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02 Mar 2015
The coach and the players know that it’s always good to add a point playing on the road, but in this opportunity they were feeling discouraged for not winning a game in which they had so many opportunities.

Coach Víctor Fernández denied that his team lacked ambition in the game, “We missed aim, it’s difficult to say that a team lacked ambition when it has released fourteen or fifteen shots. We had clear opportunities that we never seized, sometimes because we missed aim and other because the keeper made a good job, or maybe because we lacked quality in the last pass.”

“Paradoxically we were creating clear opportunities until their expulsion. They started strong for the first ten minutes, but later we got the control of the game. Paradoxically, when they lost a man, we started to lack the last pass and clear opportunities. In the global view we came to win and had clear opportunities. It was clear that we came to win since the first moment and, when you can’t win, then you have to be content with the draw.” He added.

The Aragonian man also said that his team made a big sacrifice in a physical sense, “I believe we made a good game in a physical aspect. Almeria are a team that put pressure and are intense. They were playing for a lot too. It was noticed as they were nervous when we started to have the ball possession. It’s a mental subject.”

Finally Víctor commented the red card of Thievy, “I believe that the issue with Thievy wasn’t a direct red card. I believe it was a second yellow. The referee will judge later if he was right or not, but another thing is if this kind of action was necessary.”

Lucas Pérez wasn’t happy with the final result, “The true is that they escaped alive. I believe that we could have scored a goal when they lost a man. We were very superior to them, but well… we have spent three games in which we were unable to score a goal. Sincerely it is something that we are paying.”

“The game was hard and they were also playing for important things. A point playing away from home is good, but I believe that today we deserved the victory. The true is that we lost two points.” The Galician player added.

Goalkeeper Fabricio was satisfied as Deportivo clinched a new clean sheet, “With the passage of the matchdays we are knowing each other better and already clinched several clean sheets. In their first opportunity we lost the marks and it almost cost a goal, but I made the save. They were better at the beginning of the game, but reacted with the passing of the minutes.”

Álex Bergantiños was feeling sorry for not winning the game, “We were superior and had many more opportunities than them. We were too hurried after they were reduced to ten men, maybe we were abusing releasing too many harmless crosses.”

Still, the midfielder is optimistic regarding the future, “This is a matter of streaks. We are fine and in other games, with less chances, we have scored goals. The important thing is that the team has grew up. Now we have to face tougher meetings.” 

Juanfran Moreno admitted that Deportivo were anxious for not scoring a goal, “We missed to be quiet, to not been anxious for getting in the scoresheet what we notice inside the changing room. We were anxious and missed calm in the last pass. We are anxious for getting the results.”

“A team with twenty or twenty-five arrivals during a game must win someday, we know that and we are following this path. We are having good feelings though the results aren’t arriving. If we beat Sevilla it will be a great thing.” The side defender added.

At UD Almeria, coach Juan Ignacio Martínez was aware that his team played a bad game and emphasized the fact of adding a point, “At this height of the competition everything related to adding a point is good. We have created opportunities and they also have some good chances, the true is that both teams were searching for the victory.”

He was also talking of the expulsions, “We competed, but you pay a high price for the circumstances of ending the game losing two players. The expulsions happen for a reason; in the first yellow the player was jumping and in the second the referee interpreted that Thievy defending himself with the arm. Both are rigorous, but the referee decided it and we must respect it. I didn’t see the action of Michel, but if a referee sends someone off then there should be a motive. We must improve regarding this aspect.”



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