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17 Dec 2014
The papers celebrated the great goal of Fariña and the meaning to Deportivo. The media believes that the Galicians deserved the result, but also that the team suffered within the final minutes.

 Deporte Campeón: The double 'f' to the rescue. Deportivo beat Elche and left the drop zone, eased the coach’s situation, pacified the spirits at the stands of the Riazor and showed to everyone that it is possible to all the Deportivismo, walking hand in hand towards the slogan 'union and commitment, something highly liked around here. It was a test on fire. An all or nothing. Despite the good feelings of Depor in previous games that ended poorly, the perception was that Victor Fernandez would be dismissed if he would have missed the victory. Finally everything went as the whole Deportivismo expected. Alberto Torres.

La Voz de Galicia: Relief for Depor and for Victor. Few joys have been enjoyed by Deportivo so far this season and the third victory in fifteen games is one of the largest. The Galician team went out of the relegation zone and returns to winning ways after months without doing it, thanks to a flash of genius by Luis Fariña for the 1-0, the constant agitation of Cavaleiro and the saves by Fabricio in the last moments of the match, just when the fear to succeed gripped the Galicians, who had plenty of chances to sentence. The umpteenth twist in the lineup and the system of Víctor Fernández was useful to save his position and breathe one more week, as his team remained intense, sometimes combined with class, but returned to waver at the back until conceding to a poor Elche the option of adding a point at the Riazor.

The entry Wilk and the succession of opportunities pushed Depor away from its area. Elche moved pieces from the bench, but didn’t find the way to Fabricio. The uncertainty arrived more by the lack of accuracy in front of the goal than by the danger transmitted by the opponent. And suddenly, Fabricio’s figure emerged. In two isolated actions, when it seemed that Elche was going to score, the Canarian goalie stopped two shots from close range. First, after the move by Fayçal in the area; just after, the kick of Roco after a corner and a sea of legs. The game turned into a frenzy of inaccuracies and tachycardia at the stands. But Depor survived the fear of winning and got the necessary triumph. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Breath of fresh and clean air. Final and hard worked result, though a bit overshadowed by a second half in which Depor played excessively on the wire. Especially compared to first twenty minutes, almost perfect, full of heart, courage and decision in which it was clear the influence of Fariña on the offensive game of the team and all the transcendence that he means been involved near the area.

Too bad he was tired at the edge of the rest and lost some of that potential. Cavaleiro, with several runs, and Toché, hardworking but missing too much in front of goal, bear the offensive load for the second part, but specially the defensive work of the whole team with ongoing supports, ferrous marks and a prominent figure: Lopo in the plan of chief at the defense, something not seeing for a while, commanding and tidy. They knew how to hold the multiple assaults and arrivals of all kinds by Elche. The doubt still remains in the environment about the position of José Rodríguez playing on the wing, but it's only one night to show in all areas the pride being a fan of this club. For what was at stake, for the demonstration, the desire and the result... the remarkable note seems too little. A pure breath of fresh air for the festivities. Luis Santiago

El Pais: The triumph of the different player. Any different player is expected to despair. In games starred by teams of the level of Deportivo and Elche, the footballer who is distinguished from others is water in the desert, in the wasteland of some league matches, bottom club against penultimate, twenty points between them are cited in a working and rainy Monday in December. A tireless waiting to different players, such as bullfighting afternoons awaiting for a wink. In times of weakness the football players are no longer asked to complete great performances, but actions to remember. Luis Fariña is one of those guys who should be entrusted. At least it’s what Víctor Fernández believes, for whom he has always been a favorite; a pillar on which to build up the offensive game of a team that flows like a mild stream. Fariña is discontinuous, was weighed at the start of the season by a knee injury that led him to the door of the operating room. He didn’t do it, but instead suffered a muscle tear three weeks ago that led him to the sidelines and his coach to despair.

Fariña returned against Elche with gasoline for less than an hour - "he played with only six workouts, but has many balls," Fernandez glossed at the end, but offered the victory to Deportivo with that label that had seen to other player born in Villa Fiorito. Fariña scored a goal from Maradona, pause, touch and curve. He picked up a ball into the area defended by Elche, a difficult angle on the left. He stood before a defense. A strangled cry invited him to resolve immediately, but the good ones are those that stops for some seconds in the last twenty meters. He waited with frozen blood through the crack and found it in the square to score a balsamic goal, a relief for a team that struggles between schisms, a team in which it’s usual to discuss anything that has not to do with the ball. Fariña cried with his goal and attracted, creating a beauty, all attention into the lawn.

To lead on the scoresheet and do it relatively soon, chilling down the first quarter of the game, it was what Deportivo needed to bring calm into the night. It didn’t show so exalted as the flash of Fariña, but it was superior to an Elche as pressed by the standings as warm during the first hour of play, unable to find Jonathas, one of those strikers who imposes with his only presence. Escribá’s team drowned in a water blanket, in a succession of inaccuracies that gave life to a shaky rival. Because Deportivo can already claim victory a team caught between pins. Superior as it was, and with that lead the game turned to be eternal. Juan L. Cudeiro

AS: Fariña takes Depor out of the pit and Víctor Fernández out of a mess. Besides the match that was played at the stands, there was another one on the pitch, and an important match. Important to exit the relegation. Important for the future of Víctor Fernández. Important for Deportivo and Elche.

And the result was three vital points for the Galicians, enough to leave the drop zone and leave Elche sunk in the standings. It was a suffered victory, with dominion and chances for Depor, plus a final push of Escribá’s men that shook the whole Riazor. Fabricio made two big saves in the last six minutes before Fayçal and Roco. It was the franjiverde phase, also a possible penalty of Lopo for a hand in muddy soil at the Riazor.

Previously, the meeting had a name: Fariña. Víctor Fernández who was playing for his job, longed for his recovery. So much that he changed the system in order to allow his entry. And the Argentine responded with a classy goal that tastes like gold.

It was minute 22 and the award for a better Depor. Luisinho was a devil on the left, Cavaleiro got tired of overflowing by the wings and Toché won all the aerial challenges. The Murcian was left without a goal because the ball stopped in the mud and then José Rodríguez met the crossbar. Depor spared and suffered, but seven matchdays later it won. Luis de La Cruz




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