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14 Apr 2015
The new coach of Deportivo and his players are content with the result, though they know it isn’t enough to increase the chances to survive in la liga. Víctor was emphasizing the performance despite only working for three days with the team.

New coach Víctor Sánchez Del Amo was content with the reaction of his team, “The feelings are positive. We are now going to analyze the game and extract our conclusions. We arrived on Thursday in order to face a pretty project. But for now the readings are positive, in just three days the players developed the plan. I already thanked the players. I’m happy as the players felt fine on the field and this is a good start.”

He rested importance to the lack of aim presented by Depor, at least for now, “Well… this is football. For me the feelings are important, and in a game like today’s one the feelings are more important than the result. I believe we deserved this point and had more chances, though Real Sociedad also had more chances. We will try to increase our effectiveness, but we just arrived. We only had three days to prepare a complicate visit to San Sebastíán. Later we will have time to correct other aspects in the game.”

Asked about the performance of Manuel Pablo, he preferred to emphasize the collective work, “The day I arrived I explained to all the players that all of them are protagonists. They will be protagonists and the starting eleven is a circumstance dictated by the rules, the same goes with the roster, but I think that the protagonic role of the players is for all of them. Today Manuel Pablo demonstrated his professionalism. He only played a few games on this season and ended making a great match, I believe he only made one mistake and Fabricio was there to fix it. But I want to emphasize the work done by the whole team, it’s what we want to transmit since the first moment: the whole team reached a high level. The players that performed, the ones that stayed on the bench and the two that were ruled out from the final list, were all fine.”

The Madrilenian coach insisted that beyond adding a point the important thing was the impression left on the pitch, “Take in mind that for us, the ones that just landed in A Coruña, with three days to prepare the game, anything related to add was positive. Beyond the result I stay with the impression left by the team, while it brings a starting point that will help us to keep working and improving. It’s a reinforcement. I believe this team has demonstrated that it can deal with the pressure, today it stood after getting two hits. The penalty of José Rodríguez was a hard hit and the team was able to respond, and it happened the same in the second part.”

He confessed that the position of José Rodríguez was to perform as a third centre midfielder, “The preparation of the game wasn’t to see him performing as a winger, the idea was to earn a superiority at midfield, he’s able to do that. He has been playing there and has completed good presentations. We were aware that we needed to improve our defensive work, which was fundamental to get a positive result in Anoeta. So, the plan wasn’t to see José Rodriguez acting as a winger, though in the end you saw him playing there. He’s a player with the capacity to release good crosses.”

Finally, Víctor repeated that he was content with his debut at Deportivo, “We believe this team has potential, we have a lot of faith in these players and we are going to work in order to improve everything. We insisted in the defensive job, because it’s fundamental. The team was compact and brought aids, the fact of not having too many transitions against us was related to the fact that our positioning was good, so in a general sense this is a good starting point.”

Toché scored the equalizer, he was content with the performance by Deportivo, “I believe the team was pretty fine; I believe we had a good performance. We needed to change some things and the path to follow was ambition and hopefully more victories will come.”

The Murcian attacker knows that the draw isn’t enough, but was content for adding this point taking in mind the circumstances, “We came in order to win, because the point isn’t useful, but as the game was, we are leaving satisfied. We need to keep working, because I believe that Deportivo deserve it. The idea in our minds is that we want to stay at Primera and hopefully it will be like that.”

Manuel Pablo played his second game on this league season; he was satisfied with the final result, “Here as how things are right now this is a valuable point, since now we must think that we need to add points in all the remaining games. After their second goal the team thought the game was escaping from us after the good performance that we were having, but we worked hard to achieve it.”

Celso Borges gave his impressions with the debut of Víctor, “Víctor brings optimism and the fact to believe in our job. The fact of been in disadvantage and end getting a point must be a signal. We are defending and working more together.”

“The optimism has arrived with the change of coach. He was right: the base is good and we have enough to work hard. The goal for this game was to seize the wings and take advantage of Oriol’s aerial game, the secondary plays, always trying to win their backs.” The midfielder added.

José Rodríguez was also rescuing the positive things from the game, “We came back before two goals and had more ball possession. The team showed a different attitude and it was reflected on the pitch. The coach is bringing confidence. He wants to learn and is hopeful. In a tactical sense we are working hard, Víctor injected adrenaline. There’s enough time to save ourselves.”

Meanwhile, at Real Sociedad, David Moyes wasn’t content with the performance of his team, “I agree that it hasn’t been a very good performance, the positive thing is that we tied, because we didn’t play well, but it seemed to be enough in order to win, but we haven’t defended well and we missed quality to have won the game when we had options in attack.”

“The second goal was the worst part, the first goal was a penalty that it wasn’t and it was offside, so it was an error of the referee, but before that I didn’t like the team's performance. And it has been one of the most disappointing issues, because it was a chance to show our quality and approach to the top positions. But we haven’t been fine, so I say the best was that we haven’t lost.”

Chory Castro scored a great goal, but didn’t feel fine with the final score, “We only added a point when it seemed easy to get the victory. We weren’t fine with the ball. We didn’t take advantage of the two times in which we were ahead in the scoresheet. We should have seized this chance before a rival struggling to leave the bottom places.”



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