18 Oct 2006
Alberto Lopo committed a huge mistake in the game with Betis, one that cost two points to the squad. Now the Catalan defender analyses the play of the penalty and talks with newspapers <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> about other issues, like the game with Atl?©tico Madrid or about his future now that Andrade and Juanma are near to returning.

Q: Difficult day...
A. Good, it comes with the payment.

Q: Yeah, but don't tell me that you don't care about it.
A: No, for nothing. I am normal, the truth is that I couldn't sleep last night.

Q: Is that true or is just the typical excuse?
A: In my case it's true, I reviewed the play all over the night, but now it's necessary to think only about Atl?©tico Madrid. These kind of things happen from time to time during the games. I jumped and I protected myself, the ball hit me in the hand. We had the game in our hands, we were playing the last minute…

Q: - Man, don't martyr yourself.
A: I don't do that, I am just thinking.

Q: We didn't see you protesting too much.
A: I knew that the ball hit my hand. So, what I am going to protest if the referee interpreted it that way?

Q: Now, the following thing to do is to ask for pardon.
A: Pardon? Man, by the work that was made during the ninety minutes, it gives me rage. The job done was good, but these plays are like this… good, it was my turn. Another day it will be the turn of somebody else.

Q: Can this error cost you a place in the squad now that other defenders are returning from injuries?
A: I don't believe that this thing will cost me anything. In this sense I am calmed down.

Q: Speaking about the players that will return during the next days. Juanma is almost ready and Andrade will return soon. Are you prepared to be on the bench?
A: Hey man! Is that you have the desire to see me as a substitute or what?

Q: No, it's a simple question about overpopulation. Rotations could be the answer to the excess of players, and I want to know if you are thinking about that, especially after what happened at the Manuel Ruiz de Lopera.
A: Is necessary to think positively. The fact that they are recuperated doesn't mean that things might change. I want to play, the competition is huge, but it's necessary and a positive thing. And I never think: "If I commit an error, I am not going to return to play anymore". I don't think of those things. Let's see what happens when this moment arrives, and if it arrives, it's necessary to be prepared for everything. But what isn't healthy is to eat our heads with those things. In addition to this, my mind always tends to the optimism.

Q: Let's change of subject. How did you see Depor on the past Sunday?
A: I already said that the work seemed to be good. The only error was the penalty, the squad made a good work.

Q: - Did you perceiv on the pitch the annoyance of the public with Joaquin Caparr??s?
A: Man, it's normal, for what it means the rivalry in Sevilla. It's normal that they have these feelings.

Q: Were you more motivated on this game?
A: Not especially, because although the public puts pressure on you, our work is done on the pitch.

Q: Depor occupies a European position right now. Do you see it in the same place at the end of the season?
A: Uff!… still too early to think about those situations, to dream of Europe. This is just the beginning.

Q: Reviewing the game, we remember the words of Taborda, a speech that started a debate in Abegondo. We only saw three occasions to score during the match.
A: The goals will arrive when they have to arrive. I don't enter beyond that.

Q: But to enjoy less occasions means that the pressure falls on the defence, because each error can be lethal.
A: I don't see it as that. Simply, we must do it well, because if we achieve a clean sheet, there are more possibilities of conquering the victory.

Q: Your next rival is Atl?©tico Madrid. They have lost two players in less than one week, and all caused by serious injuries in the knee. We are talking about Maxi and Petrov. Is the game on Saturday easier now that they are out?
A: They are two of their best men, but it's necessary to remember that they still have great players in the squad. Atl?©tico is a good team.

Q: By the way, Ag??ero also played football with the hands and he scored a goal. Is this a new fashion?
A: Great! If already… what we are going to do.

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