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04 May 2015
The papers were satisfied with the attitude and performance of Deportivo, but at the same time they pointed that it isn’t enough as the team remains in danger and closer to a new relegation to Segunda.

Deporte Campeón: Anguish and suffering. The courage, dedication and sweat were not enough to beat Villarreal. Deportivo put on the field what was left in the house in many other evenings of this tournament, but the inaccuracies and nerves played against their interests. Yesterday’s draw is a step backwards, because the Galician team is in the abyss, and forces a real feat to leave the pit in the remaining games.

And if the problems are few to a squad that has proved to be weak and feeble, when the decisive part of the season arrive, luck doesn’t usually joins the team. It isn’t a step forward, rather the opposite. There is life and hope, but less and less. It’s time to try in Bilbao, to see if once it’s possible to win a match, because in order to lift the head it must be done with three points. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo gives everything against Villarreal. The team left Riazor cheered despite failing to win against Villarreal (1-1) and added the 13th matchday without a victory. Far from the impression of a team without course offered in Elche, Victor Sanchez’s team gave everything before Marcelino’s side, and despite start losing again a little stroke of luck allowed Borges to tie the game and search the triumph until exhaustion. Depor didn’t find it because football is stubborn and insists that it isn’t enough to empty the oxygen tank in order to win at Primera Division. The Galician team competed to the limit of its strength, but still without adding three points and the permanence remains in limbo.

Toché was the last resource for a Deportivo that wanted but that barely could face the final stretch in the game. With two tanks up front, with Lucas and Cuenca waving in the playmaker’s role, the Galician team ran out of steam for the last part in the game, and there were no enough ideas in the 90 minutes. It left the last bit of strength, but it was unable to break its streak and already has spent twelve games without a win. The permanence is closer by a point or two more away, according to the prism through which we see things. The commitment and attitude is not enough. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Yes, there is dignity. The starting lineup departed from the 1-4-4-2 with Juanfran and Luisinho on the wings to let Laure and Manuel Pablo on the sides and it was the best news of the game in the tactical aspect for the continuous splits by both sides, which was from where most of the offensive threat was generated. As usual, the initiation phase was overlapped with the creation, because the team sought more the direct game that the combined one to find the secondary plays with Oriol and later Lucas.

Moreover, without any doubt, I'll take the example of the fans pushing the team to exhaustion, as well as the contribution and sacrifice of Laure, who dignifies what should have been the rest of the season: sacrifice and permanent search for the victory until the last minute. A pity that so little is left and maybe it won’t be enough. But the pride and caste showed yesterday should never been lost. I’m confident that this will have continuity and that will end, at least, in the worst case, with the dignity shown in yesterday's game. Luis Santiago

Marca: Will without power. The most of the fans who attended to the Riazor left clapping. Their team had missed the victory, but it seemed that they did it. The attitude of their players was beyond acceptable. They deserved to win. Deportivo left its soul to end their disappointing run of results. They failed nevertheless. Football does not have any feelings.

The players of Victor Sánchez Del Amo put on the field all they have. They played their best weapons, something they don’t have in excess. They sought the goal that could have decided the match in every possible way. With their heart and with their hand on the chest, where the badge is. Laure can tell you.

Deportivo’s effort was in vain. The draw is not worth much. The permanence is hanging by a thread. On Monday Deportivo will also play in Almeria, a team that closes the relegation zone and it plays against Celta. What things you see these days. Delfin Melero

AS: Villarreal leave Deportivo in relegation and at the edge of KO. Deportivo (13) and Villarreal (9) are still missing the victory, but the point has a very different value. The Galicians remain in the relegation zone and the permanence is starting to escape from their hands. For Marcelino’s team, the point prevents them from immediate suffering in Europe, although they must scramble to protect the mattress of points.

From the start the two coaches opted for prudence. Victor, outing four side defenders. Marcelino, leaving on the bench Vietto and placing Jaume Costa on the wing. But the first throes of the game didn’t move for tactical issues, it was moved by the psychic. Depor, more in need, put one more gear in intensity and the danger began with Lucas, Riera and the errors of the yellow defense. However, in football beyond the desire it is needed the quality, and that's something that the Galicians have missed.

In the second half it took three minutes to check it, with the full class goal from Jaume Costa. The blow seemed hard, almost mortal, but Borges needed two minutes to equalize with a shot from the edge that hit Mario to beat Juan Carlos. The goals and the entry of Vietto broke the game and it turned to be of ups and downs, but the quota of success was already over. Luis de La Cruz



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