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25 Jan 2015
Both coaches are expecting for a game with tension. Depor’s manager is still talking of personality as a key. He also explained why Salomão and Wilk are out of the roster, while didn’t rule out the option to play with Lucas as a starter.

Abel Resino Gómez landed this week at Granada CF after the exit of former Depor’s man Joaquín Caparrós, who was unable to revert a 15-match winless streak. In his previous meeting against Deportivo, coaching RC Celta for the campaign 2012/13, Abel was also just landing in Vigo and faced Los Blanquiazules after only one month in the job.

It has been a constant in his career. The Velada-born coach is a former goalkeeper that made a solid career at Atlético Madrid –he earned the Zamora trophy in 1991- but that has had an instable career as a football coach. His biggest achievement was to qualify Atlético Madrid to the Champions League during the season 2008/09, but was fired one year later due to the poor results. He already coached seven different clubs and this is his second stage with Granada CF. He coached the team at the end of the season 2011/12 and saved them from relegation.

Resino already coached 84 games at Primera División. Bigger is the experience of Víctor Fernández with 535 matches at the elite. This is the second meeting between both men; the first was a 0-0 draw between Resino’s Levante and Fernández’s Zaragoza for the season 2006/07. A few months later the meeting was repeated at La Romareda and Real Zaragoza won with a 3-0 score (Oct 07, 2007), this result caused the exit of Abel from the Valencian club as it was the sixth defeat in seven matchdays at the beginning of the season 2007/08.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked to reporters for fifteen minutes. He firstly announced changes at the lineup, "There will be changes in the lineup, because this is a different game, with different characteristics, a different rival having different demands. The roster is different as we have recovered players. Lucas is fine and Fariña is on the list. The pity is the case with Celso, who is a player that I would have liked to see playing. He will help us in the second round. Anyway, the rival is different and there will be changes, though not too many.”

He is happy for having a large squad, “I had limitations composing the roster, and I prefer to have problems with the excess. I prefer these problems before having difficulties due to the lack of men. The only player injured was Postiga and later the case with Roberto Canella, who was dragging a little muscle injury and the better thing was not to risk. Later the issue with Celso Borges. The other players were available. This competence must help us to grow.”

The Aragonian coach was also comparing the state of the group after the match of the first round, “After the game with Granada we got two or three players as the market was not closed yet. Now we have Oriol [Riera]. Hélder Costa has just landed and only completed two trainings, while we cannot count with Celso, but they helped to raise the level of the trainings. No matter what, the team has nothing to do with the one of the first two months. There’s still room to improve.”

About been facing a direct rival, he said that, “We have to win, not only thinking of the goal-average, but for adding the points. There will be tension. A demanding game as both teams are playing for a lot of things. The side controlling the nerves in the best possible way will be the one with more chances of moving forward. We play at home and it’s a game before a direct rival fighting for the same goal. There are a lot of circumstance and for us the important thing is to win.”

“I believe that both teams will offer their best version. We have to play having a positive mind, having a high concentration throughout the ninety minutes. We still have to show a strong attitude at the Riazor, just like in previous games, because it is the place where we need to be strong. I always say that the salvation is passing through been strong at home. We know the responsibility and I think the team is having good feelings and let’s hope these feelings can be translated into the pitch.” He added.

Víctor was also talking of Abel Resino, “Abel is a good coach, with experience at Primera and Segunda. He likes to play football and already worked with Sacchi. But as any coach does he will try to adapt to the characteristics of his players, in this sense it an enigma if he will be able to transmit his ideas after only four days. But I expect a motivated team as a change in the coach means an incentive and a motivation. Still, they are going to meet a Depor that are motivated in this task. We know what’s at stake.”

He didn’t want to label the game as a final, “It’s not the kind of game that, if you lose, then the goal for the season won’t be reached. Still, we are giving to it the highest importance. It’s a game against a direct rival. We will keep playing with responsibility and tension, and let’s see if with responsibility and tension we can show our best football and win.”

