13 Dec 2014
Winger Salom„o conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia. The Portuguese players said to be ready to return, though he didnít want to talk of deadlines. Heís also confident in reverting the current situation.

Q: Nine months have passed since the last time you played a game and one since receiving the green light to play. What is missing to return?
A: My feelings are very good now. Again I feel like a player. I'm noticing that change that didnít notice before, a big evolution, and I do everything with confidence.

Q: Will you be available against Elche?
A: [He smiles] The speech is the same: no deadlines. But Iím better and I told the doctor and the coaching staff. Until recently there was insecurity on my part. But bow I'm really feeling a lot better. With more confidence. And soon I'll make that step to be available to play games.

Q: Have you managed to overcome the fear to the relapse?
A: The problem is physical, but also psychological. Because you're really fine, ready to do everything, but you fear that it can happen again and that you will have to start all over again. But that's good, because it makes you take precautions. Now I have less fear in the divided balls.

Q: During the past few weeks, Depor have suffered the casualties in attack. Werenít you tempted to force your return?
A: No. I was one more in the group of injured players. I had a very serious problem for a footballer and, despite the situation of the team was complicated, I wasnít ready to help. It was sad for me.

Q: The environment around Depor has been clouded. Do you think it is a reversible situation?
A: It has been very complicated to live this situation. It is delicate. Both for those who are playing and for those who see it from the outside. But in football everything changes quickly, from one day to another. Today itís bestial, and tomorrow, you are a beast. The situation is not easy, but you can turn it around.

Q: Meanwhile, the coach plays his continuity against Elche. Can he count with the squad?
A: We're committed to this coach, one hundred percent true. We all are united. And heís the first who isnít surrendering. The trust hasnít been lost and itís the only way to not sink.

Q: Lack of goal at the team and thatís a job for two of your compatriots. How do you see them?.
A: With Postiga I coincided at Sporting and has an undeniable quality. I'm sure it will prove who he is. Ivan is a very young player that can contribute with a lot of things. It has been good to see so many Portuguese in the team, it has helped him to adapt.

Q: You're almost from the house. Would you like to stay longer?
A: I still have one more year of contract with Sporting. I guess it depends on how I do on this season, but I feel very comfortable here and why not? To think of a long-term career at Depor.




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