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23 Dec 2014
Fifth straight win for Depor B, this time two defenders led the team in attack, Jorge and Róber, while Kim was a decisive factor during the second part. Manu Mosquera’s team is tied in points with second place CCD Cerceda.

Coach Manu Mosquera was recovering centre midfielder Santi Taboada, who was out for a month with a muscle tear, but Cańi was out due to an ankle injury. The other players out injured were Quique Fornos, Álvaro Queijeiro and Juan López. The absence of Cańi moved the coach to switch the draw into a 4-2-3-1 figure.

David Gómez was the goalkeeper, Adrián Martínez was playing at the right-back position, Jorge Fernández performed on the left, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber Suárez. The novelties started at midfield, Marcos Remeseiro and Sam Piette were the pivotes, Ángel Fernández was the one playing on the right wing, Pancho Cotos was the playmaker, Miguel Cardoso attacked from the left wing and Dani Iglesias was the striker.

The rival for the meeting was CD Choco, the team coached by Jacobo Montes arrived to Abegondo after four straight matches without winning, though a victory in this match was going to put them back into the promotion seats. Hugo Sanmartín was the reference upfront, the attacker has scored seven goals on the league season.

Things have drastically changed for Depor B, early on the season the team was dropping points after wasting the opportunity to advance in games in which they dominated, but that were lost after failing to seize their scarce opportunities leaking goals at the most unexpected moments. Now the defense is solid and the goals are coming, even there’s good luck as it happened in this game, because from the scenario of leaking a goal at the end of the match it passed to a fortunate situation in which it scored five minutes before the final whistle.

CD Choco arrived to the meeting as the third best defense in the league after only allowing 18 goals so far, but in this game they suffered a lot in the first half. And it’s that Fabril had six clear opportunities within the first 45 minutes.

Remeseiro and Sam Piette totally outplayed the rival, with the unexpected help of two defenders, Róber Suárez and Jorge Fernández, who were joining the attacks and creating interesting chances.

Remeseiro (19’) and Dani Iglesias (22’) had the first chances in the game, but the clearest opportunities were for Pancho Cotos and Róber. At minute 24, Pancho had a one-on-one action before visiting Aarón Puentes, but he couldn’t resolve the play.

Ten minutes later Aarón made another great save before Róber. Remeseiro took a lateral free-kick at the right wing, his high cross was firstly connected by Adrián Martínez, and then Róber headed the ball on target from inside the box with Choco’s goalie making a key save.

The second half was different, Depor B lowered the pace and there were less scoring opportunities. CD Choco started to be dangerous through the counterattacks, so coach Manu Mosquera made changes. Kim Woo-Hong replaced Pancho Cotos and the Korean turned to be a dagger on the sides.

Another factor that changed the game was the entry of Santi Taboada for Ángel Fernández, the move pushed Remeseiro into the attack as Taboada joined Piette at midfield. Álex Pérez also replaced Dani Iglesias, but this last modification didn’t have an impact in the game.

The last ten minutes were dramatic and exciting, Piette missed the target (80’) and in the following play Hugo Sanmartin was close to score with an accurate volley from the edge of the area that went inches away from the crossbar when David Gómez was already defeated. In previous games these opportunities were ending in goals, now Fabril was the one seizing a lucky play.

In the following action Jorge made a long run on the left side to release a low cross that was deflected by the defense, and in the resulting corner-kick Depor B scored the winning goal. Remeseiro took the corner-kick on the left, his high cross was headed by Iago Pérez inside the area and it hit the  rival with Kim in the middle of the way, luckily Róber was coming from behind to score the goal from the box with a crossed shot.

Depor B even had the chance to score the second goal in a new long play by Jorge Fernández, the left-back got the ball at midfield and ran eluding six rivals until been left alone before the goal, but his low attempt went directly into the body of Aarón (87’).

Suffered game for Depor B, it was the best side in the first half and scored the goal until the second part, just when CD Choco were controlling the situation. Kim and Taboada changed the actions in the second part, but it was the sacrifice of defenders Róber and Jorge the factors that brought the three points. This is the fifth straight victory for a team that’s now third at the standings tied in points with second place CCD Cerceda. The first round ends for Depor’s lads visiting Rápido de Bouzas, a mid-table team that has only won one of the last five games. The game takes place in a fortnight as there’s a Christmas break in the league.

Comments by Manu Mosquera: “The victory was suffered for how it came, because it occurred with a goal in a muddled play in the second part, but it didn’t rest the merits to what we did. We were better in the first part and had clear chances. In the second we had less opportunities and were too thick, with the exception of the chance by Cardoso. I believe it was a good game by both teams. The game was more equal in the second part, Choco had two or three counterattacks that brought danger. The games are decided in little things and today it was decided in a corner-kick. 33 points and we are there, a deserved reward for my players. They are lions. People say that B squads are irregular, but we have chained nine games without losing and the rivals need to run a lot in order to defeat us.”

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Adrián, Iago, Róber, Jorge – Piette, Remeseiro – Ángel (Taboada 73’) Pancho Cotos (Kim Woo-Hong 60’), Cardoso - Dani Iglesias (Álex Pérez 78’)
Choco: (4-2-3-1) Aarón - Iago Vázquez, Saúl, Lucas, Pablo Pińeiro - Molinos, Gonzalo (Ricard 86’) - Comis, Róber (Fernando 68’), Hugo - Silva (Albert 60’)
Goal: 1-0: (85’) Róber
Referee: Gónzalo Goyanes López. He showed yellow card to Pablo Pińeiro (36’) & Saúl (76’)
Venue: Abegondo (800)




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