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12 Dec 2014
The club expects to have a more pacific environment for the crucial game against Elche CF. The board of directors has been in the middle of the war for the pressure coming from Madrid and the one coming from the fans.

Two weeks after the death of Jimmy and the crime hasn’t been clarified. Nether the police have informed of detentions as the ongoing investigations continue. Beyond having the pressure on the radical group that provoked the death of the fan, the government in Madrid is more worried of avoiding responsibilities, they already blamed Deportivo and the authorities in A Coruña for not providing enough information to prevent the street fight that took place on November 30.

The Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martínez, and the Superior Sports Council's president, Miguel Cardenal, were summoned by Congress to explain how the incidents occurred. Martínez declared that Deportivo had failed to provide the police with accurate information regarding the Riazor Blues members that were traveling to Madrid. However this information was denied by the authorities in A Coruña and some parliamentary groups attacked the duo for trying to avoid the responsibility.

This constant pressure coming from Madrid, which included the pressure from the LFP, moved president Tino Fernández to close the Marathon Inferior stand for the past two games against Málaga CF. A large group of fans didn’t like the measure, even more when a banner was covering the section of the Riazor Blues for the last game in liga.

It created a tense environment at the stadium that didn’t help a team that’s struggling to survive at Primera. Now the board expects to have more peaceful environment ahead of the important game against Elche CF. But the club is still having the pressure ‘to control’ the radicals and for now it isn’t saying anything about the issue. On Thursday the president was having a meeting with the Riazor Blues, though the information wasn’t public. .

Neither the club has released a statement about the current status of Marathon Inferior, though it is clear that the stand will be open on Monday. It seems clear that the board is avoiding to call the attention with any announcement and simply will wait for the reaction from the public. The Riazor Blues neither have announced anything related to the matter and their presence isn’t confirmed for Monday.

What’s uncertain is the environment that will be lived during Monday’s game. It could be a repetition of what was saw against Malaga CF, and it could also depend of what occurs on the pitch. For now the club is only announcing cuts in the tickets for season holders between 20% and 60%.



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