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13 May 2015
Acceptable season for a team that was welcoming last year’s golden generation at Cadete A. Depor Juvenil B ended third at the standings and some of the lads are already showing the skills that could pull them to professional football.

Deportivo Juvenil B play at Liga Nacional Juvenil (group 1, Galician group). This league represents the second level of the Spanish football league system for youth players 18 years old and under. Since the A squad performs at the upper division, División de Honor, the B team cannot be promoted. So, with Celta Juvenil B also competing in the league the “fun” is to see who will end upper at the standings, while the other teams compete in order to see who will be promoted (two promotions in the group).

For the season 2014/15 the interest was to see the performance of the “golden” generation that in the previous campaign conquered the national title performing for Cadete A. In this sense twelve players from that team were promoted for this season, including keeper Javier Tasende, centre-back Rodrigo Parafita, midfielder Javi Sanda, playmaker Aarón Sánchez plus attackers Iago Novo and Adrián Castro. Another novelty was that José Martínez 'Secho' returned to the club and became the coach of the team.

It was a more than acceptable season for Juvenil B, truly the lads were unable to end above Celta, but managed to clinch a respectable third position (in the previous season the team ended fourth). The big surprise in the league was Victoria Juvenil A, team that ended at the top and clinched a meritorious promotion to División de Honor after only losing one game.

Depor Juvenil B had a very solid performance that unfortunately wasn’t transformed into better results. The team was normally having the ball possession during the games, but in some of them they simply missed to score more goals, perhaps a result of a lack of experience as some of the lads were spending their first year in this division.

Since the first round it was clear that the team wasn’t going to end at the top of the standings after losing five games within the first 17 matchdays, including a home defeat before champions Victoria Juvenil A (2-4, December 13).

About the derbies, Juvenil B managed to win the derby played at Abegondo (4-2, Dec 12), but later lost at A Madroa at the end of the league (3-0, March 09). Precisely, the worst performance of the team came in the last stretch of the league tournament, because the team only won one of the last five games and suffered two big losses, one in the derby and in the other in the closing matchday before SD Compostela Juvenil (0-4).

Aarón Sánchez is considered as one of the best players at the academy

Promising full-back Brais Lema

Midfielder Iago Gandoy was picked by U-16 Spain during the season

There are a lot of expectations on striker Iago Novo

Javi Sanda is the set-pieces specialist

Adrián Castro continues scoring a lot of goals

The best news on the season is that there’s quality in this team, promising players that can have an important career as professionals. The philosophy of the club is to alternate the goalkeeper during the season, in this sense two lads, Javier Tasende and Ramón Rodríguez, were the choices for the goal. Tasende has been at the club since Alevines and had a great performance clinching 11 clean sheets in 18 presentations.

The defence was called to have problems on this season with the exit of Chumi (the centre-back that was signed by FC Barcelona) and for the physical problems suffered by centre-back Mauro Pazos, but the line responded and had an acceptable level. Iago Parga and Rodrigo Parafita covered the central positions and left a good impression, just like they did at Cadete A.

Pedro Delgado was also used in defence and had a good performance, but the one that called the attention was Javi Sanda, a former midfielder that was now used as a centre-back. Like the case of Hugo Díaz at Juvenil A, Sanda is the set-pieces specialist and ended the season as the fourth best scorer at the team with ten goals, five of them from the penalty spot. David García and Brais Lema were also important pieces at defence; the latter is the right-back at the team that ended scoring twice.

Jaime Leira returned to the club and had an acceptable number of minutes, but all the attention at midfield was focused on Aarón Sánchez. The gem promoted from Cadete A didn’t disappoint and ended the season as the top scorer at the team after netting 17 goals (two penalties). Secho used him in all the positions in attack, from the wings to the playmaker’s role and even as a centre forward. A new step forward for Aarón taking in mind this was his first year at the team.

Iago Gandoy might be out of the spotlight, but he’s another key player at midfield. The centre midfielder is the motor of the team and back in March he was picked by Santi Denia to U-16 Spain squad for a series of training sessions in Madrid. Alvaro Suárez and Borja Freire were other midfielders with an important presence on the season and that followed the path of the work done at Cadete A.

In attack, the trident that called the attention was composed by Adrián Castro, Iago Novo and Brais González ‘Vila’. Both Adrián Castro and Iago Novo are coming from Cadete A and have different skills, Adrián is more a killer that defines the plays (the second best scorer with 14 goals, 1 penalty), while Novo is more a second striker considered as one of the best players at the team passing the ball. In the case of Vila, he was signed from Lalín during last summer and responded to the expectations scoring 14 goals in the tournament (1 penalty).

Promising season for a team that was welcoming several lads that last year succeeded playing for Cadete A. This is one of the teams that don’t find a big pressure to achieve results as there are no promotions or titles at stake. S, the coaching staff can focus in developing the players, and that’s what Secho did: to start preparing the professional career of the players, several of them will stay one more year in this league.

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