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08 Dec 2014
Sadness after Deportivo were unable to win a game in which there were a lot of scoring opportunities. The situation at the stands was also commented, Víctor Fernández even talked of a “rampant self-destruction”.

Coach Víctor Fernández was feeling sorry for the result, “A very sad and unfortunate night. I believe we did everything to win, everything. I can only thank the effort done by my players from the first until the last moment. We had a lot of clear opportunities. It wasn’t accidental, because our opportunities were well created. They scored when we could have been 2-0 already. We passed from the 2-0 to the 0-1 with the slip of Fabricio. We were against the tide, but the ball didn’t want to enter, whether because it hit the post or because it stayed at the goal line. The score doesn’t correspond to what Depor have done tonight.”

He was also worried for the negative environment at the stands, “I am going out sad, firstly for the defeat of my team, because my players did everything and they didn’t deserve it, secondly I’m sad, because there’s an environment of self-destruction like I never saw in the clubs that I have coached. It’s a self-destruction that I don’t know where it will take us. It won’t take us to anything positive. I understand that many people weren’t pending of football, but of other things.”

“I told the players they should have a high head. When you give everything then they should be calm. You cannot reclaim anything to yourself when you are fighting until the to the last drop of sweat. We cannot control the rest and I don’t know if anyone can control it. You can only do it winning ten straight games with a 3-0 and still I would doubt it. I describe this situation as a rampant self-destruction.” He added.

Asked about signings during the winter window, the Aragonian coach explained that, “The winter window is about to be open. It will be studied where do we need help. Evidently we had many misfortunes in attack. We are lacking elements and we will see it.”

During the game there were many chants against the coach, about the matter Víctor said that, “I’m a professional and must dedicate to my duties independently of what the people are chanting. I do my work in the best possible way and the rest doesn’t depend on me and neither is under my control, so I won’t waste my energy on that.”

He confirmed that the decisions are already made about the players that take the penalties during the games, “Yes, there are turns inside the changing room. I won’t tell you who the first is and neither who is the second. It something that remains inside the changing room.”

Finally, Víctor was feeling sorry again for the result, “I just said that we played the last two games against Malaga and we deserved to win both, and in the end are going out with a draw and a defeat. Perhaps someone will tell me that I’m looking for excuses, but the only reality is that we lost. It’s a result that has hammered us.”

José Rodríguez barely had words to describe what had happened. He was asked about the negative environment at the Riazor and he responded that, “It is difficult. We are players and must support each other. The fans have to help us.”

About the game, the centre midfielder said that, “The defeat was a pity. We had many scoring opportunities and we missed a penalty. We lacked to score, but I believe that we played very good. But the important thing is to win and add the three points. At home you have to win and currently we are living a negative streak.”

Juanfran Moreno was sad as Depor are unable to finish the work, “Evidently we have missed a very good opportunity. With the 0-0 we had a penalty and enjoyed clear chances. This is Primera División and, if you don’t score, then you can live the disgrace that we lived, which is to allow a great goal. Now it seems that the things are against Deportivo. We do a great work on the field, but we don’t end the job and when you don’t end it, then it’s worthless. It’s hard to us, because we do our best.”

About the social environment, the Madrilenian is conscious that people have motives to be upset, “We would love to have a more tranquil situation, especially to not have lived what happened last week. It is saddening everything and we hope that in the next game the stand could be open, also that the guilty ones can be found. People are supporting us, but it’s normal that people are upset and whistling having only ten points by December. But I’m sure we will move forward with this.”

Luisinho was emphasizing the many opportunities wasted during the game, “We had a clear opportunity to open the scoresheet, but didn’t have luck. We have several opportunities and we didn’t score. The result was a little unfair and now we must think of the next game. We are sad, because we wanted to win at home.”

The Portuguese player didn’t want to get involved in the polemic decision of closing the stand at Marathon Inferior, “It is a problem that must be fixed by the club. They should try to solve the situation as soon as possible.” He said.

At Malaga CF, coach Javi Gracia was satisfied with the historic victory, “It’s a valuable victory, we worked hard and it’s also historic as we never won on here before, also because it is the success of a team that worked hard. There are injured people. We still working at the top and doing the right things.”

He didn’t want to assess if the victory was fair or not, “I don’t know if it was fair. We scored and had other opportunities. The shot of Duda, the other attempt of Darder, Camacho, some counterattacks… They had their chances. We were fine scoring the goal and claimed the three points. If it was far or not it’s up to you to decide. We have succeeded before a team that did a lot of things in order to win, that’s why I give a high note to the result.”

Goalkeeper Carlos Kameni confessed to reporters that they studied the penalty takers at Deportivo, “We have watched videos of their players and knew where they could take the shots, including Cavaleiro. It is not only merit of the goalkeeper, but also of the other players. I work hard in order to be ready for the weekend.”



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