme we not only adjusted the situation with the entry of Wilk, but also made other three movements. So, the team dominated more during the second half.”

Asked about if the 5-3-2 draw could be used again, he responded that, “Today we had to use this draw, because… our problem so far was that our statistics were screwed by the game against Sevilla and Barca [Real Madrid], this for the number of goals allowed. Now we have spent five games in which we only allowed two goals, so the defense isn’t and won’t be our main problem. “

“We arrived to the game with the strikers only completing a few trainings. Postiga didn’t train the whole week. Cavaleiro only completed two sessions, Toché only one, and without the presence of the other three, Salomão, Fariña and Lucas. When all of them could be available, then evidently we will have other variants and will do other adjustments according to the circumstances. We’ve many plans and must continue developing them. Time will help us to improve.” The coach added.

The journalists insisted if this system could be used again, “Let’s see. We have been playing with four [defenders] and only allowed two goals, so I believe this isn’t our problem. Evidently we have a balance defense-attack. This organisation with three centre-backs and two full-backs is some or less offensive depending on the depth of the men at the sides plus the moves of the midfielders. We tried to have depth with the men at the sides, Luisinho and Juanfran, and by playing with three men I was trying to have a midfield sector with more football, and the entry of Wilk transformed us bringing more energy.” It was his response.

The Aragonian coach was commenting the game made by José Rodríguez, “He’s a 19-year-old kid that still has to meet the Primera División. Everything has been easy to him and I hope that these three weeks should have helped him to learn the difficulties to settle at Primera División. The only thing I can tell you is that he knows what I am asking from him, if he brings what I ask then he will have many options, and if he doesn’t do it then evidently he won’t have too many options. He’s training at the top and the people that do that enter into my plans. He had confidence entering by the right and must continue learning professional football.”

He was also explaining what happened during the expulsion of his assistant Cabellud, “They told me that their coach entered into the field, so who is the problem? The true is that I was looking at the ground and suddenly saw all the mess. What happened is that he entered into the field, gave the ball to his players and they were close to score a goal, so who is the nervous one? The one that commits the infraction or the one that suffers it? You can answer by yourself that question. The referee has as an assistant that should tell him. It was a play that should have been invalidated and that could have nefarious consequences to us.”

Finally, Fernández didn’t want to confirm if he will use the same system for the upcoming game at the Calderón stadium, “I just ended the game and the meeting against Atlético is in eight days. I don’t know who will play on Sunday. I neither know if all the players will be available. Today was a good option, not so good in the first half and it was good in the second. We will see depending on the availability of the players. The doctors tell me that’s possible to recover all the attackers, so we’ll decide. Still, we won’t uncover new things, because their coach already knew on Wednesday how we were going to play, so I won’t anticipate now how I’m going to play against Atlético Madrid.”

The players had different opinions after the final whistle. Toché was satisfied with the final result, “The team tried, but we lacked the pass at the last meters. We added a point, which wasn't bad, and let's continue like this. It wasn’t a brilliant game, but both sides tried to win.”

For Haris Medunjanin the final result was acceptable, “It was a difficult and open game. Real Sociedad could have scored and so do we. We played better in the second part; we didn’t score, but fight all together. The game was hard and this point is good.”

“All the points are good, because the important thing is to add. We also had the chance to win, but partially this is good too. We should have won today and we couldn’t do it, so we will have to fight harder in Madrid.” The Bosnian midfielder added.

Juanfran Moreno was emphasizing the defensive numbers of Deportivo, “It was a pity. We clinched the clean sheet in four of the last five games, but also missed to seize some opportunities. We passed from been the team that allows more goals to be the one that allows less goals and this is the path: clean sheets and the goals must arrive for us.”

The Madrilenian side defender wasn’t content with the final result, “It has a bittersweet taste, because we deserved to win in the second half, though we are having problems to score the goals. We must continue working and this is only one more point. Before it was normal to score and now it has been hard to do it. We need to keep the solid defensive work and then achieve a good offensive record.”

Meanwhile, Pablo Insua was explaining what went wrong in the first half, “We were unable to place ourselves on the pitch, neither brought pressure. In the second part we had the initiative, we adjusted out positions, and so we dominated and had a better physical presence. In this sense I can say that the final result is fair.”

Luisinho also said that the point was positive though he also admitted That Depor were forced to win, “We didn’t fit during the first half using this system. We improved in the second and this point is something positive. We knew that, since we were playing at home, we had to win. It was clear. We were facing a direct rival and knew that we had to win, but also knew that Real Sociedad have a good team and they were better in the first part, so the result was positive.”

At Real Sociedad, coach David Moyes was commenting his debut in la liga, “It was a great experience and I‘m content for debuting in la liga. Truly I don’t know all the players, but I’m enchanted for been here and little by little we are going to improve.”


The Scottish man was saying that the result was fair, “We made a good first half and were superior, but the second part was a little disappointing and they were better. So we can say that the result was fair. I wanted to win and I’m content with the draw, because we worked hard. In the end we can say that a point for each side was fair."



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