About the poor form of the rival, the coach commented that, “The seasons turn to be too long and complicated for everyone. When you start in a way like Granada, winning all the games on the pre-season and with high expectations due to their signings, then everyone thought they were going to have a calm season. Now they have been reinforced and brought important players, but it doesn’t mean that things will radical change. We know who we are facing. We can face almost every team in the league and now we have to demonstrate it.”

There was a question regarding if this is a crucial moment for Deportivo and the answer was, “It could be one of them, but it won’t be definitive despite we can have positive results. But it can be a moment to clarify the situation for all the teams due to the characteristics of the calendar. The start of the second round is going to mark all the teams.”

Later Fernández talked of the status of some players. He starting explaining that Salomão is not in the roster due to the competence inside the team. “He was fine on this week. It’s a matter of competence. Not all the players can be introduced into the list. At least we need two or three offensive players on the bench, it means a step forward as in other games I had no one for that function. We have left out of the roster two offensive players like Hélder Costa and Hélder Postiga. We signed good reinforcements and now the issue turns to be a matter of competence. Salomão isn't out due to an injury issue. There was no swollen knee and completed the trainings with normality. “

Then he explained why Cezary Wilk wasn’t included in the roster for the game, “Playing at home, I had to choose between one more centre midfielder or a full-back and, for the rival’s characteristics, I chose a specific player for the sides in case of needing to cover a casualty. Besides, there are already four centre midfielders in the list. The fact that lately Jose Rodriguez is playing on the right wing it doesn’t mean we cannot use him in an emergency situation as a centre midfielder, the position where he played all his life. We are well covered for this game.”

Lucas Pérez was tested as a starter and the coach confessed that he isn’t at his best, but didn’t rule out the option of seeing him at the starting eleven, “He’s far from his best form. He would be at the same level of the match against Valencia or poorest, because he spent more time out. He spent too many weeks without working with the team, but spent two and a half weeks completing all the trainings. He has improved, but need to be better in a physical sense. He isn’t fit to play for the full ninety minutes, but to perform for an important part of the game.”

The last part of the press conference was to explain the situation of Depor in the winter window. Víctor confirmed that no more attacking players will be signed, “The team isn’t closed yet and we are expecting to see what happens. The technical secretariat is working hard in order to close the squad. We won’t sign anybody else for the attacking positions, everything coming will be for the defense. I believe that’s pretty clear that we will try to close a good centre-back if we can find him, this in order to have more balance and cover the situation is case of problems, like it happened in the first round. But that player hasn’t arrived, we are fighting in the market and let’s see what happens.”

The new Granada’s coach conceded a press conference on Saturday noon. He was talking of his arrival to the team, “The players must adapt to a new coach and to his style of playing. I think that they have assimilated the things pretty well. Now we must confirm the feelings this Sunday at the Riazor.”

"The team is happy, cheerful. It's what I've noticed. We were able to train well during these days. Besides, we have held individual talks with players to route everything towards the common good, trying to erase all negative issues. I've seen things quite well, though we still have to see how we compete at the moment of truth. The important thing is that we have worked at the top, knowing it is a difficult challenge and now we expect everything will be fine." He added.

The ex-Atletico man was talking of Deportivo and the kind of game that he’s expecting for Sunday, “Deportivo have important players, it’s a team that has growth throughout the season. You can see their progression and now are having a good form. This game means six points as it is a direct rival. The goal-average is also at stake.”

“It’s going to be a tense match, for the situation at both teams. It will be a meeting of expectations. To see if we've changed. But mostly I hope we can compete, because it is the only way to win a game at Primera. I hope to see a different team, because players have informed me that they will go out for everything. I told them not to be afraid and that they must be daring, because that's my style of thinking in football."

On Saturday, Resino was testing a formation with Jhon Córdoba and Rochina as starters, but he didn’t want to confirm anything, “We must manage the players that have been injured. I will try to complement the starting eleven and put the players that I think are the best one for the moment.”

Finally, the new coach talked of Emanuel Insúa and Rubén Pérez, the last two signings of the club, “I see that both are fine, in the case of Insúa we know how the Argentine players are and it seems that he has been here for a while. I already knew Rubén Pérez from my stage at Atlético Madrid, he’s fine and is willing to help.”



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