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10 Apr 2015
The president of Deportivo admitted that Víctor Fernández failed in his project, but he thanked the effort done by the former coach of the first team. He also tried to explain some of the polemic decisions with the Riazor Blues.

Depor’s president Tino Fernández talked briefly after the presentation of new coach Víctor Sánchez. He explained why Víctor Fernández was fired and also that this was his first ultimatum.  In other things he explained some of the decisions made with the peñas and the social breakdown that has been affecting the club. The following is a resume of the main inquiries.

“I want to thank Víctor Fernández for his work and for been with us, also for not surrender. Truly I talked to him on Monday and told him that I didn’t see him staying if we wouldn’t be able to win. I have been reading all kind of stull but this was the first ultimatum on the season, if you want to call it that way. I could have kept silence, but I always want to talk at the moment of reaching limit situations. It was professional failure, but in a personal sense he was a gentleman. I wish the best for Víctor Fernández, because I think that he deserves ten points.”

“We chose Víctor, because the words that you heard in the press conference were the ones that he told us, it’s encouraging and this was an option that we liked a lot, the chemistry and the good ideas that he told impressed us and made us think that Víctor Sánchez Del Amo will be the coach of Deportivo for many years. At his moment there are some components that are affecting us, as Víctor Fernández said before, but we also need an emotional reinforcement.”

“The situation with the peñas is in the same point: I would say that the last negotiation was to discuss the rules for the official peñas, which has to do with the letter No.20 sent by La Liga. We are searching for the good of Deportivo, truly the peñas are necessary and there are open doors to work with them. I want to emphasize that the rules were approved by the liga and also by the union of peñas, which is the boss of the peñas. We depend of these institutions.”

“The door is open for the Riazor Blues. I want to clarify that we aren’t the ones that don’t allow the banners, I want to say that we didn’t prevent to show the banner “Jimmy lives”, it was the police and I believe the banner should have been allowed. We see things that we don’t like, but there are institutions that are the standards to which we must submit. We can talk of umbrellas and other stuff, but I prefer to use the normal instances. We are here to serve Deportivo. I have made decisions that I think were the best taking in mind the information that I had. We are here to defend Deportivo, a club with 109 years of history and the society.”

“The club hasn’t received any official information of what happened in Madrid, just two proposals of fines. Those are the only papers that we received, we asked for explanations, but until today we don’t have any more information, only what the media says. The only information that we have is two proposals to fine the club. We are trying to defend the club and, if it’s possible, to pay cero euros.”




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