14 Dec 2014
Cezary Wilk conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Polish midfielder believes the team should only be focused in winning the game against Elche CF and forget the situation in liga and the social problems.

Q: You were the player that completed more shots against Malaga.
A: It's not usual. It was a difficult game in which we didn’t play that bad. We created many chances, but we lacked the goal, which is what we have to improve for the next game. There was also lack of lucky.

Q: Was it hard for you to reach the opposite area?
A: I know I have to help a little more in the offensive game. I know it's also part of my job and I have to devote to it.

Q: You passed from allowing a lot of goals to not been able to score.
A: That's our main problem. If you look at recent games, you will notice that we created many chances, but couldn’t score. If we find the solution to this problem, we would be a much better team. I hope that the next game is where this change can occur.

Q: How was felt in the field with a closed stand?
A: Obviously it wasn’t the same atmosphere as in other games, but we are professional players and we have to think only about what happens on the field.

Q: Was it hard for you to get abstracted from what happened before the match against Atlético?
A: Of course, those were very difficult times, but I don’t like talking about it. We are focused exclusively on the next game because it’s very important to us, as everyone knows.

Q: Last year you said that playing at Primera División would be a dream, it has become a nightmare?
A: Not at all. I think we can play better and that we can be in the middle of the table, not in the position where we are now. I don’t think this season is a nightmare, I hope we can improve and go up at the standings.

Q: Is there nervousness inside the squad with the current situation?
A: The season is very long, we have a lot more games left to play. I’m sure that the victories will come. We have a very good team, we have good players and from next match will start climbing at the standings.

Q: Do you feel comfortable with five defenders?
A: It depends on the game, against who we play? It is hard to say. The coach is the boss and if he decides to play in a certain way then we will do it.

Q: And the atmosphere at the changing room, how is it after the meeting with the president?
A: It's normal in this situation. We are all together when we win and we are all together when we lose. It was the time to talk inside the changing room. It was good to meet with the president because we are now all ready for the next game. We are focused on those ninety minutes.

Q: Would you understand a change on the bench if you don’t defeat Elche?
A: We cannot think about that, because I'm sure we will win that game. In football this situation always appears. No matter if you're playing in Poland or Spain. If the team doesn’t win, then everyone points to the coach. I believe the team just think about the next game and not much further.

Q: On Monday the closed stand will be opened, do you need it?
A: It's very important because we're playing for them. It's good for us and good for the fans. We are hoping that the stadium could be back to normal.

Q: Do you see yourself in A Coruña on next year?
A: We have time to think about it. Now we have to do many things, such as winning the next game.



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