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02 Dec 2014
The death of a Depor fan before the clash gathered the attention; Víctor Fernández even left the press conference crying. The players believe the game shouldn’t have been played. The president announces measures.

The post-game comments were mainly related to the incidents occurred before the match. The captains of Deportivo were the first ones that addressed the media, later other players were interviewed, they didn’t like the fact that the game was played and, after both coaches expressed their opinions, the presidents decided to offer a press conference to express their opinion on what happened in Madrid.

About the game, coach Víctor Fernández was talking of the two faces shown by his team, “We were well organized in defense and didn’t suffer with the game done by Atlético Madrid. They are an extraordinary team that searches for the goal by any means and that’s extraordinarily competitive, but we lacked offensive arguments to be more decisive within the last meters. The 2-0, in a play with several rebounds, was decisive for us. We were fine in defense, but later we lacked energy and offensive arguments.”

He was asked if the team wanted to stop the kick.-off, “The information was contradictory. As they released more news the seriousness was more evident and there was a lack of control. Sincerely nobody asked us if we wanted to suspend the game. I believe it is one of the saddest days in the history of Spanish football. It is reprehensible and you cannot understand life in this way, because it should have been a party. We heard the news at the changing room and the comment was that there were many people injured, but didn’t know if this was real and neither there was the proposal to suspend the game.”

The press conference of the Aragonian coach only lasted five minutes as he started to cry and decided to leave the room; before leaving he said that, “In order to suspend a game you need to have all the information and we only follow the orders. Maybe the game should have been suspended, but neither the players nor the coaches have the authority to suspend a game. There are presidents, officials and authorities that have to decide according to the incidents. It’s a shame to have this violence. It’s a society where there’s a lot of tension and inequality. I don’t understand it.”

Laure was interviewed after the final whistle; he was satisfied with the performance of the team and emphasized the improvement made in defense, “We were competing in the first part until the first goal. We opened the space and they created danger. Later we had a couple of counterattacks, but were unable to seize them. We must continue working and fighting. We are improving in defense and this is bringing confidence to attack.”

The captain of Deportivo also expressed the sorrow of the team after the death of one of the Riazor Blues members, “Álex told me some things from the bench, so we knew it. We are feeling hurt. Let’s hope this won’t happen again. This is a sad day for everyone. I want to transmit a message of support to the family and friends. In A Coruña we all know everyone.”

Another captain, Manuel Pablo, who was left out of the game commented that, “It's unfortunate; it is something that doesn’t represent football, but that usually happens. I don’t know how you can control it. It is sad. We heard that there were clashes and that a guy seemed to be in critical condition; we entered the field without knowing anything. The data was arriving almost finishing the warming up, no one knew almost anything. The highest levels have to make decisions. “

The other captain, Álex Bergantiños also explained what happened, “The starters never knew what was going on. The people at the bench knew about the fight, but not the consequences. You always try to think that nothing has happened. In the end we were aware that a person was in critical condition and nothing more. Until we reached the bus we weren’t conscious of what was going on. It was difficult to cancel the game, there were around 50,000 people and the news was contradictory.”

He also condemned the violence, "It's something reprehensible. It’s unfortunate that these things happen, especially if there was premeditation. I don’t know how anyone can arrange a fight like this. If it weren’t for football it would be for other things. It is a pity that this is linked to football, Deportivo and La Coruña. We must try to eradicate it. There are people like that everywhere and must take measures to prevent recurrence. They must be removed (the ultras) from the fields and society. Violence is not justified in any field of life. You must be sharp and punish all who were involved. There should be an exemplary punishment, so this won’t happen again."

Juanfran Moreno firstly talked of the match; he was emphasizing that both goals came in set-pieces, “They are a great team and are strong in set-pieces. Both goals came like that, after the 1-0 the game was uphill and we were unable to create danger. We have confidence in the coach and are sure that he will move forward with this situation.”

About the incidents that ended with one fan dead, he criticized the decision to play the game, “Now, after the game ended, they told us at the locker room. Football is in the background when these things happen. This has to be a celebration, a joy and it is a shame that these things happen. The suspension was logical. Indeed, I think it should have been suspended. Nothing would have happened. For respect, it should have been suspended. We didn’t know anything and it's a shame, really.”

Cuenca told to reporters that the team was feeling surprised and hurt for what happened, "It's a mood slump. To see these things happening, you feel sad. We're leaving sad, to see these things happening in this century... Say no to violence. When something like this happens you have to abandon the match. The changing room is sad, it is wrong. We were informed after the game. It was a mood slump. We’re hurt.”

Toché was explaining how the players were informed about what was going on, “We were warming up and we didn’t know it. I believe that the starters didn’t even get the news. I believe we were informed by the social networks and also because some partners told us, but neither there were details. It’s a shame that these things happen. This should be a party and this is a shame”

Meanwhile, German Lux said that, “These things don’t belong to football. I was informed when I was going in for the warming up together with Manuel Pablo.”

Lucas Pérez stayed in A Coruña and wrote on his Twitter account that, “I feel sorry for the incidents that have occurred. My condolences to Deportivo. This is not football and we must cut it in order to end with the violence.”

Diego Simeone talked about the game and admitted that Atlético suffered before a serious Deportivo, “We resolved the game without playing good football. Beyond both goals and the weird morning, Depor played an intelligent game, it was hard to us. We didn’t have the same fluidity of previous games.”

About the death of a Depor’s fan, he said that, “I’m feeling hurt for the situation that we are living. We don’t have real arguments for what happened. We are feeling sad, these are situations are out of football and we condemn it. We hope these things won’t be repeated.”

The president of both clubs offered a joint press conference, they were supported by Manuel Quintanar, who was representing the LFP. Enrique Cerezo, Atlético’s president, was insisting that both clubs had nothing to do with the incident, “We want to condemn these incidents that occurred 500 meters away from the stadium. This has nothing to do with football. These are radical groups that produce these consequences. We have nothing to do with these facts. Peace and concord must prevail at all teams.”

Manuel Quintanar confirmed that the anti-violence committee was going to have an emergency meeting on Monday’s morning, “These facts have nothing to do with football. The LFP will attend to a meeting with the anti-violence committee scheduled for Monday.”

Then Tino Fernández said that, “We are against violence and condemn the incidents. Our message of support to the family of the person that fights for his life. This should be the ending point of these incidents. The clubs must try to stop these situations.”

The president also talked on Monday and assured that some measures will be assumed by the club, even eliminating the Riazor Blues, “The person that died wasn’t a socio of the club, but he was it in the past. Within the last two years Jimmy wasn’t a socio, but it was it in the previous three years. As soon as we could identify the responsible ones then they will be expelled. In terms of the group [Riazor Blues] I don’t know. We must see who are responsible for this incidents and how they organized this. I cannot rule out the option of eliminating the Riazor Blues.”





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