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27 Apr 2015
Deportivo rescued a point at La Rosaleda in an open game with both sides having clear chances to score. Riera scored for the Galicians, Lucas hit the post ten minutes before the final whistle and Fabricio made a big save in the added time.

Coach Víctor Sánchez presented the expected 4-3-3 lineup. Juan Dominguez was making his first appearance as a starter since January and Celso Borges was returning from suspension. Fabricio Agosto was the starting keeper, Juanfran Moreno covered the right side of the defence, Luisinho performed on the left side, while the central positions were for Pablo Insua and Albert Lopo.

Celso Borges, Alex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders, the attacking line had Lucas Pérez at the centre, while Iván Cavaleiro and Oriol Riera were at the sides, but were also exchanging positions during the game.

At Málaga CF, coach Javi Gracia presented the expected 4-2-3-1 draw. Sergi Darder and José Luis García ‘Recio’ were the midfielders, Samuel García attacked from the right wing, Samu Castillejo did it from the left, Moroccan Nordin Amrabat was the playmaker and Juan Miguel Jiménez ‘Juanmi’ was the centre forward.

Two different readings in the first part. Málaga CF were the best side at the beginning, but suffered with Depor’s offside trap, later the Galicians improved and had things under control with their deadly counterattack, but they were unable to score despite Lucas had two good chances.

The game started with one opportunity for each side. At minute 1, Depor’s defense missed to clear the ball properly, but Juanmi missed the target with his header, in the next play Juan Dominguez assisted Lucas inside the area, but his drilling attempt was too easy for local goalie Carlos Kameni

Those plays were the mirror of the first half, because Malaga were dominating at the beginning and later it was Depor the side having things under control.  At minute 7, the locals surprised Deportivo in a free-kick action. The ball was sent into the path of Juanmi, who was alone inside the area backwards the goal, he turned off and his drilling shot hit the left post and went off.

With the passage of the minutes the Andalusians claimed control over the ball, dealing with the offside trap of Depor and attacking by the sides and mainly with Juanmi as the protagonist. Deportivo were having big problems to hold the ball, they were constantly losing it and the initial presence in attack was lost.

Still, Depor had its second goal opportunity in the game at minute 34, it was a counterattack with three men in the play, the action ended with a strong shot by Lucas Pérez that was deflected by Kameni. The tide changed after this action.

The problem for Malaga was that they weren’t ending the plays, for this reason they didn’t complete any shot on target in the first half despite having the ball possession and the initiative. They were also suffering with the offside trap (five offsides in the first half).

Meanwhile Depor were having problems passing the ball, by minute 20 the passing ratio was only 49%, but the percentage started to grow with the passage of the minutes and also the sense of danger. Luisinho was the best player for the Galicians and he brought depth on the left.

Part of this had to do with Juan Dominguez, he also had a good first half and was performing on the left behind the Portuguese. The main danger come from this side, even the three corner-kicks won in this half came from this flank.

And it’s that Depor started to look very dangerous with the counterattack, at minute 29 a good combinative play ended with Luisinho releasing a cross from the left, Oriol Riera couldn’t head the ball properly and his attempt went wide. Within the last fifteen minutes the game was equal, though Depor continued to look as the most dangerous team.

Open game in the final part. Malaga scored an early goal, but Depor reacted and tied the meeting. Then the Andalusians improved and the final minutes were frantic with each side having one clear opportunity to win the game.

The second part had a frantic start; Malaga were close to score in the first play, but no one managed to connect the ball after a cross by Amrabat, in the counterattack Depor built up a good play that ended with a cross by Cavaleiro from the left, Lucas couldn’t connect the ball properly and the ball went off.

And in the counterattack of that play Malaga scored the first goal. Finally the Andalusians managed to break the offside trap as the long throw by Weligton found Amrabat, who didn’t find any opposition from Insua to end releasing a drilling shot from the edge of the area, Fabricio managed to touch the ball, but the shot was too strong and ended at the back of the net.

Deportivo tried to react, first Álex Bergantiños missed the target from inside the area (50’) and later no one found the ball inside the box aft a corner released by Borges (51’). Depor insisted and the cross by Cavaleiro from the right was cleared by Kameni (53’).

Juan Dominguez and Lucas continued to be very active in the game, this time Juanfran was joining the attacks from the right, while Luisinho continued to be a dagger at the left wing.

The deserved equalizer came at minute 60, Castillejo fouled Juanfran at the right wing, in the resulting free-kick Lucas sent the cross from the left and Oriol Riera was at the box to head the ball and cross Kameni. It’s his fourth goal on the season.

The pace continued to be frantic, at minute 69 both teams had a chance to score. Luisinho led a counterattack on the left and his cross wasn’t found inside the area, neither by Cavaleiro nor Lucas. In the counterattack Samuel was left alone before Fabricio, but he lasted too much in finalizing the play and his final shot was deflected by a defender and caught by Depor’s goalie.

Malaga had two new goal attempts, the main one was a shot by Recio that Fabricio cleared to corner-kick (75’). Víctor lasted in making the substitutions and decided to call two players that were out for a long time due to the injuries: Salomão and Hélder Postiga. They replaced Cavaleiro and Oriol Riera. Both Portuguese players didn’t have an impact in the last minutes, though Salomão made a shot that missed the target (78’).

Both sides could have won the game with a clear opportunity in the final stretch. First Lucas Pérez won a free-kick at the edge of the area, the Galician player took it and hit the far post. Malaga were very lucky as the ball bounced and passed across the goal line without entering (83’). And in the final minute of the added time substitute Javi Guerra headed the ball on target from the box after a cross from Rosales and Fabricio made a big save clearing his crossed attempt.

Decent performance by Deportivo. Malaga pressed at times and the defence had problems to contain the locals, but this time there was some depth and accuracy up front, virtues that allowed a sense that it was a fair result for what both teams did on the pitch. Depor even had the chance to win the game with the free-kick of Lucas that hit the post, though it was also close to lose with the header of Javi Guerra that was brilliantly saved by Fabricio.

If the point is good or not is something that should be assessed at the end of the season. For now Deportivo remain in the fight for the permanence and travel to Murcia in order to make a mini-concentration before Wednesday’s game visiting Elche CF (Martínez Valero, 22h00 CET).

Málaga: (4-2-3-1) Kameni – Rosales, Sergio Sánchez, Weligton, Boka – Darder (Javi Guerra 77’), Recio – Samuel (Ricardo Horta 75’), Amrabat, Castillejo (Duda 63’) - Juanmi
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Fabricio – Juanfran, Insua, Lopo, Luisinho – Juan Domínguez, Álex Bergantiños, Borges – Riera (Postiga 80’), Lucas, Cavaleiro (Salomão 76’).
Goals: 1-0: (47’) Amrabat, 1-1: (60’) Oriol Riera
Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández. He showed yellow card to Insua (22’), Weligton (57’), Amrabat (71’), Sergio Sánchez (81’), Recio (88’) & Juanmi (89’)
Venue: La Rosaleda (19,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (56% - 44%); Attempts to score (10 – 9); Total shots (14 - 12); Shots on target (5 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 – 4); Corner-kicks (9 - 5); Offsides (9 - 3); Fouls committed (17 - 15); Passing accuracy (75% -65%)




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