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28 Apr 2015
The coach and the players, despite the team remain in relegation with only five games remaining, saw the result with good eyes, mainly for the performance and the attitude shown by Deportivo.

Coach Víctor Sánchez was content with the performance of his team, “I’m very satisfied, because the impression left by the team, both offensively and defensively, has been very good. We came to compete before a fantastic rival as Malaga, side that’s fighting for Europe, and we have competed since the beginning. It’s positive to add, but we came here to win. We had a plan and tried to execute it since the first minute.”

“Truly the late save by Fabricio was very good, but we had our options on both halves, not only to get the tie, but also to achieve the victory, which was our main goal. Still, we are very content for the impression left by the team. The players are working hard and it can be noticed in the games.” He added.

The Madrilenian was asked if the result was fair and the answer was, “The justice is marked by the effectiveness, the result is what it is and we cannot do anything about it. So, is positive to add and if we continue like this then we are going to add in every weekend and therefore we will achieve the goal.”

He was also asked about the performance of Pablo Insua, “Both Insua and Borja plus the other alternatives that were tested during the week to cover the absence of Sidnei trained at the top. It was hard to choose and I believe that Pablo made a great game. In the first part Amrabat created a lot of problems. We corrected it during the break, truly a punctual action allowed the goal, but I’m content with his performance.”

There was also a question regarding the performance of the trio in midfield, and the coach ended talking of Juan Dominguez, “Juan Dominguez has some specific characteristics that are very important to us, and today he has made a very complete function as he was trying to block the game by Málaga, so we are content too. But I want to emphasize the collective work instead of praising the individual work.”

Finally, Víctor explained why he didn’t make the third change at the end of the meeting. “Because the data regarding the physical condition of the players is really good. We didn’t think the team was tired and a demonstration of this is that you don’t need to make all the changes to end in a high level. “

Juan Dominguez was content with the final result, “We are content, though we are aware that we could have ended having two more points. We had two clear chances, the post of Lucas and some other chances. It was a pity as I thought the ball was entering. We had other chances and nothing. In the end a draw and we most see it as something positive as this is a difficult pitch.”

“We are aware we were going to meet a tough opponent, but the final result means that we gave what we could and now we want to win in Elche. We need the three points and will fight for it. We want to win in Elche, not to break the negative streak, but because we need the three points.” The playmaker added.

Oriol Riera scored his fourth goal on the season; he was commenting the game, “The game was equal as soon as we started to have the control and create more opportunities. My goal is worth a draw, though we could have won at the end with the shot of Lucas that hit the post. We also could have lost and must continue working. You need to work hard in order to get something positive from fields like this.”

The Catalan attacker is optimistic despite Depor extended its winless streak to eleven games, “The fight is constant and the team is growing. We are a difficult team when we have the batteries charged and when we are focused, so some games are remaining and we will keep trying.”

Meanwhile the draw was saw as a very negative result at Malaga CF, coach Javi Gracia was talking of a step backwards, “We have lost many options of reaching the sixth spot, and playing like this it would even be very difficult to opt for the seventh place. This was a wasted opportunity and a big step backwards in order to compete in Europe.”

“It was a game in which, if we want to be fair, anything could have happened. We could have lost or won. The result was fair. Analyzing several aspects we aren’t presenting the level of the first round and once again we have allowed a goal in a set-piece, though it’s also true that in the last stretch of the season is hard to win and everything is very equal.” The Navarran coach added.



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