01 Jan 2015
Albert Lopo conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Catalan defender talked of the current situation at Deportivo and what the team must do in order to leave the bottom places.

Q Are you completing your toughest stage at Deportivo?
A: There was also time for everything in my first five years. There were bad moments, because I remember that the team was down, but then with the famous defense of five men we began to pull up and knew how to enter into UEFA. It was a nice year, but there were some that werenít pretty. Last year I was fortunate to return and add the promotion, which was very nice and what I wanted. And this year has been difficult since the pre-season, but a lot still ahead and the team will get that positive dynamic that everyone wants and start pulling up once and for all.

Q: Is to hope for a tranquil year like asking for the Champions in your first stage here?
A: No, the team has had the experience of demotions and promotions, and what we all want, including the players, is stability at Primera Divisiůn, where the team has been so many years. Itís logical that, when people see us down there, start thinking of relegation, but I imagine it will be the same concern of all teams.

Q: Are you missing tranquility to face a delicate situation?
A: The results are the factors marking the season. Now we could be with fifteen points or with fewer than we currently have. Football is capricious. If we had tied with Celta, then we would have one more point, and if we had not lost to AlmerŪa, another one. Not regret, but reality would have been another. Now we have to hold on to what it is, because to see us down there is a challenge and all the teams around us are thinking the same.

Q: Isn't the team moving through ultimatums, always at the razor's edge?
A: Yes, but when you get down there itís hard to get out, there are ups and downs. We have been like that for a while and itís hard to chain two straight wins. And, as we arenít achieving it, there are many conclusions and are always negative, because the team is down there.

Q: How do you see the coach?
A: He's quiet. He has experience. It takes many matches at Primera Divisiůn and certainly has gone through this situation. Heís calm and the team is quiet and we all need a positive tuning so that together we can move forward. We cannot blame the players or coaches, or the directors because the situation is not nice and if we arenít all together, then it would be more unpleasant. We all must go together, been positive and things have to move forward.

Q: Is necessary to tell the Riazor to encourage you on Saturday?
A: No. We cannot forget that when we were relegated the first time the audience applauded us and gave us courage. In other fields they would have killed us. At Segunda the field was full. The club, players and managers know the great fans that we have and they, inside the anger that is logical because things are not working, are still there, cheering and alongside us, and itís appreciated.

Q: Donít you think there were too many negative circumstances to haggle during this season?
A: Well, it gives more desire to fight and we say: Look, despite all odds, the team is there No one marks the future. Nobody knows what will happen in a month or in a year. Things have been like this and we lived some very unpleasant moments, but we can just forget everything, focus on the ball and to see Deportivo going up.

Q: Are you surely feeling motivated?
A: Yes, it is like that. In the thinking of each player we see the team overcoming this situation, tough matches are coming, as all are, but you have to add points now, because then everything becomes more difficult and more complicated. It must get into our head that we should go out from down there in any possible way.

Q: Is the best of Athletic, Deportivoís next rival on Saturday, that you will not meet with Aduriz again?
A: Yes, the true is that heís one of the more complete and difficult strikers in la liga. Right now heís a very complicate striker thatís living in a great moment. Itís fortunate that he isnít coming, really.

Q: Neither Muniain will play the game and other important players are doubtful.
A: Athletic have an enormous merit: players of the house and how they ended last year! Itís a team to be reckoned, always, we must never underestimate them, they have a great squad and a great coach. It must be respected to the fullest.

Q: Tochť said that he sees Depor at the same level.
A: Surely not at the standings. But they started badly, just like us and chained several positive results and have to look at it: that Athletic, with a potential greater than us, started down and little by little is moving up. No one gave them anything. They realized, like all the teams that are down there, that things were not going well and squeezed. So that's what we have to do, to squeeze.



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