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25 Apr 2015
Víctor Sánchez will make changes at the lineup, first to all due to the suspensions, and later because he needs results with the team playing three games in a matter of eight days. Fabricio, Lopo & Borges seem to be fixed starters.

Third game for Víctor Sánchez Del Amo commanding Deportivo and for the third opportunity he’s missing normal starters due to suspensions. For his debut against Real Sociedad Luisinho was suspended, then for the home clash with Atlético Madrid it was Celso Borges.  Now the new boss is having two players out due to a suspension: centre-back Sidnei Rechel and striker Toché. So, for a third straight opportunity the changes are necessary.

But Víctor is ready to make additional changes, first to all because the team isn’t achieving the results and later because there are three games that will be played in a frame of eight days, so it’s highly probable that he will present different lineups and even different draws in the next three encounters.

During Thursday’s and Friday’s training sessions the coach tested two different draws, using both the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-4-2. He made different experiments and only three players seem to have a fixed spot ahead of Sunday’s game against Malaga CF: Fabricio Agosto, Celso Borges and Albert Lopo.

With Toché off, Oriol Riera is called to be a starter at La Rosaleda, but on Thursday Víctor tested a 4-4-2 draw with Lucas Pérez and Iván Cavaleiro as the two attackers in the formation.

Víctor even tested with Álex Bergantiños as a centre-back performing alongside Albert Lopo, the option of Borja López, who hasn’t debuted yet with the team, was another alternative tested for the spot left by Sidnei.

The lineup tested on Friday seems sufficiently credible to be the one to use on Sunday. Laure was the right-back defender as Juanfran didn’t end the session due to a knee knock. Insua was the partner of Lopo at the centre of the defense, with Luisinho and Fabricio complemented the defence.

Álex Bergantiños and Celso Borges were at midfield. Lucas Pérez didn’t end the session due to an ankle knock, but he was tested as the right winger with Isaac Cuenca performing on the left flank, then Cavaleiro and Oriol Riera were the centre forwards.



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