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04 May 2015
Víctor and his players were feeling undone after the game. They are aware that the situation is very difficult as Depor remain in relegation, though they were satisfied for the effort done by the team on the pitch.

Coach Víctor Sánchez had mixed feelings when he was asked about the conclusions of the game, “From the point of view of the standings… the feelings aren’t good, because we want to add the three points. From the point of view of the work and attitude of the team, of course the feelings are good. The message is clear: we will keep fighting in every remaining game. We will search to have this same attitude and working with the same intensity. Perhaps we will have that luck to achieve a victory.”

And it’s that the Madrilenian coach thinks that Depor deserved the victory, “”I believe we deserved a better result of the one we got, this taking in mind of what happened in the game, but effectiveness is what dictates sentence in the world of football. The message is the same: we will keep fighting. The team wants to keep fighting and will do it.”

He isn’t worried after Borges and Lopo ended the game facing muscle problems, “Several players, after the sacrifice done in the game, ended tired, but right now we start to recover them. Besides, we were closing a stage with three games in a week and logically you arrive with this tiredness. Now we have the full week to prepare the game at San Mamés and we hope to count with all the players for that encounter. Lopo was dragging issues since half-time, but he’s a professional and endured in order to save a substitution. We waited until the final minutes as he couldn’t bear the situation.”

The coach was asked for the great performance of Laure, but preferred to emphasize the collective sacrifice, “The effort of the full team was sensational. The feelings of Villarreal’s coach were pretty good. To have a high level in defence before a team having players with speed and unbalance. The side defenders were sensational, the centre-bacs were fine. We said that we needed to have the lines close to each other in order to avoid the gaps and it was a great collective performance.”

He was also talking of the main problem of Deportivo in this match, “We lacked that light in the last pass, in the last shot, because we had many situations that didn’t end in good opportunities, because the plays didn’t ended in a good cross and neither with a good shot. But the rival also plays.”

Finally, Víctor said that the only calculations in his mind is to add the three points in the remaining three games, “The calculations for Depor are going for the three points in every game. Today’s effort was only good to add a point and we aren’t satisfied, but now we travel to San Mamés for the three points. We have to add everything we can. The team demonstrated that it wants to stay in the fight.”

The players were disappointed as Depor missed a great opportunity to add the three points, though all of them were trying to be positive ahead of the last three games. Juanfran said that, “The points tastes like a good effort, but we must add three points. The true is that we stay alive and will fight until the end. Three games are remaining and we still can do it. The image in Elche cannot be repeated. A Depor like this can beat Athletic Bilbao, it can beat Levante and it can fight against Barcelona. Anything is possible.”

“We ran a lot and we were wishing to break this streak and achieve a victory. It wasn’t possible and will fight until the end. We will try to save Deportivo La Coruña, because surely we can save it with only a few points. Mathematically we stay there. “He added.

Álex Bergantiños had mixed feelings too after the game, “It was a little bittersweet, we competed well, but lacked that spark of fortune and effectiveness. We are always coming from behind. The team gave everything and at least we are content as the team gave everything to obtain a victory.”

The Galician midfielder was asked if there’s hope to achieve the permanence, “Off course there’s hope. Anyone surrendering has already lost. We must ran out the options and must travel to Bilbao to get the victory. We already bet them on here and must face them knowing that’s a tough rival, but that we can win there with today’s attitude. We can win if we are capable of repeating what we did on here today.”

Celso Borges scored his third goal at Depor; he barely had words to explain what happened in the game, but also tried to be optimistic, “We cannot reproach anything according to our attitude, what happens is that things are difficult as we missed the three points. We know the situation is difficult, but we cannot surrender and some games are still pending. “

“It isn’t easy, but we cannot surrender either. The message is to be positive and to close the league in the best possible way and having this attitude. Clearly we cannot beat anyone playing like we did in Elche. We created some things today and we must continue pushing.” The midfielder added.

At Villarreal CF; coach Marcelino Toral was content as he confessed this was one of the toughest games on the season, “We are content, because Deportivo gave a lot of problems. Among the last away games that we faced this is the one that brought more problems to us. We suffered a lot, because Deportivo was extremely intense and very strong defensively.”

“The fact that they tied the game one minute after taking the lead it turned to be the highest motivation and hope for them, and for us it was the contrary, a big impact. I’m content as my team was lacking freshness after playing three straight games almost without making rotations.” He added.

Lucas Pérez was sharing a moment with some fans and tried to give the shirt to fan at the Marathon Inferior stand, but suddenly he was pushed by a fan and a discussion begun. The intervention of a steward avoiding further problems and the player left the pitch crestfallen.

Juanfran witnessed the incident as was also trying to give his shirt to the fans, but rested importance to it, “I was going to have a detail with them, but they didn’t want it and nothing happens. I noticed that the fans were cheering us and nothing happens. Some are happier and some don’t. Nothing happens.” Álex Bergantiños also commented what happened, “There a lot of nervers andt this was a diffciult week. We must be together and try to add in order to seize our chances.”



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