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27 Jan 2015
The papers were disappointed as Deportivo were unable to hold on the advantage until the final whistle. There was also criticism for the errors of the team, especially within the first thirty minutes of the meeting.

Deporte Campeón: Deportivo dropped two points and the particular goal-average with Granada (2-2) in the debut of Abel Resino as coach of the Andalusian side. The Galician team, facing the last minutes with ten men after the expulsion of Argentine Luis Fariña, recovered from a goal from Piti in the first half and controlled the second part until the rival, who has spent sixteen matchdays without a win, found the draw and the award in a free-kick, they could have even claimed the victory in the last attack.

La Opinión A Coruña: Lost opportunity. What a great opportunity we have lost to add three points against a direct rival. Within the first 35 minutes, Granada caught us completely asleep, we didn’t notice anything right. Neither mark, nor anticipate, nor steal the ball, nor find the cracks in attack... Not a chance created. We made many mistakes by precipitation in the stages of initiation and creation, we were unable to stop Iturra and luckily at that moment we completed the first shot on target and scored. We achieved the comeback more for the individual work than by the collective.

In the second half, Deportivo controlled the game and could have sentenced it on a couple of occasions, but it happened what so often happens when you don’t define the meetings: they find the equalizer in a confusing play with indecision at the moment of clearing the ball.

In general, once again, despite the team gave everything physically, we failed to compete for: wasting more than half an hour, not knowing to keep the result, not scoring the third goal when we were able to do it, not reading the game until the end after a positive result and because we still without taking advantage of set-pieces. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Granada spoiled the party. The suffering has already been installed as co-pilot on the trip of Deportivo through the permanence. Far from the warmth showed by the Galicians before the giant teams, every game with direct rivals becomes a slide of emotions that elude football matters. Depor came from behind before the break and, when it savored a vital victory for the future, conceded a new goal after a set-piece conceding a draw against the bottom club, plus losing the goal-average. The expulsion of Fariña added more drama to a point that knows like little; the Galicians could have even suffered a bigger upset after they weren’t facing problems to keep their lead.

There were 22 players on the field, but above them a storm of emotions that had much influence in the game, even more than the tactics or the individual quality. You could read the game between Deportivo and Granada by the invisible lines that connected and disconnected the voltage of the players that were processing in real time the significance of their actions in a duel of teams condemned to fight until the end to avoid the abyss. Only then it can be understand what happened to both outfits with every goal scored, glass jaw for both. Deportivo were particularly shaky for much of the first half, after the goal of Piti, the world and Riazor tumbling over the team for what the result meant until two workers rescued the Galician side.

Then a set-piece rescued the Andalusian and again left Deportivo with dizziness in the game. The 2-2 was followed by the expulsion of Fariña, who reacted badly to the conflict with Fran Rico. The straight red card punished the Argentine and detracted the last push by Depor, side that couldn’t beat the bottom club at the Riazor and thanked nearly the point, because Granada had the victory on the final play at the 93’. Miguel Piñeiro

Marca: A point of improvement for Abel. Abel Resino couldn’t break the streak of Granada (16 games without wins) but at least avoided the defeat against a direct rival to which, incidentally, won the goal average, just in case. The bottom club at Primera División improved its game before a Deportivo with two faces that dropped a major victory at the Riazor. The Galicians were better in the central section of the meeting, while the Andalusians were imposed at the beginning and the end.

The draw of Granada shorted Deportivo, side that ended with ten after the expulsion of Luis Fariña for an assault on Fran Rico. In the last play of the game, with time almost up, Foulquier almost find gold with a rush down the right that caused panic at the Riazor. In the end, a draw between two teams that possibly will be condemned to suffer in the next eighteen matchdays in order to reach salvation. Granada remain as the bottom club, but the symptoms with Abel seem to have improved. With Victor more of the same. Fran Vllalobos

AS: Robert Ibáñez sweetens Abel’s Granada debut. Neither Depor nor Granada did enough to take the three points in their game today. A point apiece doesn’t help either team very much, yet Granada will feel the better of the two. Robert Ibañez’s goal seven minutes from time salvaged something for his team on Abel’s managerial debut and, crucially, shifted the head-to-head goal average in Granada’s favour. Depor will be disappointed with a point; they led for much of the game and perhaps already saw themselves with three, a result that would have seen them rise up the table at the expense of a direct rival. Luis de La Cruz

El País: Thankless tie. As expected for a sport that’s played with the feet and a ball, at times football awards when a team doesn’t deserve it. Something like that happened at the Riazor with two contenders that found the goal in the moments in which they weren’t expecting for it. It’s also logical among those struggling in the fight against relegation and the ones occupying mid-table positions in the tournament. There Deportivo and Granada will likely continue for a while, constipated because the short blanket of football barely covers them. They added a point in a game with more goals than football, a result that doesn’t cover the expectations: Granada are still the bottom club and haven’t won a game since the fourth matchday, Deportivo, who aspired to take advantage of the rival’s failures and put some distance with the drop zone, failed to even overcome the goal difference to its rival. By now both are guessing that few things are working as it was expected.

Deportivo caressed the win for several minutes, Granada could have claimed it in a final action in which the panic sowed the local area, but no one brought enough arguments to define itself as the winner in a match lit by a poor game and based in errors. The failures were the factors that brought life, the issues that caused the turns.  Juan L. Cudeiro

El Ideal (Granada): Relieved with the lesser evil. It was already knew that the draw wasn’t a bad result for Granada at the Riazor. The sequence of matchdays without victories wasn’t interrupted, but at least it would ensure the particular 'average' with Deportivo. If you add the complicated situation in the game then the point earned in A Coruña (2-2) tastes heavenly and involves some relief as it was a lesser evil compared to the hypothetical defeat.

The game was even more favorable after the action of Fran Rico, which led to see Fariña slapping him and that was responded with a red card. Abel's men had even a clear chance following the action of Foulquier, although the final pass didn’t find a receiver. Granada take the point sweetened by the serious threat suffered for many minutes and that was meaning to leave the Riazor empty handed. Juanjo Martín





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