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04 Dec 2014
Draw in the first-leg in Copa Del Rey. A distraction at the beginning of the meeting cost a goal, since then Depor dominated and had the best chances. Toché scored the goal thanks to the sacrifice of Diakité.

As it was expected coach Víctor Fernández made rotations; only Diakité was repeating his presence compared to the team that faced Atlético Madrid during the weekend. The draw was a 4-2-3-1. Lux returned to the goal, Laure covered the right side of the defense, Manuel Pablo debuted on the season performing on the left.

Lopo was joining Diakité at the centre of the defense, Juan Dominguez and Álex Bergantiños were the centre midfielders, Isaac Cuenca attacked from the right wing, Roberto Canella did it from the left, Juan Carlos was the playmaker and Toché was the central attacker.

At Malaga CF, Javi Gracia was also changing the entire team. Juan Pablo ‘Juanpi’ Añor and Ezequiel Rescaldani were leading the attack. Mexican keeper Guillermo Ochoa was making his debut with the team after signing during the summer.

Depor was the best team in the first part, but it failed trying to capitalize its opportunities. Meanwhile, Malaga CF scored in its first approximation and later spent the time defending and releasing a couple of dangerous counterattacks.

The game started with a weird feeling at the Riazor. Everyone was looking at the Marathon stand, which was empty as a measure decided by the board of directors after the incidents in Madrid. The low attendance caused a very cold and divided environment, at times there were chants against president Tino Fernández and also whistles against the people that was protesting.

Depor had a good start, having the ball and reaching the rival’s area, but without completing a shot on target. And Malaga scored in its first chance in the game. Juanpi threw a free-kick at the edge of the area, his cross caught by surprise the whole defense and Ignacio Camacho headed home the ball from inside the box.

At minute 13, Manuel Pablo made a bad pass at the left side of the defense and Luis Alberto was close to capitalize the error, but his shot hit the outside of the net. Depor reacted until minute 19 and it was an attempt of Cuenca from the left corner of the area that ended in a throw-in at the other side of the pitch.

Malaga found what they were looking for: an early advantage to rely in the counterattack. At minute 21, Ricardo Horta fired from the left side of the area and his crossed shot was close to enter. In the next play Depor completed the first shot on target. It was a play of Juan Carlos assisting Cuenca and the shot of the Catalan winger was cleared by Ochoa. Since that moment Depor claimed a starring role in the match.

One minute later Diakité scored after collecting a loose ball inside the area, but the referee whistled an offside during the previous cross of Laure coming from the right. The true is that it was a polemic decision as the French defender seemed to be in the same line than the defenders. Diakité surprised with his mobility as he was constantly joining the attacks.

Malaga had a new chance in a counterattack, this time with Luis Alberto firing from long distance, Lux cleared the ball to corner-kick (27’). The next opportunity came until minute 38, Álex Bergantiños drilled the ball into the area and Toché made a small deflection, then Ochoa cleared the ball to corner-kick.

Depor had a new chance before half-time. At minute 42, Canella drilled a dangerous cross from the left, but it didn’t find a receiver. Later Laure collected the ball and released a drilling shot from the right side that missed the target.

Depor rescued a point though it deserved the victory for having the best chances. Malaga barely created problems in the final part. Diakité was crucial and Toché scored the goal. Remeseiro debuted with the team.

The second half started with a new chance for Toché, the Murcian attacker got a new drilled pass from Álex and, before the slow exit from Ochoa, he was able to complete a chipping attempt, but the Mexican goalie was able to block the shot (46’).

The following minutes saw a game with a low pace, Malaga were doing anything to waste time, while Depor lacked depth. Only a couple of fast plays by Juan Carlos caused problems to the Andalusians, but it only provoked one corner-kick in favour. Diakité also surprised as he was joining the attacks, and even was releasing long throw-ins.

Both sides had an opportunity to score at minute 60; first Laure assisted Juan Dominguez and the midfielder released a drilling shot that was blocked by Ochoa; in the next play Ricardo Horta fired from close range and Lux made the clearance.

Depor should have scored the equalizer at minute 62; it was a secondary play after a corner-kick, Juan Carlos released a precise cross that found Álex Bergantiños alone inside the box, but the header of the Galician midfielder went out.

Then Víctor Fernández made two substitutions. Remeseiro and José Rodríguez replaced Laure and Juan Carlos. 22-year-old Marcos Remeseiro was debuting with Deportivo’s first team. The playmaker was going to have a starring role in the equalizer.

It was a corner-kick from the left corner, Remeseiro sent the ball into the area and was cleared, but the Fabril’s player got the loose ball after the attempt of Cuenca and he released a short cross that found the head of Diakité, the French defender deflected the ball past a defender and Toché scored from close range.

It seemed that Depor were going to push within the final minutes. José Rodríguez had an opportunity to score at minute 75, but his shot went wide. The final modification of Depor was the entry of Postiga claiming the spot of Cuenca, the Portuguese attacker had a chance at minute 83 but his shot went wide.

However the Galicians lost the impulse within the final five minutes and didn’t create any other chance. Actually, it was Malaga the side that had the last two opportunities. Boka completed the last shot on target in the game, a drilling attempt from the edge of the area that was saved by Lux (84’) and later centre-back Marcos Angeleri headed a corner-kick sending the ball over the crossbar (90’).

Deportivo deserved more in this soulless match, the initial error that cost the goal was redeemed with several opportunities and the Galicians only seized one of them to score the equalizer. Diakité was the best player and Toché had three clear opportunities. Remeseiro had a positive debut with the first team.

The second-leg will be played in a fortnight at La Rosaleda, but now Depor will face the same Malaga CF on Saturday, this time playing for la liga (Riazor, 22h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure (José Rodríguez 65’), Diakité, Lopo, Manuel Pablo – Juan Dominguez, Álex Bergantiños – Cuenca (Postiga 81’), Juan Carlos (Remeseiro 65’), Canella - Toché.
Málaga: (4-4-2) Ochoa - Rosales, Angeleri, Weligton, Boka - Horta, Camacho, Samuel (Castillejo 60’), Luis Alberto (Portillo 79’) – Juanpi (Recio 63’), Rescaldani.
Goals: 0-1: (10’) Camacho, 1-1: (68’) Toché
Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz. He showed yellow card to Angeleri (43’), Rosales (50’), Diakité (55’), Toché (77’) & Portillo (88’)
Venue: Riazor (9,988)
Other statistics: Ball possession (58% - 42%); Attempts to score (5 – 3); Total shots (16 - 10); Shots on target (6 - 4); Saves by the keepers (3 - 5); Corner-kicks (10 - 4); Offsides (5 - 2); Fouls committed (11 - 9); Passing accuracy (89% - 85%)



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