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23 Feb 2015
Disappointment inside the changing room. The coach of Deportivo believes that his team didn’t deserve to lose the derby at the Riazor, while Oriol Riera was stunned for losing the big chance to equalize the meeting.

Coach Víctor Fernández said that the game was defined by the performance of both teams inside the area, “I can see that the place where they defeated us was inside the area. We were totally dominating within the first twenty minutes and in the last twenty of the first part they had the ball, without having chances. The first goal was caused by an important mistake by our side during a horizontal pass, later we had enough chances to have neutralized the advantage, even a triple chance. Even with one less player we competed until the end. I believe the difference was the performance inside the areas, because we have five or six important opportunities to score.”

About the expulsion of Lopo, he said that, “It was an unfortunate play, besides we had a double or triple opportunity in the previous play. It was a play at midfield and it cost us the expulsion. It brought an unbalance due to the difference in the score and the numeric disadvantage, even then we had our chances and continued fighting. The team was really honest facing a situation that was totally adverse.”

The Aragonian man was convinced that Depor didn’t deserve to lose this derby, “Sometimes we were too hurried in attack, but I insist, I believe that we did the merits to deserve not losing the game, sincerely. The game had its moments and they seized their opportunities. I want to remember that we, at least, had five chances to score and we didn’t seize them, it’s there were the games are decided. Maybe it was precipitation, the nerves or lack of quality. No matter the reason we had the chances and didn’t have luck to define them.”

He was asked about the errors committed by Oriol Riera in the game and the response was, “I haven’t talked to him and don’t know how he is, but the important thing is to have the chances and reach the area. The ball will enter. He also committed that error in the goal of Celta that was seized in the first minute. It was hard to react later.”

Finally, Víctor was saying that the team is feeling sorry for losing the derby at home, “There’s a lot of pain and deception. It’s the other face of the victory, but we must stand up and think of the next game. I cannot reproach anything to my team, we gave everything and had a positive attitude. We could have opened the score within the first twenty minutes. We did everything to win the game so I cannot reclaim anything to my men. We couldn’t offer the victory to the fans, but the fight continues. It affects us today, it will also affect us tomorrow, but by Monday we should wake up and think of the important game against Almeria.”

Lucas Pérez admitted that Celta were the best team in the game, “I believe we had enough chances to tie the game in the second part and it wasn’t like that. Celta had more aim and we must congratulate them. They competed and we didn’t have the aim. Nothing more. I believe that we had two clear chances and that we could have earned points if we would have seized those chances. Well, it wasn’t possible and we must move forward, we are fine lately and must think of the next game.”

Iván Cavaleiro was feeling sorry as Deportivo didn’t capitalize its opportunities to score, “We didn’t know how to seize our chances. We had a lot and never took advantage of them. Now we must rise up and continue working thinking of the next game. Unfortunately we lost this match. We wanted to offer the victory to the fans, but it wasn’t possible.”

Álex Bergantiños was trying to explain what happened in the derby, “We don’t like to lose the derby, but we must think of moving forward. We were hoping of bringing a joy to the fans, but it wasn’t possible and we must continue. We didn’t have our day. We didn’t have precision. The first goal was a hard hit, and when we were able to react having chances to tie the game then we didn’t take advantage of or chances and the expulsion broke up the game. The team had the intention, but it was difficult with their counterattacks.”

“This is hard defeat for the Deportivistas, but things work like this. Personally I already lived of everything: winning in Balaídos, losing in Balaídos, winning here and now losing here. These are cycles and they won both games. We hope to stay in Primera and switch the dynamic on next season.” The Galician midfielder added.

Juanfran Moreno was remembering that the important thing is to clinch the permanence, “It was a tough day for the Deportivismo. We want to thank the public for the environment at the Riazor. We now have to work hard in order to clinch the goal, so later we can revenge this pretty game that represents the good things in this sport.”

Oriol Riera was the villain in the game, not only losing a clear chance to tie the game, but also committing the error that led to Celta’s first goal. He wanted to face the media and seemed totally shocked for missing the clear opportunity that could have meant the equalizer, “Yes, because I have to put the ball in [he said after thinking for a few seconds and after looking down for a while] There’s nothing more… It’s that I don’t know what to say. I have scored goals all my life, you don’t forget about that and I’m sure that I’m going to score. I’m very sure.”

“Maybe it affects me to play with wingers playing so close to the centre, but the game would have changed if I would have scored this goal. I tried to send the ball up, so the keeper would have been unable to block it, but it went off. I have to score those chances, there’s nothing more. On here we all win when we win and we all lose when we lose, there’s nothing to blame. The team must continue doing the right things. We lost the derby, but still pulling in order to clinch the permanence. I am not used to these situations and I have to seize it, because the team needs me.” The Catalan striker added.

At RC Celta, Eduardo Berizzo was explaining how he saw the meeting, "I think it was an intense game, with many emotions. It wasn’t’ an ordinary game. It was noticed in the inaccuracies of both teams. After fifteen minutes we started to dominate, we found situations that we couldn’t define. The goal opened the game. We were lucky not to concede the equalizer. The team showed its football, it was physical and defended with aggressiveness. It’s an important victory in an important moment."

He was asked if Celta are now the kings of Galicia, but the Argentine man only said that, "I wish the parameters to measure the task of a coach were not the results. A coach has more things than to win games. Today, after winning, I believe that the great merit is that the losing streak that this team suffered didn’t betray the lines of its game. When you trust and believe in what you do, then what you misled reappears and it leads you to success."

Charles, the scorer of the first goal, was talking of the meaning of his second goal this term, “It’s one of the most important goals in my career, because it’s always special to score in a derby. I dedicate the goal to a friend who lost his mother during the week.”

Nothing serious occurred before and after the game, the only incident is that several fans were throwing bottles when RC Celta were arriving to the stadium, the result is that one of the windows in the bus was cracked. The attendance to the game was the highest on this season at the Riazor (30,334).



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