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01 Dec 2014
A ruthless fight between radicals of both teams ended with the death of a Depor’s fan. Other eleven persons were bounded, including a police man and at least twenty-four persons have been detained.

Sadly there were serious incidents between Depor and Atlético supporters before the kick-off of the liga game that took place on Sunday’s noon.  According to the police eleven people were wounded, including a policeman, and another person, a Depor's fan, suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and hypothermia after been stabbed and thrown into a river. He died hours later.

The person that died was only identified as “Jimmy”, a 43-year-old member of the section “Los Suaves” from the Riazor Blues. Another person was stabbed and thrown into the Manzanares River (500 meters away from the stadium), but he was able to walk away by his own means, but Jimmy suffered a head blow and could only be saved by a diver from the police force.

Jimmy ended at the hospital and the doctors were unable to save his life after been struggling to survive during a couple of hours. The fan was declared dead a few minutes after the game ended. The other persons bounded in this incident are going to be fine.

It was reported that around 400 fans of Depor were traveling to Madrid for the game, around 100 of them were members of the Riazor Blues. The police suspects that the Riazor Blues and the radical group from Atlético Madrid, Frente Atlético, previously agreed a meeting in order to fight. Apparently the Depor’s fans didn’t like that, early in the year, the Atletico’s supporters celebrated the liga title at the Cuatro Caminos square, a place normally reserved to celebrate Depor’s achievements. There was even the comment, currently under investigation by the police, that the fight was agreed through a WhatsApp conversation. The other version is that the Riazor Blues were having a friendly meeting in a bar with the other two groups and that later they were ambushed.

The fight took place 500 meters away from the Calderón stadium and the Police understands that around 180 persons were involved. A spokesman from the police told to reporters that there were other groups in the fight, they mentioned the name of Los Bukaneros (Rayo Vallecano’s radicals) and the Alkor Hooligans (Alcorcón radicals), both groups were supporting Depor’s radicals.

The police arrested twenty-four people, including a radical from Atletico Madrid that was covered in blood. The police denounced that it confiscated knives and several sharps weapons, the spokesman even said that they never saw so many weapons during a football match. 90 supporters of Depor, identified as members of the Riazor Blues, weren’t able to enter the stadium and were immediately sent back to A Coruña.

Many fans believe that the game should have bene suspended, but the LFP didn’t do it. La Liga published a press release and explained that the game wasn’t suspended as they were unable to find any member from the Spanish Federation, who should be the ones suspending the meeting through the referees. The LFP will have an emergency meeting on Monday’s morning.

 After the game the presidents of both clubs offered a press conference and condemned the incidents [the news of the death of the fan wasn’t official yet]. Tino Fernández said that, “We are against violence and condemn the incidents. Our message of support to the family of the person that fights for his life. This should be the ending point of these incidents. The clubs must try to stop these situations.”



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