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17 Dec 2014
The coach and the players were satisfied with the third victory on the season for Deportivo. Víctor was applauding the attitude of the players and was content with the sacrifice of Fariña.

Coach Víctor Fernández was content with the performance of the team, “The game had of everything. If something wasn’t’ missed was the excitement. At least in the side of Depor we never missed attitude. It was extraordinary, since the first moment there was a live spirit. Since some weeks ago we have been spreading the message that Depor were leaving good sensations and that the team deserved much more. It was also a meeting that reflects that we miss tranquility to break the games. We could have resolved the game before, but I’m very happy for my team and for the Deportivismo.”

“I have the feeling that more people have joined this boat today. I believe that in this cruise it’s clear that we need everybody. More people joined this ship and I believe that the people supported us at the end, when we were in deep trouble, they recognized the effort and the sacrifice of a group that transmits unity.” He added.

He also explained why Álex Bergantiños was a starter in the game, “I won’t explain all the reasons why Bergantiños played and not Wilk. Today we needed a player with a better ability to earn the position on the field. We needed five or six players at midfield, with the full-backs joining the attacks, the moves of Fariña with Iván Cavaleiro and to attack by the sides, so we needed a player with a better balance. Bergantiños is a fantastic lad and it was a tactical variant.”

The Aragonian coach was remembering the offensive problems faced during the season, “I have spent several weeks saying that the defensive issues weren’t going to be the problem of Deportivo on this season. It is something that’s demonstrated, but I also believe that the goal will came as long as we continue creating scoring opportunities. Now, evidently we have two different players and it’s necessary to recover them as soon as possible, and they are Lucas and Fariña. It’s an important deficit for a team that has been hit up front. Fariña played today with only six trainings. He has a lot of balls. If he will be in form then he would be marking the difference and Lucas too. We will be better before the goal as long as we recover them and as long as we can create more chances.”

“I’m feeling satisfied as the team got the reward that we have been searching for some weeks. And when you see a team committed to the cause then the satisfaction is bigger. We had the same opportunities than Malaga and they had some chances with Fabricio making two key saves. We should have resolved the game before. Time will allow us to lose some tension, because it’s necessary.” He added.

Finally, Víctor didn’t want to give importance to the ultimatum in case of not winning the game, “The only thing I can tell you is what I said before: All the coaches have an expiry date and Víctor Fernandez has an expiry date that could be of three months, seven months or three years. I cannot think of other things, but I also tell you that my satisfaction is bigger as long as the team has this attitude.”

Toché was expressing his satisfaction with the result, “We needed the victory and it was deserved. We have added lesser victories of what we deserved and today the team gave everything during ninety minutes, so we are all happy and the changing room is satisfied.”

The striker admitted that Depor should have sealed the victory before, “We had enough chances to close the game, but the luck wasn’t at our side. You can see that play in which the ball was stuck in the water. It was the stroke that broke the camel’s back, but the team knew how to suffer and it also tastes great when we suffer.”

Fabricio was key with his saves at the end of the game; he commented that, “We were coming from a complicate week. We had faith in our work and luckily we did our best and were right to complete the plays. I want to praise the sacrifice of my team mates to secure the victory.”

He was asked about his thoughts at the moment of making the saves during the final minutes, “You need to be focused and cheer up the partners. You need to think that things will be right and waiting for the final whistle. Maybe we didn’t have so many chances as against Malaga, but we made a nice game.”

Cavaleiro was also content with the performance of the team, “We are feeling great with the victory and must work hard to add more wins. We must move forward and the performance was great on the pitch. We must continue like this.”

The Portuguese attacker rested importance to the fact of not scoring a goal since matchday 01, “I must continue working. Beyond the individual work the important thing is the collective performance. The important thing is to add the three points and must continue working.”

The scorer of the goal, Luis Fariña, was describing the play, “I knew that I wanted to put the ball there since the beginning. You decide in seconds been on the pitch and luckily this time the ball went in. It meant the victory, which was what we wanted. “

At Elche CF, Fran Escribá was feeling sorry for the result, “The team was in during the whole ninety minutes; they pressed in the first part, but the team fought throughout the encounter. In terms of sacrifice, intensity and intention both sides gave everything. Maybe it was more noticed at our side during the second part as the score was against us.”

“The players are feeling screwed, as it should be, as everybody is feeling right now. We are sunk, but in three days have a big game and in other three another one. The idea is to turn the page together. The important thing is to create opportunities. At least the rival’s goalkeeper had to make a great game. This is the path to follow and must continue improving in all the aspects of the game.” He added.



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