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05 Oct 2006
Coach Joaqu?要 Caparr??s talked once again on Tuesday, this time he commented on the case of 'Toro' Acu?帶. The Sevillan coach also expressed his happiness about the presence of Depor's players in the Spanish national teams, and gave his opinion about Luis Aragon?孟 and his roll as coach.

The case with Roberto Acu?帶 continues to generate problems. The Paraguayan was fired on Monday and the club argued that he is 'inept' to fulfil his contract. According to Deportivo, the player was discarded first by Irureta, and later by Caparr??s. A situation that would probe the plea of the club. The first one to react was Acu?帶 himself, he denounced the club for an improper dismissal and also joked about it with reporters: "I believe that I am the first inept to play in three World Cups."

Meanwhile, coach Joaqu?要 Caparr??s talked about this theme and other issues. The Sevillan trainer defended the professional behaviour of Acu?帶: "I can only tell you that he is a professional. I never had a complaint about him." Caparr??s was uncomfortable talking about this case and asked the journalists to change the subject.

Then, he was asked about the participation of the three Depor players with Spain's national squads (Capdevila, Barrag??n and Arizmendi -these last two with the U-21 squad). The coach seemed more relaxed and expressed his happiness with the situation, especially with the one of Barrag??n: "This is a good signal, the call of Barrag??n was at last hour and it's a joy for us. We will work hard in order to see more players participating with the national teams. One of the problems in Spain is that, everyday we have less players from where to choose. So, when we see Valencia and Deportivo trusting in Spanish players, that's a good notice for everybody."

During the last days it has been commented that this start of season has been the best one in Caparr??s' career (he has achieved 10 of 15 possible points). However, the Utrera-born coach isn't excited about it: "It isn't worthy. The only thing that matters is the final position, not the initial one. A professional lives from results, the rest are just simple data that doesn't motivate me."

Finally Caparr??s defended the work done by Spain's national coach, Luis Aragon?孟: "If he wants to play with two goalkeepers it's fine, we have to defend him and express our opinions and comments after the games. I am personally happy with Luis' list of selected players. What's surprising me is that on Saturday we have an important game with Sweden, and people aren't talking too much about it. Unfortunately that's a common thing in our country."

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