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03 Dec 2014
Deportivo and Atlético Madrid are taking actions after the incidents on last Sunday. Deportivo is closing the stands of the Riazor Blues for the next two games. Atlético have expelled the Frente Atlético from the list of peñas.

The facts that took place on last Sunday are already causing the first reactions by the clubs. On Tuesday there was a long meeting between president Tino Fernández and his board of directors, later the president and the board conceded a press conference and announced the first steps that Deportivo will follow.

First to all there will be a minute of silence before the Copa game against Malaga as a tribute to Jimmy, the fan that died in Madrid. Later, the stand known as “Maratón Inferior” and that usually is taken by the Riazor Blues will be closed for the next two meetings, today’s game in Copa and next Saturday’s meeting in liga against the same rival.

The police are still investigating the facts, so the club isn’t sure if the Riazor Blues have to be punished or not for this incident, therefore further actions will be studied later. This measure should be understood as a “preventive” move and also a symbolic event.

Also symbolic is the third measure announced by the club, which is to fill the Riazor for Saturday’s game in liga. They want the game to be a demonstration against violence. In order to have a big attendance the president announced that the tickets will only cost €1. Finally, the board of directors released a message to the police demanding punishment for the persons that committed the crime.

Meanwhile, Atlético Madrid announced measures against the Frente Atlético, the group of fans that participated in the fight that caused the death of Jimmy. The Madrilenian club announced that they cannot dismantle the group’ as this is a situation that corresponds to the police, but that at least they are dropping the group from the list of peñas.  For now the club hasn’t announced any expulsion of socios as they are gathering more information.





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