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08 Feb 2015
The coach and the players were content after clinching the second straight victory in liga; Víctor Fernández believes that a positive streak will help to remove the tension and anxiety from his team.

Víctor Fernández was satisfied with the result and emphasized the high pressure of the team, “I’m happy for the team and for the players. Also for the fans. It’s a difficult game to play due to the characteristics of the rival. They impose a lot of pressure and I believe that today we were a rigorous team. We risked at times putting a high pressure, which provoked the goal of Cavaleiro, ax example. It’s a victory that reinforces us. It’s something to be content.”

He was applauding the defensive work of Insua and the rest of the team, “Pablo was fine despite spending several week without training, but he has been working at the top and I’m happy for him. I believe the whole team made a big defensive sacrifice. Truly in the first half we were infected with their slow pace, a game that was suiting them.”

But the Aragonian coach was also admitting the problems to create scoring chances, “We were wrong finalizing the plays, always looking to enter by the centre, which meant to allow their counterattacks. It seemed we were obsessed in ending all the plays going in together with the ball. So, all the chances that we could have created were ending in things without importance. In the second half we tried to fix things trying to be more practical and vertical. I believe Lucas’ goal broke the game and the three replacements entered with a good attitude. The group had solidarity. I’m proud for that.”

He was emphasizing the importance of two straight victories for the players’ confidence, “When a team plays with the anxiety of the results then it’s difficult to see the footballer loose. What I try to say is that the player knows what he’s doing and believes in his partners, that the road is long, but that each day we are more solid and that we’ll have more brilliant moments as long as we end with the anxiety to not lose. In that sense we are going to improve, and I tell the players that they should remain quiet as we are going to be better.”

“In this league you need to add from three points to three points. It’s one of the things in which I coincide with Paco Jémez. Sometimes a point isn’t enough. We are coming from the bottom, after living a pretty bad moment, therefore it doesn’t allow you take off, but everything is calmer right now. The fans are more integrated and the team is responding, but I believe we all can still offer more.” He added.

Asked about the performance of Álex Bergantiños, the coach was emphasizing his recent improvement, “There’s a thing I commented to Bergantiños some months ago: if he wanted to be a better footballer then he couldn’t be a foreseeable player, he needed to have more intention with his football. He’s one of the lads that has improved more with our training. He’s now is a player that drills the ball between the lines, not only attempting lateral passes. He demonstrated that he’s a better player of what he has shown until now, fundamentally because Borges brings more offensive potential.”

He warned that nothing is defined yet in the race for the permanence, “I know why I was signed and under which conditions did I landed here, so I wasn’t going to increase the noise. I’m leaving my life to leave Depor at Primera, place they shouldn’t leave before. We must be prudent in the victory. We need to be humble, because this is too long. We will face complicate moments, but the team is in an ascending line.”

Finally, Víctor was giving his opinion on the debut of Hélder Costa, “He wants to play on the right. The true is that I didn’t know too much of him. He’s a young lad, but only needed seven minutes to lose the fear. He demonstrated some details.”

Fabricio Agosto was satisfied with the performance of the team, “We won doing a great job. I believe the result is fair as we did a great job. These three points are important. We knew we were able to add two straight wins, now this victory brings more confidence ahead of next weekend.”

The Canarian goalkeeper was warning that nothing is done yet after winning two straight games, “We must be prudent and avoid the euphoria. The way is long and we are aware of the difficulty of the task. We didn’t lose the patience when we faced worse moments.”

Lucas Pérez scored one of the goals; he told to reporters that, “It’s the first time on the season with us adding two straight wins. It was important to add the victory. Eibar added a lot of points in the first round, we prepared the game during the week and things worked out. It’s important for our confidence to be out of relegation. Now we face an important game and later the derby.”

“The important thing is that Deportivo have added the points, we won and also won the goal-average before Eibar. For me the important thing is to not suffer a new injury after the last three cases. I’m fine now and am earning physical shape, which will help me to be always available for the coach.” The Galician attacker added.

Iván Cavaleiro scored the other goal, he was talking of the need to have continuity, “We are content for a adding three more points and for climbing some positions at the standings. Now we need continuity and the team is focused in achieving the goal. We need continuity in order to improve.”

Who hasn’t scored yet with Depor is Oriol Riera, the striker seems anxious for it as he wrote on his Twitter account, “Thanks for your support. The main focus here is to try to win every single match. No matter who scores as long as we win!”

Hélder Costa debuted in this game, the Portuguese is content after two weeks in A Coruña, “I’m satisfied. I’ve to thank the club for the opportunity that they gave me. Let’s see if things can work in the way that I’m expecting. Things are different on here. Everything has been good so far and everyone has been nice with me. I hope everything will be fine and that I could help to achieve the goal.”

At SD Eibar, coach Gaizka Garitano was trying to explain what happened in the game, ”We had problems with the ball, the first half was even, Depor dominated more, we looked for the counterattacks. Later, with the first goal, the game was broken a bit and it was harder for us. Maybe we aren’t in our best moment Depor are living it. This goes by streaks.”

"We have to be optimistic and improve, knowing that Primera División is very difficult for us. We cannot lose the mood, we have to stay together, to be optimistic and improve. We know that we’ll be there in the fight to avoid relegation. We know we won’t add 27 points like we did in the first round. Let's see if we break the negative streak soon.” The Basque man added.



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