20 Feb 2015
Celso Borges conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the midfielder is anxious for playing his first derby. Heís aware of the importance of a victory in this match.

Q: You only have one month on here and we have a derby. Did your team mates already inform you about it?
A: Yes, of course. And not only colleagues, but also the fans in Twitter. They sent videos to see how the games are lived here against Celta. The true is that I really want to play it, because I think that on Saturday I can enjoy something that had never experienced before.

Q: Can you compare this with the derbies that you played before?
A: In Costa Rica thereís the Saprissa-Alajuelense, which had a great atmosphere. And in Stockholm, many people donít realize how the derbies are lived there. The fans of my team are very supportive. Always on top. Anyway, if Saturday is as I have seen in videos and as they tell me, here we will have more people. It could have a different colour. I really want to play it.

Q: What do you think that it could be different? Only in the number of spectators?
A: In the passion. I have been told that thereís a great rivalry. And I hope it can be noticed, but as long as it remains to be a sporting thing. I think we should emphasize in not having violence that can tarnish the party. The nice thing is the resentment between cities. The fans. But always with joy and respect.

Q: I imagine that in Costa Rica you didnít see any Depor-Celta
A: I donít remember, but I was following the Spanish league. Today La Liga is followed worldwide and I always liked to watch the matches of this competition. I donít remember any derby, but I knew Celta and, above all, Depor.

Q: About everything?
A: Yes, because thereís no doubt that, in Costa Rica, Deportivo is better known than Celta. Itís clear that itís the most successful and representative team of Galicia. There were years in which it was widely followed throughout the country.

Q: Who is the one with more passion at the changing room during this week?
A: No one in particular. In training I can hardly distinguish the voice of the ones cheering us up. We are all one. There are many voices motivating us and we are all pretty united (He laughs).

Q: How do you see the match?
A: We arrive from a pretty good phase. The match against Real Madrid has given us confidence. But we cannot enter the field l overconfident. Celta are also coming after getting a good result against a great team. But the derbies are different. It's a different game, we have to grab it by the horns. Itís very important to win the derby.

Q: Would you have preferred that Celta wouldnít have defeated Atlťtico
A: Yes, because it is a direct rival, but donít think that it will influence how the game will be developed. Regardless of the results and how each side is acting, Iím sure that Saturday will be different.





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