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06 Oct 2006
The situation with Adri??n L??pez continues to be unsolved. Real Oviedo and Deportivo are disputing the property of his rights and a peaceful agreement seems impossible at this point. The Spanish federation has delayed once again its decision and it seems that this case will be a long battle in courts.

Deportivo wanted to sign the young striker Adri??n L??pez for Fabril during the summer market, but Real Oviedo refused the initial offer of €200,000. Without time to renegotiate, the Galician club took the decision to inscribe the youngster in la liga without reaching an agreement with the Asturian club first. Adri??n had an amateur contract with Oviedo and according to the Spanish law, a professional deal improves the economic situation of the player, a condition that makes 'unnecessary' the existence of a deal between both clubs.

For that reason la liga allowed to inscribe Adri??n with Deportivo, but Oviedo protested the case with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), and they decided to suspend the inscription until the case get resolved. Since then the RFEF has been delaying its decision hoping to see first a peaceful solution between both clubs.

But that solution will never came. Deportivo made a new offer to Oviedo a couple of weeks ago, this time the amount was €240,000. It was refused. One of Oviedo's officials, Marco Pintado, assured to newspaper La Opini??n that his club isn't interested in any deal for Adri??n: "The way in which Deportivo has acted is sorrowful. Oviedo will not reach any agreement after we saw the club's behaviour in this matter."

What Oviedo wants is to have the player back in its squad, a situation that Adri??n himself wants to avoid, a fact that he left very clear during his presentation in Deportivo: "I was wishing to come here." Now the only possible exit is the resolution by the RFEF, they had to reach a verdict on the past week, but they delayed the decision until yesterday, now they have postponed the case one more week. In any case this resolution will not be the last word in this case, the media in La Coru?a believes that the loser in RFEF's decision will take the case to a civil court, meaning that the battle for Adri??n is just beginning. In the meantime the young striker has continued to play with the first squad during the midweek friendlies.

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