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27 Jan 2015
Tasteless point for Deportivo, neither the coach nor the players liked the result and felt sorry after allowing a late equalizer. Lucas scored and was thanking the doctors that helped during his recovery.

Coach Víctor Fernández was not happy at all with the final result, “We had two or three chances to have finalized the game and later they seized a foul in which we were defending too delayed. It penalized us. We made enough to win and I have the feeling that we dropped two points. They had everything in favour. Their first shot on target was goal and we spent a hard time after the goal by Granada.”

“Everybody was too nervous. It was evident. It was hard to us. The 1-0 was a hard hit. The goal made us to be too nervous. There was a stretch in the game in which there were a lot of nerves, but we were able to react and knew how to be together. The pity is that, in the end, the reward is too little for what we did. We must move forward as the fight continues.” He added.

The Aragonian man understands that fate hasn’t been helping Depor during this campaign, “There will be a day in which fate will be at our side. Some day we will win a game without deserving it, scoring goals without deserving it. Also that throughout the season there will be a favourable game to us. We deserved more, just like against Levante, and we must continue on this quest. The good thing is that we are still recovering players, though the pity is the expulsion of Fariña and we must continue fighting.”

About Lucas Pérez, he was insisting in the importance of the player for the team, “He’s an important player. He is still far from his best form, but at least was able to hold on for fifty or sixty minutes. Later there was the risk of a muscle injury after been out for a while, but he’s bringing strength having the ball. He’s the kind of player that marks the difference and must continue growing. It’s important to improve the level of these players with the passage of time.”

Finally, Víctor wasn’t worried as the second goal came in a new set-piece poorly defended by Deportivo, “We could have been more nervous compared to other games, but I neither remember saves made by Fabricio. Where we had difficulties was after the first goal, it was a hard hit and a heavy burden, but I am not worried about the set-pieces.”

The players were disappointed after Deportivo dropped two points within the last ten minutes, Juanfran was content as Lucas scored one of the goals, “It’s a pleasure to play at the Riazor. The pity was the draw. I’m happy for the goal of Lucas Pérez. Important for him and also for us.”

Meanwhile, Lucas Pérez was thanking Depor’s doctors after been out for a while, “I’m content for been a starter with Deportivo and for scoring a goal at the Riazor, the pity was the result. We must keep working until reaching the goal. The celebration was special with the ones that were holding me on these months. Thanks to doctors Moncho [Barral] and [Carlos] Lariño.”

The other scorer was José Rodríguez, who neither was impressed with the result, “We are leaving sad, because we had the game won and they scored the equalizer in a free-kick. We lacked intensity at the beginning and they were also lucky. We only added a point at home, but it isn’t so bad. We are now thinking of Rayo.”

The midfielder was saying that Depor missed intensity in the first half, “I believe that we lacked some intensity until the first goal, and in the second part we were a little better. I believe that our problem had to do with the intensity. They neither added the three points and it was a little unlucky as we could have closed the game before. Fariña had a good chance. We are now going for the three points in the next game and must turn this point into something positive.”

Álex Bergantiños believed that Depor should have closed the game before, “We had the game under control, but unfortunately we couldn’t score the third in order to close it. The game was still open and in the end, during a free-kick, there was a secondary play. These are things of football. The game was equal and you need to close the things in order to add the three points.”

“I believe we were unable to be together. We should have pushed Granada and, with them having fast people, the game was too open for our interests. We cannot allow so many fouls. In these kinds of games, when you have the lead, you should know how to control the nerves and avoid so many counterattacks. We should know how to close these games. Both halves were different. We were too tense after the first goal and were looking for the easy passes, later the team felt more comfortable and combined better. In the second part there were too many disputes and the team was tired. We should have attacked in less opportunities and instead should have focused in making better attacks. The important thing is to look forward.” The Galician midfielder added.

Luisinho was another player feeling disappointed with the final score, “We are sad, because we made the most difficult thing, which was to clinch the comeback in the game. We started losing and were able to score twice. So we are sad. We knew it was a very difficult game. We were playing at home and it was a direct rival.”

“I believe we didn’t enter the game properly, despite the goal later we did the right things. In the second half the game was under control and they never created a goal opportunity. They scored the equalizer when we weren’t expecting for it and we didn’t have the reaction to score the third goal. Now we must think of the next game and try to win it.” The Portuguese player added.

At Granada CF, coach Abel Resino was content with the performance of his team, “The team is willing to make a step forward. Truly we are still green in some issues, but the intentions are good. The team left good feelings.”

“We made a very good first half, we could have even scored the 0-2 and the game would have changed a lot. In the second part the team was able to tie the actions and could have even scored the 2-3, it tells you that it always had the intention of attacking. There are positive conclusions, the intentions were good, this is a good point before a direct rival and we won the goal-average, so we can be hopeful for the coming matches.” He added.



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