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10 Dec 2014
Depor’s captain conceded a long press conference on Tuesday. He talked about the situation with the Riazor, Blues, the protests from the fans and the possible exit of Víctor Fernández in case of a negative result on Monday.

The captain of Deportivo was the first one that addressed the media in a complicate week with all the social problems and the delicate moment in la liga. Manuel Pablo defended the Riazor Blues and said that the violent fans are a minority. He also talked of the possible destitution of the coach in case of not winning on Monday, for him the problem is also related to the lack of regularity by the players.

He started affirming that it is good to take measures against violence, but that some were hurried decisions that are affecting large groups when the problem is located in some minorities, “Things have been too hurried, this regarding the issue with the ultras. There were good decisions and others were too hurried. I don’t think that all the ultras are violent, not all the members of the ultras are violent; actually I think there’s a minority composed by 25-50 persons, maybe not even 100, and you cannot point to everyone for something. Yes, you need to kick out the violent ones, but you cannot generalize.”

“We suffered the relegation twice and the fans were spectacular. In other fields we saw some of these issues too. I believe the measures were too hurried. I believe that there should be some sanctions, and let’s see if starting this week things can be fixed. The main thing is the sporting issue.” He added.

Depor’s captain didn’t like the decision about closing Marathon Inferior for the past two games, “I believe the decision was too hurried. La Liga was pointing to the groups, but not all the Riazor Blues are violent, you need to throw them out, yes, and these persons should be out. The sanctions are good, this regarding removing points, closing stadiums and throwing out people, because there are people throwing things to the referees, those are violent people too. Still, the decisions were hurried as there was a fatality, but to do it soon it doesn’t mean that it will be the best. You need to study the case.”

“It surprised me to kick out around 4,000 fans. I already said that this problem is related to a minority, so to kick out a whole stand is exaggerated. Not all the ultras are violent. You must eradicate the violence and you need to take measures, but it’s a minority and not for taking early measures it means that it’s the best.” He added.

He insisted that it was unfair to close an entire stand for the problems lived in Madrid, “It’s my opinion, but I believe that also of the rest of the team.  We haven’t talked to the board, they neither asked. But if we have to do it then we will do it. I guess they will also notice that the decision was too hurried. The environment isn’t the right one at the stadium. It should be a party and it isn’t a good environment in order to have a football game.”

The defender was asked if he thinks that the board of directors was wrong for closing the stand of Marathon Inferior; he responded that, “I don’t know. It was too hurried. Maybe the board felt the pressure, but I believe that La Liga was too hard.”

About the situation with the fans protesting during both games against Málaga, the Canarian player remembered that it isn’t the first time that this situation was saw at the Riazor, “Possible yes, but I also remember a game in the last relegation [0-3 Vs. Granada CF], game in which people were against the Portuguese players and the environment was also difficult. In other years we have some collisions with the Blues, but it has nothing to do.”

There’s the rumor that Víctor Fernández could be sacked if the team is unable to beat Elche CF; the veteran player was asked about it and said that Depor’s players are also to blame for the irregular behavior on the season, “I see that the coach the same, like he was at the beginning. We all know that the coach is in a delicate situation, because he’s the one to blame if the results aren’t arriving. We haven’t been regular and only a few players have kept a regular performance. “

“We must look to ourselves and yield. We haven’t been constant and to make things worse we didn’t win the games in which we had a good performance, only on last week it passed twice. If you don’t win the games in which you have a good performance then let’s imagine what will happen in the games you play badly. We have been irregular; it’s difficult if you make one good game and then three bad matches.” He added.

An interesting thing is that he admitted that it won’t be surprising if the coach is fired on Monday, “I believe we all will understand it, even him despite we don’t like it. it is something that it is in football. We already had coaches sacked at Primera and Segunda División during this season.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo talked of what Depor must do on Monday, “The first thing is to win, it will chill down the situation. Later to do things better.  It is a very important game for us. We only added two victories after fourteen matches, and t’s very hard for a team to live like that.”




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