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01 Feb 2015
The papers celebrated an important away victory that brings calm to Deportivo. The debut of Celso Borges was also praised, both for what he did on the pitch and also as he was the one that netted the goals.

Deporte Campeón: Borges takes the controls. Deportivo achieved a major victory in Vallecas thanks to the sensational game by Celso Borges and the fact that they didn’t collapse when Rayo tied and harassed Los Blanquiazules. Depor breathed yesterday in Vallecas thanks to three points that are worth their weight in gold, especially after failing at home against Granada. This weekend will be very quiet for the Deportivismo. Finally you can see from the sidelines with an exultant smile after the team's second away win. It was about time. Alberto Torres

La Opinión A Coruña: Borges shorted Rayo Vallecano. In an entertaining game, with alternatives and sometimes with ups and downs, Deportivo won and who knows if with three points that can be decisive for the permanence at Primera División. But Los Blanquiazules return from Vallecas especially with the suspicion of having found in the figure of Celso Borges a reference for the game of an orphan team of such players.

Rayo Vallecano's reputation was announcing to Deportivo an awkward match, one needing much effort to match the sacrifice always shown by the team coached by former defender Paco Jémez. The forecast was fulfilled and the locals always tried to impose a high pace to the game in order to break the run of the Galicians, but in the first half Victor Fernández’s men responded with physical ease to the local proposal.

The coach didn’t expect anything to give a starting role to Costa Rican Celso Borges after fixing his paper problems. There was interest in confirming the reports on the newly incorporated midfielder during the winter market, but though he was taking all the attention with the goals his performance was the one of a player with sacrifice and hard work for the rest of the team. He had a shy start and could barely intervene in the first half. He kept the position and even the back of Álex Bergantiños, who was seen more participatory in the movement of the ball, in the same line shown last week against Granada. Marcos Otero

La Voz de Galicia: ‘Pura vida’ for Deportivo. The Deportivismo will hardly forget the debut of Celso Borges. Two goals from the Costa Rican in his first game as a Depor’s player were enough to add ‘pura vida’ to the Galician team (such as the popular slogan of his country during the World Cup) and add a win of much weight for Victor Fernandez, who took advantage of the weakness of Rayo Vallecano on home soil. Brave in the first part, knowing how to suffer in the second and then driving to perfection the lead in the last fifteen minutes, Deportivo overthrew Rayo with goals from Borges and keep the distance from the relegation zone after getting the second away win of the league, which hasn’t happened since one complete round in the tournament.

Deportivo were different in Vallecas. Not only by the presence of Celso Borges at the starting formation, sending Juan Domínguez into the bench, the latter isn’t finding his role at the team. The Costa Rican debuted in a more revolutionized team, active in the forward pressure before a Rayo that like to start from behind. The Galician team was more vertical than ever, stabbing in the frontline. It generated danger from that perspective and held the rival at the back. Only a thick defensive mistake and the saves by Toño prevented to see Deportivo achieving a good advantage before the break.

Cavaleiro, frantic in the defensive work and in charge of the set-pieces, led the charge in attack, although Deportivo lacked to meet the habits of a centre forward like Oriol Riera. They didn’t find the Portuguese nor Juanfran in two crosses into the area that were like candy. Borges met the cross from Cavaleiro in a side kick that wasn’t properly cleared by Toño and bounced in the Tico midfielder. He had barely entered into the game and suddenly was scoring his first goal with Deportivo. The goal rewarded the Galician strategy, which was gripping the creation zone of Rayo.

Not even the injury of Sidnei at the 90 or the mess assembled by the referee with the substitution of Insua altered the Galicians, who this time didn’t allow the victory to escape as it happened against Granada, despite keeper Toño desperately tried in a corner-kick. The victory in Vallecas gives another matchday to breath to a Deportivo with allergy to the relegation zone despite all its problems. Miguel Piñeiro

Marca: Exalted Borges. Two goals from Celso Borges brought the victory to Deportivo de La Coruña on his visit to Vallecas. The Galicians claimed the reward in an open and very fast game. The Galicians claimed the lead almost accidentally with a goal from Borges, but Bueno equalized before the break. In the second half, a penalty, the Costa Rican player put the icing on his debut by scoring the winning goal.

You can hardly start in a better way in a new team. Víctor Fernández gave a starting role to Celso Borges in his first game and the Costa Rican assumed the challenge. He corresponded to the trust becoming the man of the match. He had the weight in midfield together with Bergantiños and demonstrated that he didn’t wrinkle when pulling the penalty that decided the match.

Rayo were unable to tie the game again and, indeed, Depor had more occasions to extend their lead. The best ones were for Isaac Cuenca. The three points bring fresh air to the Galicians in their fight against relegation and rest calm to Rayo, side that was aspiring to spend a season without being constantly glancing

AS: Celso Borges debuts with a brace and puts Rayo in troubles. It was the night of the goalkeepers. It began with a tribute to the keeper with more games defending the franjirroja shirt in Primera, Wilfred, but was Toño who paid the best tribute with a range of saves that didn’t get the reward of victory, something that resists in Vallecas since November 23.

Cavaleiro put the essence, talent, quality. But Toño was there, ready to freeze the heart of all the Vallecanos. Firstly he stopped a shot by Jose Rodriguez, moments later he did it with Borges at the edge of the break.

The crossbar also wanted to participate and repelled a shot of Cavaleiro just at the beginning of the second half (53 '). Minutes later, Iglesias Prieto disallowed a goal to Kakuta for an offside of Bueno. A new harbinger of what was to come ... Abdoulaye pulling Sidnei inside the area and Borges, stepping forward, willing to take the brace from Vallecas. Again Abdoulaye committing a penalty against Depor (in Riazor he committed a penalty that cost the tie at the 95 '). Déjà vu. Maite Martín



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