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17 Mar 2015
A soulless Fabril were unable to chain a third straight victory in a game with only a few scoring opportunities. Remeseiro scored from the penalty spot and the team remains in promotion seats, but only having a three-point advantage.

Striker Dani Iglesias and left-back Jorge Fernández were back into the roster after surpassing their injuries, but coach Manu Mosquera decided to repeat the same lineup for the third straight opportunity.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1. David Gómez was the goalkeeper, Toni Insua was the right-back defender, Adrián Martínez performed on the left, the centre-backs were Iago López and Róber. Sam Piette and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Ángel Fernández was performing on the right wing, Miguel Cardoso was the left winger, Marcos Remeseiro was the playmaker and Álex Pérez was the centre forward.

The rival was Racing Villalbés, the team coached by Óscar Gilsanz is always a candidate to fight for the first places, but on this season they are closer to relegation after only adding one of the previous nine points in dispute. One of their best scorers, Javi Varela, was out injured, but Justino Campello was a starter, he was going to be decisive in this match.

A thick Deportivo B were unable to get points from the visit to the A Magdalena field, the team missed more attacking game and presence within the final meters. It neither can be said that Racing Villalbés deserved to win the match, they just stood and capitalized their best opportunities through veteran Justino Campello.

The first half was beyond boring, Depor B had the ball possession, but never managed to create any arm. Queijeiro was administrating the game at midfield, but later there was no depth to create scoring opportunities.

Álex Pérez were bringing aids with the mark at midfield, Cardoso were moving to the centre and only Remeseiro appeared form time to time, but it wasn’t enough. The best chance for the visiting team came at minute 22, it was a long ball collected by Cardoso inside the area, but later the Portuguese winger could only smash the ball into the body of local keeper Javier Ares ‘Viusky’.

Racing Villalbés were content holding at the back and speculating through the counterattack, their best opportunity in this half was a header of Justino collecting a cross from the left that missed the target (7’). Fabril’s Toni Insua got injured one minute before the pause and had to be replaced by Jorge Fernández.

The second half started with a big shocker for Fabril, because Racing Villalbés scored the first goal in a weird free-kick in which Justino scored from midfield with a strong volley that surprised David Gómez

Fabril continued having the ball possession and also continued facing problems to create scoring opportunities, but if the locals were lucky with the first goal then Depor B were also lucky to find the equalizer. Piette collected the ball at the edge of the area, he was backwards the goal and assisted Cardoso at the left side, he tried to elude defender Roberto Prieto, but in the process he felt into the ground.

The referee whistled the penalty, a call that was protested by the local public. It seemed that the defender touched the ball first. Remeseiro didn’t hesitate and scored from the spot sending Viusky in the wrong way. It’s his ninth goal in the season.

With the 1-1 on the scoresheet, Manu Mosquera went out for the victory and sent Cańi and Dani Iglesias to replace Ángel and Álex Pérez, but what he found was another goal from Racing Villalbés four minutes before the final whistle.

It was a counterattack on the left wing in which Alberto Lamas ‘Make’ assisted Iván Veiras, who later drilled the ball into the box, Justino was there marked by Jorge Fernández and the midfielder managed to connect the ball first into the near post past David Gómez. There was no time to react for Depor B.

Plane presentation by a Fabril that didn’t deserve to lose, but neither to win. It was a lost opportunity as leaders Pontevedra CF lost, while runners-up CCD Cerceda could only rescue a point. Depor B remain third, but now with only a three-point advantage over the fifth place. On Friday there’s a derby in A Coruńa as Club Silva SD visit Abegondo (17h00 CET).

Racing Villalbés: (4-2-3-1) Viuski - Dani, Pablo Vivero, Xusto, Roberto Prieto – Hugo Criado, Diego López (Javi Rey 89’) - Make, Rubén Pardo (Iván Veiras 83’), Justino (Alejandro 87’) - Villares
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez – Toni Insua (Jorge Fernández 44’), Iago, Róber, Adrián – Piette, Queijeiro – Ángel (Cańi 80’), Remeseiro, Cardoso – Álex Pérez (Dani Iglesias 74’)
Goals: 1-0: (50’) Justino, 1-1: (66’) Remeseiro (penalty), 2-1: (86’) Justino
Referee: Pablo Álvarez Calderón. He showed yellow card to Queijeiro (15’), Rubén Pardo (37’), Hugo Criado (38’), Iago López (46’), Róber (49’) & Roberto Prieto (64’)
Venue: A Magdalena (400).





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