28 Nov 2014
Depor’s current starting keeper is conscious of the good moment lived by the defense and that it will be one of the keys to achieve the permanence. The Canarian also warns that Depor cannot go out to the Calderón trying to not lose the game.

Fabricio Agosto addressed the media on Thursday. The keeper is happy with the performance of the team despite been currently in relegation. He started admitting that Atletico’s win over Olympiacos is a warning for Sunday’s game in liga, “I didn’t watch the game, but already knew how strong they are. It was a nice warning, especially taking in mind they were finalist in the European Cup and are the current champions of our league. It’s a great team and they are demonstrating it. We are aware of the difficulty of the game but are mentalized that, if we compete, then we will have our options.”

“I believe they have very good players, strong in the aerial game and I believe they are among the best teams in set-pieces, because they usually seize these kinds of plays. Surely they also have good wingers, good side defenders and solid centre midfielders. It’s a very good and complete team.” He added.

On Thursday the coach was testing possible lineups with four and five defenders. The keeper said that he always feel comfortable no matter the system chosen by the coach, “I don’t have preferences, maybe someday, when I could be a coach and meet all the tactical systems, I will know about it. The other day I saw that we were confident with a line of three defenders, because we were defending with three at the moment of attacking. “

“We were also fine defending with four players. I believe it’s a matter of guessing right and making things difficult to the rival. Since that point you make good or not a system. I always feel comfortable with a line of five or four men. I just enjoy the minutes I can share with my team mates. It is a matter of enjoying and assuming the responsibility.” Fabricio added

The Canarian was saying that Depor cannot go out to face Atlético thinking of getting a draw, "If we go out trying not to lose then it will be a spanking that will leave you freaked out. We must go out to split our face and give everything at the Calderón. We cannot be less than them in intensity, work and sacrifice. We cannot be one step behind them, because we will be dead then. We’re conscious that, if we don’t give anything in every game, then we won’t get the results. We know that we must give everything and fight until the last second.”

Anyway he was admitting that a draw would be a great result to Deportivo, “We know it will be difficult, playing in a stadium that will be filled, they have one of the best groups of fans. So any result meaning to add it’s great, because we know the difficulty of the task. It’s not that we must go out in order to not lose, because we must go out in order win. We are going to fight in that game, but I believe that to add a point will be a great result. We must be honest.”

Depor have clinched three clean sheets within the last four games, but the keeper doesn’t know if this is the best moment on his career, “I don’t know. Each day I always aspire to do my best, this in order to be as high as possible. I’m content with my work and I’m doing my best. I am enjoying it. My team mates are also giving everything in front of me. They are doing a great work and we have been demonstrating it. One of the keys to get the goal is to be strong at defense and we have been improving with the passage of the games and the trainings. We hope to continue like this.”

Finally, Fabricio said that there’s no pressure for been currently in relegation, because the pressure was always there, “I don’t look at the standings. We will do it during the last game: what we done and if we achieved the goal. The pressure is already there since the pre-season. We have a clear idea and must fight each weekend in order to get the goal as soon as possible.”





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