12 Mar 2015
Haris Medunjanin was interviewed by newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the Bosnian centre midfielder talks of his lack of minutes in the second round. He respects the coachís decisions and waits for a second chance.

Q: How did you digest the fact of staying out of the roster against Sevilla?
A: That's part of professional football, it always happens. Although you always want to play, it isnít so easy. Thereís no other way than to train well to enter into the squad for Friday.

Q: Are you prepared to stay out again now that almost all the squad is available?
A: Itís always like this. In all the squads there are twenty-five players and always seven stay out. Thatís good for the competence within the squad. You have to learn from that too and work hard in training to show you can enter the rosters.

Q: Did you think that it was understandable?
A: When I got out of the starting eleven the first time I told myself that it was okay, that it happens with all the players: you are living a period when things arenít working; you have to go to the bench, it's normal. What hurts me is that I havenít played around, I havenít entered for thirty minutes and thatís difficult to me. If you play two or three minutes, what can you do? But itís like this, whether to play three minutes, you have to accept it. When you get an opportunity then you must seized it to play well.

Q: Did you see yourself as the sacrificed one in the search for solutions within the team?
A: No. When things go wrong, the first thing to see is oneself. I have no such explosion to fight. I am not like that. I donít fight on the field, I just try to play my game. I came in order to have the ball, to bring game to the team and when that doesnít happen then you end at the bench. I played four or five bad matches, another partner entered and the team played well and won. Now I have to wait for my chance again, but for me itís a bit hard to play three minutes just when before I played everything. I have to fight and fight to see if at the end of the season I can play more games.

Q: What do you think that you need in order to return to the starting eleven?
A: Win. Now it isnít important if we play well, the important thing is to get the points. If I play more advanced then I have to give an assist or score and if I play in midfield then I have to give fluidity to the game. That's what I do, because in the four or five games I played before going to the bench I was living a bad time. I'm not saying that I have to play as a starter, I just say that before I played a lot and now nothing. It's hard to go back from that.

Q: Did you think in switching your style of play to suit the needs of the team?
A: Yes. Each time I play Iím thinking of helping the defence, but I'm not as Wilk. I can be tactically well positioned to do that, because in the national team I play alone in front of the defence. It isnít something new to me. What happens is that when you play well and lose then you have to find another player or change something. That's what happened to me.

Q: What means to you to see that the Bosnian national coach keeps his confidence in you?
A: It's like going out of here for a while, to refresh the head, being with family and with people of my country. It will be good in order to gain energy and get back here because it's a bit difficult when you live in a new city. You always need a little time, but I feel very well on here.

Q: Can the games with Serbia be useful to call the attention of VŪctor FernŠndez once again?
A: He knows he can count on me, I'm not mad or anything like that. I'm just saying it's hard for me to go from playing a lot to not play anything. In order to return to the starting eleven you need to play more than three or four minutes. If the coach says we're on the right track, then it must be respected and wait for your chance again.

Q: What is your balance since your arrival?
A: I came here to play, but when you get to a new team it always costs a little to adapt and need a little time. I have played many games, but in the second round the situation was different. Maybe the opportunity will come back again, you never know.

Q: Have your situation changed recently regarding the way you see your future here? Are you thinking in fulfilling the two years left in your contract?
A: Yes. I have two years here and, if I donít play, then I see it as a chance to fight again for a starting spot.

Q: How do you face the following games after the latest results?
A: We have a game against a very strong rival like Valencia and one at home against Espanyol in which we have to win yes or yes. A lot of games are coming against direct rivals in which we have to add points.




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