21 Mar 2015
Fabricio Agosto conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the Canarian goalkeeper talked of his ascending role until becoming the starter at Deporís goal and also of his desire to continue at the club.

Are the meals with the president really useful, do you get anything?
A: Of course they are useful. The meal was useful to see us more united than we were, we realized the need to engage the fans with our performances and Espanyol's game is vital. We have to win yes or yes. Our options depend of the points we can get from here until the end of April.

Q: To arrive to the break in relegation can put the team in a very delicate situation.
A: Beyond the break. The game against Espanyol is the next game and that's why we have to win. We come after facing several top teams and, despite we are facing a great rival, we need to change the dynamics.

Q: Against them you had your best performance of this season
A: We managed to get a good point in one of the worst games we've done this season. The idea is that each of us must give the best.

Q: When the pre-season started do you really saw yourself with chances of reaching the month of March being the starter at the goal?
A: Only by making the pre-season proved a fundamental change. Last year I couldnít do it. I reached the start of season at the top and I really worked with faith and enthusiasm to have the opportunity. When it arrived I did what I do best: compete. And I needed that bit of fortune.

Q: The goalkeeper who starts on the bench knows that almost a miracle is needed in order to become a starter. Isnít demotivating?
A: Well, it's true that fortunately or unfortunately, usually the goalkeeper isnít changed at halftime or after seventy minutes of the game. There's only respite from an injury, a penalty or a poor run of results. And yes, you know that only one can play and that makes it harder. But it is what it is. Our work is different, we cover the most important position on the field.

Q: To depend of a bad performance of the partner for having a chance should make very difficult the coexistence at the changing room
A: Not at all. That isnít our case. The relationship with German is perfect. We are very good friends since last year and our relationship remains perfect. If Germanís face or mine would change when the other plays, then we would be bad people, it would have nothing to do with the position in the field. Iím very grateful to have someone like him next to me, very few times in my career I had a buddy like that.

Q: This week you have been training the output of the ball with a flashy technology deployment, do you think the new tools are really useful?
A: Clearly the daily work with Manu [Sotelo, the keepersí trainer] helps tremendously. Itís one of the keys for us to be in the best conditions. It gives all the information about the opponent, his shooting areas, types of shot... A major basic work. When I arrived at Depor for me it was the big deal. I came from a humble club like Vecindario where we hardly had a goalkeeping coach. Now Manu gives us a plus of information, because back then there were no such programs. Football has evolved a lot in that aspect, not just the goal. And he is unique, a bookworm who gives us every detail that we need.

Q: Do you really have time to take advantage of so many data when you face the striker?
A: All Information is useful, always. Although later there is the reality, what happens in the game and that's the only thing you canít tell for sure. The team can have a bad day that conditions everything, for example. You can predict where the shooting will go, but that's not an exact science. You know what usually happens, but then everything changes and thatís the beauty of it. In the end everything is helpful, but in the moment of a play you have very little time to think.

Q: Fabricio is the usual co-driver of Manuel Pablo, with whom you return home after practice. How has the captain assumed his new role?
A: Manu is a professional and a great person. He has weight and influence when advising younger players and also the new coaching staff. Any opinions are worthy. For me, heís here to stay, because physically heís wonderful. I see him a little sad for not being able to help in the field, but with the utmost enthusiasm.

Q: You are having a good season, but you are the goalkeeper with more goals at home. It must be a bit frustrating.
A: We're aware that in recent games we have conceded a lot. We have to correct it this Sunday and become a more solid block. We must return to have clean sheets and it will be one of the keys for the permanence.

Q: Have you received many offers?
A: I'm just focused on Depor, I still have a year and I hope to have many more. My idea, once we save ourselves, is to be able to extend my contract. But my greatest desire is to win on Sunday, the future is what matters most.

Q: What feeling do you have after a solid season at Primera an after playing in a lot of clubs?
A: I'm very happy with how it has changed my life personally. I appreciate more my profession with this twist and I even feel that my performance is better. I leave the sporting city with a clear conscience. I'm happy, I'm enjoying it. I do my job, I care the most, I study the opponent... I'm very satisfied, comforted.

Q: The season is still difficult. How has it affected the changing room?
A: I see the group strong and united. Eager to bring  us joy and bring it to the fans. The coach is also with the same enthusiasm and excitement of the first day, I believe that itís the right thing and we have a fantastic group.




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