14 Nov 2005
Yesterday Joaqu?n Caparr??s talked about the latest issues of Deportivo. The possible exit of Taborda, the squad that will play against Racing, the match against Compostela and the declarations made by Scaloni are some of the themes discussed by the Sevillan coach.

Q: What can you say about the renovation plans announced today by Depor Sport. They affirm that your renovation is in progress.
A: It seems perfect to me what they published, but for the moment it is nothing. Yes, there are meetings and conversations with the President, but nothing else.

Q: Lendoiro seems to be in love with your skills. What's the problem then?
A: It's necessary to clarify things. I can't deny that I'm in a club with much future, in which they let you work with freedom. But I repeat that there is nothing for the moment. When we get something in one sense or another I will tell it to everybody.

Q: How do you focus on the confrontation in Santiago against Compostela?
A: The idea is to give minutes to the men with less minutes in la liga, and to even take players from Fabril. Yes V?ctor will go too, but Taborda will stay in La Coru?a, because it is too early for him.

Q: Are you going to show tomorrow in San Lazaro the double pivote figure? a test for Santander?
A: No. And I already say to you that Sergio will play in Santander.

Q: Will you have two teams in order to face these two matches?
A: No. It's going to be just as in Carballi?o.

Q: Do you keep the idea of presenting the team during midweek’s in the province?
A: It's clear. That's the idea. I value those games a lot. They are useful in order to give rhythm to the players, also to see the boys of Fabril and to approach Deportivo to the towns of the province.

Q: What's your opinion about the possible departure of Taborda?
A: I don't know from where this rumour has started. What I know is that when these stories begin it has a multiplying effect. We're very happy with Taborda, he is a magnificent professional and a good boy that wants to help us.

Q: What do you think about the words of Scaloni, he asked the club for more dialogue with the players that finish their contracts?
A: These things can happen to anyone, to any professional, not only in the world of football. Fortunate are those that know their future.

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