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03 May 2015
Bittersweet result for Deportivo. The team made a nice effort, but continued lacking ideas to create scoring opportunities. With three matchdays remaining the Galicians remain in relegation.

Víctor Sánchez surprised with a 4-2-3-1 draw with the main characteristic that there were four side defenders at the starting lineup. Fabricio Agosto was the goalkeeper, Sidnei Rechel and Albert Lopo were the centre-backs.

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was making his third appearance as a starter in 2015 performing at the right side of the defence. Manuel Pablo covered the left sector. Meanwhile, Juanfran Moreno and Luisinho advanced their position and performed on the wings.

Álex Bergantiños and Celso Borges were the centre midfielders, Lucas Pérez was the playmaker and Oriol Riera was the centre forward. Iván Cavaleiro was dropped from the roster due to a Lumbago injury, he was replaced by Diogo Salomão.

At Villarreal CF, Luciano Vietto wasn’t fit enough to be a starter, so coach Marcelino Toral chose to play with Joel Campbell and Gerard Moreno leading the attack. Jonathan Dos Santos and Jaume Costa were the other references in attack.

The game promised to be exciting as both teams had an intense start, but later the pace was lower and both teams failed to entertain due to their lack of effectiveness in attack. Just to mention that there was only one shot on target in this half.

The first chance for Depor came after just twenty seconds. Villarreal’s defence failed to clear the ball and Oriol Riera was left alone before visiting goalie Juan Carlos, but the Catalan man arrived late and the keeper got the ball.

Depor increased the pressure and Riera had a new chance to score only two minutes later. Lucas drilled the ball into the area and the attempt from the striker was deflected by Juan Carlos. This was the only shot on target in the first part. In the resulting corner-kick the keeper couldn’t clear the ball at the goal line and in the end Pina had to clear the danger.

The game was promising to be entertaining, Villarreal’s first big chance was a counterattack in which the three attempts from mid-distance from the attackers were blocked by Depor’s defence (6’). The Galicians were mainly focusing the attacks on the right side, with Laure joining Lucas Pérez and Juanfran. Meanwhile Riera was very active in the game.

The first half started to lose excitement with the passage of the minutes; both teams were trying to attack and the pace was high, but later they didn’t create any harm. The quick moves by Joel Campbell and Gerard Moreno were bringing problems to the local defence, though they were caught offside in a couple of opportunities.

The next chance for Depor came until minute 31; Lucas assisted Juanfran and the defender sent the ball wide from the edge of the area. In the next play neither Riera nor Lucas seized a bad pass at midfield when they were facing a favourable scenario upfront.

Lower pace within the final 30 minutes, in this frame referee Alejandro José Hernández was on the spotlight with two decisions that affected Depor. First he didn’t whistle a clear foul over Borges at the edge of the area and later didn’t whistle a possible penalty after Bailly pushed Lucas inside the area (39’).

After an electric start, which included two goals, the game continued the same path of the first half, with both sides pushing, but missing ideas to create scoring chances. Víctor tried to refresh the team with two changes, but Cuenca wasn’t plugged into the game.

All the excitement missed at the end of the first part appeared at the Riazor at the beginning of the second half. Depor started pushing, but Villarreal scored first. Mario assisted Jaume Costa at the edge of the area and then he released an accurate volley past Fabricio.

The nerves appeared at the Riazor, but the advantage for the visiting outfit only lasted two minutes. Juanfran sent a high cross from the right wing, the defence cleared the danger but the ball reached the path of Celso Borges, who fired a low shot that was deflected by a defender fooling Juan Carlos.

Depor gained vitality, but the true is that little more happened in the rest of the game. Villarreal CF was the first side to make changes. Luciano Vietto entered the field and he was close to score with a shot from inside the box that was saved by Fabricio (59’). Later Moi Gómez replaced Bojan Jokić. The yellow submarine continued to show their lack of ideas in attack and their long passes were constantly missing a receiver.

Neither Depor improved. Apart from the push from Lucas and especially Laure, the team lacked ideas upfront. The coach lasted in making the changes and to make things worse the first two proved to be an error.

The first modification for Depor was the entry of Isaac Cuenca for Luisinho. Later it was Toché who replaced Juanfran. The true is that it didn’t change the picture, actually it was worse. Mainly because Cuenca always made bad choices, he touched the ball in 22 opportunities an always chose the most complicate choice, in this way Depor failed to complete a couple of promising attacks.

In the end Lucas Pérez and Laure were the ones having the best chances to win the game. Lucas had the clearest with a long run that ended with a low shot that was blocked by Juan Carlos (71’), later Laure made an impressive play on the left side, but his final cross was cleared by the defence (78’)

Insua was the last substitution as Lopo was dragging a muscle problem. Depor tried to push in the final ten minutes, but it was Villarreal CF the side that had the best chances. Mario (81’) and Luciano Vietto (88') missed the target and both teams extended their negative streaks.

Good game by Depor, but in the current situation it’s insufficient as the team remains winless. Once again the team allowed a goal early in the second half, the players reacted, but it was only enough to get a point. Both sides lacked ideas in attack so, despite of trying to attack, there were only eight scoring opportunities.

Depor remain in relegation, Levante UD lost and the Galicians are waiting for the results from SD Eibar and UD Almeria. Deportivo’s surviving chances pass through winning the next two games, the first one is the visit to Athletic Club (San Mamés, Saturday 22h00 CET)

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Fabricio – Laure, Sidnei, Lopo (Insua 84’), Manuel Pablo – Álex Bergantiños, Borges – Juanfran (Toché 82’), Lucas Pérez, Luisinho (Cuenca 71’) – Riera.
Villarreal: (4-4-2) Juan Carlos – Mario, Ruiz, Bailly (Dorado 73’), Jokić (Moi Gómez 66’) – Jonathan Dos Santos, Trigueros, Pina, Costa – Campbell, Gerard Moreno (Vietto 55’).
Goals: 0-1: (49’) Jaume Costa, 1-1: (50’) Borges
Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández. He showed yellow card to Mario (40’), Bailly (45’), Jokić (62’), Riera (69’), Victor Ruiz (74’) & Moi Gómez (80’)
Venue: Riazor (20,817)
Other statistics: Ball possession (56% - 44%); Attempts to score (5 – 3); Total shots (7 - 7); Shots on target (3 - 2); Saves by the keepers (1 – 2); Corner-kicks (4 - 2); Offsides (5 - 7); Fouls committed (14 - 12); Passing accuracy (75% -61%)




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