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05 Dec 2014
The coach and the players were satisfied with the performance of a Deportivo that was able to tie the game, though all of them believe that the team deserved a better result.

Coach Víctor Fernández was content with the performance of his team, “We missed aim and the last pass before the goal. We lacked precision at some moment, but made a very good game. We left a positive feeling. The team had speed and patience, we drilled the ball and had depth. There were several shots on target, without aim, but we did it. We also had several corners and definitely we made a very complete game only screwed by the final score. The tie remains open and 90 minutes are remaining. We know that we face a powerful team and competed at the top. It was a pity to lack aim.”

“Truly the game wasn’t the best on the season, but our people applauded at the end. We played good football and showed ambition. We missed the goal and the last pass, which would have amplified the final analysis. But we completed a great game in all the levels: intensity, speed, pace, arrivals and pressure. One more time the final analysis is that the score doesn’t reflect what happened on the field.”  He added.

Diakité made a great game; the Aragonian trainer commented his performance and said that his renewal is still pending (the defender ends contract on December 30), “The renewals always depend of several parties, in this case the club and the player. I don’t get involved in that. The group had a notable performance and he wasn’t the exception. I believe that no one played below their level. All seized the moment taking advantage of the collective performance. Diakité helped a lot in defense and in the output of the ball. He knew how to read the game.”

There was a question regarding if the performance of some players in this men, the ones that were ruled out at the beginning of the season, and if this could change their status, the answer was, “Manuel (Pablo) and Juan Carlos were the ones. They were fine, like the rest of the team. Manuel Pablo was spectacular. I believe he won all the duels. I still have to watch the video. Juan Carlos helped us a lot opening the gaps for the two attackers that were wide opened. I’m content of seeing him having a good level.”

Víctor was expressing his opinion regarding the environment of the match, “Sadness. I perceived an environment of sadness. There was an atmosphere of desolation. The magnetism of football wasn’t appearing, because the atmosphere was charged with the tragic incidents. It affected us. That’s why I requested to have a strong start. We were fine at the beginning, paradoxically we had two clear chances and then their first approximation was a goal. We must recover the environment and time will tell. But there’s a clear thing: If we want to leave Depor where it deserves, Primera División, then we need the help of everybody. We need solidarity to make us a more powerful and strong team. But first things are going throw us, the players and coaches.”

He is optimistic towards the future, “I believe that we are in the right way. We still have to improve, both individually and collectively, but having this ambition and attitude I am not worried for the future. Still, I insist: We need the help of everybody, because the right environment will make us a more powerful team. We are a recently promoted team and we are adapting to the league.”

Finally, Fernández doesn’t know if this game is an indication of what could happen on Saturday, “I don’t know. They reserved four or five important players, starters, and we reserved one important player, because we have injury problems in offense. I’m convinced that both sides will present new variants. It won’t be a repetition of the game.”

Marcos Remeseiro debuted with the first team; he was explained how he lived the day, “It is a great joy for been making the debut. It was Copa Del Rey, an official game with the first team and I’m very happy. I wasn’t expecting for this. I trained today with the first team and didn’t expect to be picked. When they told me it was a great joy. The coach gave me the chance to play.”

The 22-year-old playmaker believes that Depor deserved the victory, “I believe we deserved more. If someone deserved to win it was us, we had the better occasions and their keeper was fine. We had enough chances to get a better result ahead of the returning leg. But well, a draw against this great team is fine. We will try to resolve the tie in the second-leg. “

For Toché, Depor deserved a better reward, “I believe we deserved more, having more chances, but well… The team gave everything and the tie will be defined in Malaga. These are the games in which you have to earn the spot.”

Roberto Canella was satisfied with the performance of the team, “They scored a goal in a set-piece and we were against the tide. We reacted after the goal and had many opportunities. In the end it was a very dignified match.”

The Asturian left-back explained how it was to perform as a winger in this match, “I did what the coach told me to do, which was to run until reaching their area. It was time to perform as a winger and I’m content with my performance. “

Juan Carlos was also satisfied with his performance, “I played after a long time. I believe the team did a great job. We matched the level required by the game and it was a pity to leak that early goal. We reacted and played a very good game. I must seize these opportunities in order to be ready when the coach needs me.”

The playmaker also commented the cool environment at the Riazor, “It was a little weird. Never before a player performed on here without the (Riazor) Blues, but once you are in a game you forget about things. Still, it’s unavoidable that their support is noticed.”

Álex Bergantiños also commented the situation with the absence of the Riazor Blues, “It was a different game in that regard. The sensation was weird always watching a lot of people there, but these are exceptional days. These are measures to eradicate the violence from football. You have to adapt. Truly the environment is always cold in Copa and maybe today things were colder.”

About the game, the midfielder said that, “We tried to do our best. We played a good game, especially taking in mind that the less habitual men were performing. We adapted after their goal in a set-piece. The team had opportunities and dominated, so I’m content to see that everyone is performing well. It means there are people prepared to perform when we need them in liga.”

At Malaga, coach Javi Gracia was satisfied with the final score, “Truly I wanted to win the game and make an important step forward, but it was a draw scoring a goal, which is better than a goalless draw. So, the tie remains open and we made the first step. “

“I believe we did the right things, also that we could have sentenced the meeting playing better in the counterattack, but the rival created its opportunities through the lateral crosses. We hope to win on Saturday, but Víctor will say the same too if you ask him. We were coming after five straight victories and then losing before Atlético and real Madrid, we want to return to winning ways knowing that’s difficult to add points at the Riazor.” He added.



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