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20 Dec 2014
The coach admitted that Malaga deserved to win this game, but also that Depor deserved a better luck taking in mind the things made in the first match. The less habitual players felt sorry for losing new chances to play.

Coach Víctor Fernández analyzed the meeting and said that the result of the tie doesn’t correspond to what was saw in both legs, “It was a game played with power against power. We tried to earn the pass on here after dragging a result from the Riazor that didn’t correspond to what really happened. On here there were two or three punctual situations that meant a radical change to it. “

“With the 1-1 in the score they immediately netted the second, and with the 3-1 we had a chance that meant a great save by Ochoa. Since that point we lost the order within the final twenty minutes, they had more speed with the confidence of the score. The final score was too big for what was saw in this tie.” He added.

The Aragonian coach was saying that Depor can now focus in la liga, “I wanted to win and eliminate Málaga, there’s no doubt on that, and we were a worthy competitor in this tie, in both legs, we were inferior within the final twenty minutes of this match, but until that point we were always in. It’s a pity, but our life is in la liga. We must focus our efforts there. We competed against a great team and we can only congratulate them.”

A reporter questioned the importance that the coach gave to the tie, this since Cavaleiro was rested despite Depor needed to push upfront, and the coach justified his decisions, “The point is that we perfectly competed having the team that disputed the first-leg.  We were bringing a bad result here, but were superior to Malaga before. And today the game was equal until the 3-1, the goal could have arrived for any side. Malaga had a great reaction with the 1-1 and we didn’t have it with the 2-1. We surrendered and it was then that Malaga was superior.”

Finally, Víctor Fernández talked of Salomão, “It was one of the positive news in the game; he made two or three runs and let’s see if little by little we can recover his best form, because he’s coming out from a serious injury.”

German Lux was giving his opinion about the tie with Malaga CF, “In the aggregate of both games, we were superior at the Riazor and we deserved to win, but we couldn’t materialize the opportunities that we had. In this game Malaga made a nice game, having pace of mind and managing the ball possession during the whole game and they deserved to win.”

The Argentine goalie also admitted that he will continue to be the substitute of Fabricio, “We are calm. We know how the position of goalkeeper is, it cannot be changed from one day to the other, only for a particular decision of the coach or for bad results. I have assumed that. I can only work every day, so when the chance arrives I will do a job like I did today as example, because I believe I was fine, though we ate four goals.”

Álex Bergantiños was a substitute in the game and was feeling sorry for the last twenty minutes on this meeting, “We won a very important game against Elche, a direct rival, and today I believe we competed well for seventy minutes. The tie was equal and it was a pity that in the end the final score reflect a bigger difference of what was reflected in the tie.”

The Galician midfielder expects that this result won’t affect the liga meeting with Villarreal, “They also played the Copa and in the end we have a large squad, so we are hoping to complete a good game. We are now waiting to end the year in the best possible way. It will be very important to face the break having three more points. It will be a hard game, but we’ll have our options.”

Juan Carlos admitted that the loss is a step backwards after the recent performances, “We were in an ascending line and we are still searching for our game; we were pretty well in the first-leg. We deserved the victory then and now it wasn’t like that. Malaga were fine and sought for the cracks. We didn’t know how to avoid the damage and the second half is a symptom that we weren’t fine, but the good news is that there’s a game in three days and we must try to do our best.”

The playmaker also said that the elimination is a pity for the less habitual players, “Nobody likes to be eliminated, especially the ones that don’t’ have minutes with regularity. It was a showcase to continue growing and accumulate minutes, but especially we left a negative impression. We were beaten and must have self-criticism. Now we must start from zero against Villarreal. The home win over Elche brought courage and now we must focus in la liga.”

Diogo Salomão was content with his return, but not with the final result, “I’m glad for playing with my partners, but sad at the same time for not having the desired outcome. I was scare before. I’m not in the same shape than when I arrived in January and hope to regain it.”

At Malaga CF, coach Javi Gracia was content with the performance of his team, “I like the aim that we had during the second half. That aim has been based in the hard work. We suffered a lot in the first-leg, brought a good result and here, especially in the second half, it was useful to seize our counterattacks and goal opportunities. This has been a pretty night to us.”

He also explained how he managed the situation with Amrabat, who changed the game during the second half, “He went out at the moment of scoring the second goal. Our idea was to play with both of them at the same time, together with Roque [Santa Cruz], with the series tied. But opted in giving continuity to the offensive scheme as one goal was going to eliminate us. We wanted to see him playing in more tranquil minutes and it was a right move. Little by little we are going to see the best from Nordin.”



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