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29 Apr 2015
Depor’s coach barely gives clues during the pre-match press conferences, this time he insisted that his team is growing and showing a positive attitude. Elche’s coach didn’t deny that a draw would be the lesser evil for them.

SD Eibar and Elche CF are the only Primera clubs among the ones fighting to survive at the elite that haven’t sacked their coach yet. While other relegated-troubled outfits already had three different managers the Valencians are still relying in Fran Escribá, which indicates their respect for him.

Escribá is only living his first experience as a first team coach, but he already has a large experience working in a coaching staff as he was involved in the group of Quique Sánchez Flores at Getafe CF, Atlético Madrid and Valencia CF.

This former player of Valencia CF was hired in the summer of 2012 as the coach of Elche CF and had an immediate impact at the team as the Valencians added 49 of the 63 points in the first round, a record for the club. The team ended clinching the promotion to Primera as the champions of Liga Adelante, which earned him the trophy as the best coach in the league. The first year at Primera was difficult, but Escribá managed to secure the permanence in matchday 37, then he signed a two-year-renewal.

Meanwhile Víctor Sánchez Del Amo is also coming from the “school” of another former coach of Getafe CF, José Miguel González 'Michel' and is also living his first experience as a first team coach, so there are several things in common between these two men.

Depor’s coach addressed the media in Murcia before the first session of the team. As always he didn’t give any clue of the possible lineup for the game. He was praising the attitude of the players, “The group is having a sensational behaviour. I commented it since the first week. All the players must believe that they are protagonists. Due to the circumstances, as since only eleven can play and only three changes are allowed, only eighteen can be there. I expect the rules can be changed in the future and allow all the men available to be on the bench. It will be interesting as there are twenty-five spots available. It’s hard to choose for us as the players are having a great attitude and it’s complicated to leave out players with a positive attitude.”

He says to not be worried about the delicate situation at the standings, “There is no more time to make calculations regarding the points and the standings. What matters to us now is to seize the time in order to have a competitive team in every matchday. This is what I liked from past matches and that I commented before, because I notice an ascending line allowing us to be more competitive in every game. Since that view we plan the games. We had options in all the games and we will continue searching to achieve the goal, later we will see where the standings put us.”

In his three games at the club the team always had to come from behind on the scoresheet; he commented the issue, “The team has demonstrated the capacity to react and that’s a symptom of mental strength. Surely we are working on that and this strength has been demonstrated during the meetings.”

The Madrilenian coach was asked if he’s planning to make new changes at the lineup, and the response was, “As I always say: we cannot give that kind of information. We still have one training session before the game and will work with the last concepts ahead of that important game. We will see it tomorrow with the roster and the lineup.”

About the fact that Depor scored in a set-piece during the last game at Malaga CF, he commented that, “We cannot afford to lose concentration in any circumstance of the game, since we arrived the team has been working in defence, offense and set-pieces. We are content as the team is showing an ascending line and it is what will make us more competitive.”

Víctor is content as Riera and Toché have scored goals within the three games that he has coached the team, “In our perspective it is very important to see our offensive players scoring a goal and we work for that. We are planning everything, because we need to have arrivals in order to have continuity. It’s good that two of our attackers have scored goals since our arrival.”

He was asked if Juan Dominguez was going to play as he did against Malaga CF and once again he skipped the question, “As I said before, we prepare the games according to the defensive and offensive tasks that we want to complete, our own identity, and I think the team is finding it in the short time we have been here. But the demands of the rivals are different and the polyvalent skills of the squad allow us to make decisions for every game and that’s what we try to do.”

Finally, Víctor analysed the rival, “It’s a well-organized team, which is normal when you spend a lot of time with the same coaching staff. Fran Escribá is a great coach and we have a good relationship. You can notice it’s a solid team that only grants a few opportunities in defence, and upfront their reference is Jonathas, but they have other alternatives. In our analysis we are going to minimize their virtues and seize the few opportunities granted by Fran Escribá’s team.”

Elche’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He started talking of the situation at the club after José Sepulcre resigned as the chairman, “I believe it was something requested by all the parties. Hopefully this change will be for good. Logically the presidents and the coaches are the ones pointed in any crisis and I believe this will reduce the social tension that we had, now we can focus in the sporting subject. He did some things right. He was the president of the promotion. He committed errors, but we must be fair as he did a lot of things right.”

The Valencian coach was explaining what he expects from the game, “I’m expecting for an equal game taking in mind the circumstances. Truly they have a new coach and he has spent three games there. It’s a team that has changed some tactical subjects. We have seen some things that can help us to make some damage. What’s true is that a victory will approach the goal and it gives a bigger importance. Tomorrow is one of the days in which I, as a coach, make a call to the fans in order to make a big effort. The support from the fans will be important.”

Escribá was giving his opinion on the arrival of Víctor to Depor, “When the situation that Víctor lived occurs, for how his arrival was, what matters is the results. Yes, the results weren’t too good, but they tied two games playing on the road and lost before Atlético with a narrow score. What I mean is that the results can be deceiving. They made a very good game in Malaga, truly they could have lost, but could have won too. I believe it’s a team that’s ordered, they have more tactical order now. If the game is a final for us then for them is much bigger as they are below at the standings. They have enough resources to win playing at any field.”

He was asked if Elche CF could be content with a draw in this game and he responded that, “I don’t want to see us thinking that the draw is a good result, but truly is the lesser evil. They have achieved two good draws playing on the road and the feeling is that it barely helped them. When less time is remaining theses draws are less effective. The victory is the only useful thing for them, while we also want the victory, but truly the draw would be the lesser evil.”

Finally, Escribá talked again of the importance of this game, “It was evident that we reserved players thinking of tomorrow’s game. Tomorrow we play a key game. No matter we win or not we will also try to win against Málaga. But if they would have asked us before which was the most important game on this week we will surely have pointed to this game. Tomorrow we are going out with the same intention and with the best possible lineup.”




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