06 Mar 2015
Midfielder Celso Borges conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Central American player is convinced that Depor are only lacking aim and affirms that the team is eager to face Sevilla and Valencia.

Q: Where does it comes that rock vein?
A: My brother loved rock and was playing electric guitar. For me, I started to like percussion and from there the battery. All these groups are fantastic in that sense.

Q: What’s the common thing between a football team and a rock band?
A: Football would be like an organized melody. There are different ways of playing football, then it may be classical music, it can be rock, it can be punk.

Q: Would it coincide the role of midfielder with the one of the percussionist, the battery, the one that carries the rhythm in a band?
A: I never thought so. In a group the one that carries the rhythm is the battery, but football is different because there are many members.

Do you share a delicate task in which mistakes stand on a job well done?
A: It could be a good analogy. As a midfielder you have to cover a lot of field and sometimes to do a work involving the collective. It can be seen that way.

Q: Was your arrival at Deportivo aimed at that?
A: When I talk to the coach what he asks me to do is the same job I've ever done in my teams: a work at both areas. I must be involved in the creation and destruction of game and bring fluently to the game and the ball. Fluency can be movements with ball or without the ball, creating spaces without the ball. There are many ways to interpret that, but I liked the warmth welcome by everyone, because it takes you to move better.

Q: What has meant to you to be able to play at Deportivo?
A: I consider myself lucky to be playing here, I appreciate it very much. It is something that will mean a lot at the moment of reviewing my career.

Q: Is the demand on the competition what you were expecting?
A: It's quite high. After the break for the World Cup, it took me a while to pick the pace, but the transition was very easy, because inside the changing room there’s much confidence and people are always aware of you. With the coaching staff it has been the same. In this case, the adaptation was very fast and very easy because there are good team mates inside the changing room

Q: Are you already calmed after the disgust for the draw in Almería?
A: It has to be like that. We have to see it as something positive. We would have loved to win, and we tried by all means. At the end of the day it is a point that you are adding. You take a day to think of it and then to work out. Everything is so fast in football that there’s no time to regret and neither to keep the glory.

Q: Have you thought a lot about the missed opportunities?
A: As I said after playing against Celta, I would be more worried if we wouldn’t be arriving to the area or if our game would be stagnated, but it isn’t the case. I know that, as soon as one ball goes in, then all will enter. The most important thing is not to lose your head.

Q: Is it a problem exclusively for the strikers?
A: This is something collective. We all had opportunities and didn’t seize them. The goals will come.

Q: Is it only a matter of aim?
A: Yes, nothing more. Everyone here knows how to score goals.

Q: However against Almeria you had many problems to generate occasions when they were reduced to ten players.
A: It's different playing against eleven as they are always with an offensive mentality against anyone who tries to defend. There are two different game situations. There were more spaces when they had eleven players.

Q: What did you mean when you said that against Madrid and Celta then team was playing "with the knife between the teeth"?
A: An attitude that will lead us to achieve the objective, because we are not relaxed. With the knife between the teeth what I meant is that we are alive, we're fighting for every ball.

Q: What are you missing in order to have a more regular behavior?
A; It’s something that comes with the results; when you win a game, then the perception is different, but among us we are quite calm and confident in doing things right.

Q: How do you face the games against Sevilla and Valencia?
A: We must face them with the intention of adding points. The home games are always important and also to add the points. Against Madrid, for example, if the ball that hit the post goes in, then at least we would have got a draw. We can give problems to them. As a team we cannot consider ourselves inferior, because in the field everything is equal. If you are fine, focused and if we play as a team, then we have many opportunities to achieve a good result.




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